20 August 2014

Are You a Wanderer (or Lightworker)? Incarnating for a Higher Purpose.

Wanderer, The Law of One.
According to The Law of One, various channellings and contacts - souls called 'wanderers' are incarnating on Earth due to the planet's vibrational shift from third to fourth density. They are souls of a higher progressional level and are being born to help raise the vibration of the planet nearer to that of love and light. In the early 80's it was estimated that there were around 65 million wanderers incarnate on Earth. That figure could have doubled, quadrupled or even more since then. Their primary purpose on this Earthly plane is simple - to radiate love and light to others through thought and action.

For most people, their human bodies exist in the third density, and their spirit bodies are of a similar progressional level. However a wanderer is much much older and far more spiritually advanced. A wanderer can originate from any fourth, fifth or sixth density planet (higher dimensions of evolutionary existence than ours) and upon death in their home world, choose to regress to a third density existence, such as Earth, for the purpose of learning and experience. Hence the name 'wanderer' - these souls wander between densities of existence (dimensions of a sort) seeking further enlightenment. 

The Earth exists in the third density and is already making the vibratory shift to fourth. It has been doing this since the mid 20th century, but the mind/body/spirit complexes (people) inhabiting the Earth are lagging behind as a whole in their vibratory frequency. Wanderers' purpose here is to raise this frequency, through both service to self and service to others.

Firstly, they serve others and the Earth as a whole by radiating love and light, through thought and action, effectively uploading positive vibration to the mass consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet. They serve to balance the disharmony between the change in the Earth's raising frequency, and those inhabiting the Earth whose vibratory frequency is lagging behind due to things like conflict, negative polarization, lack of unity, power, greed and so on.

Secondly, wanderers are serving themselves because they personally gain much spiritual progression by incarnating on Earth. The life experiences acquired in this third density of existence are extensive and can accelerate a soul's evolution much faster than remaining within the home environment. Higher densities of existence are much more harmonious, therefore by incarnating within our more erratic and unruly physical existence, much more experience is gained - all adding to the spiritual progression, balance and wisdom of the entity. This experience will only be fully achieved if the wanderer can penetrate the forgetting process applied at birth to as greater degree as possible, then the life plan can be carried out with far greater efficiency.

It is potentially dangerous for a wanderer to incarnate within this third density planet in case the wanderer does not at least partially remember it's reason for incarnating here in the first place. If the wanderer should become enthralled in materialism, that's constant acquisition of goods to satisfy the self at the detriment of spirituality, or negatively polarized behaviors such as greed, acquisition of power and control - then the wanderer would then be required to repeat the cycle (a new lifetime) or further cycles until they have regained their original state of positive progression. In other words, if a wanderer only visits Earth for one lifetime and becomes negatively polarized, then they wouldn't be able to return home afterward.

It is a privilege to be permitted to incarnate on Earth from more advanced densities of existence due to the amount of potential progression, learning and experience this Earthly illusion has to offer. There are countless wanderers originating from all corners of the universe, not just our own galaxy. Gaining the chance at a lifetime on Earth at this time of change, is a special opportunity and the wanderer can fast track their own soul's progression. The dysfunctional nature and confusion within this Earthly illusion offers many opportunities for expression of love, light and wisdom.

Wanderers oftentimes feel like misfits within this planetary illusion and that they are inexplicably different to other people. They usually have at least a dim recollection of previous life experiences, and know that certain ways of life within this Earthly vibration are often not necessary or feel extremely unusual compared to their home reality.

However, wanderers usually possess wonderful talents in the arts, science, philosophy, teaching etc, and are very kind and caring people. Although they find it difficult to completely fit in to life on this planet, they are cheerful and pleasant – naturally radiating love and light to others. Wanderers are often trusting and less able to recognize people of negative polarity because they themselves are far less distorted to toward negative thoughts and behaviors.

There is an extreme variance between the vibratory frequencies of this third density to the higher fourth, fifth and sixth densities. Therefore in some cases wanderers, being from these higher densities, experience a mismatch or incompatibility of frequencies with their new Earthly home. They therefore experience physical distortions, allergies or ailments due to the spirit body having difficulty adjusting, or they endure extremely intense sensations of alienation within society, resulting in mental illness and 'personality disorders'.

If you are reading this article it's possible that you are a wanderer and are penetrating the forgetting process, searching for information. Not every wanderer that incarnates on Earth pierces the veil of forgetting to the same degree. The Law of One states that those who remember their status to an intelligent degree is between 8.5 and 9.75% of wanderers. Those who recognize symptoms of not being of this earthly 'insanity' is roughly over fifty percent of the remainder. About one third of the next remainder feel different in some way, and so on.

Wanderers can become 'activated' during the course of their lifetime, and begin to commence the good works that they intended themselves to do before birth. Higher beings are oftentimes the catalyst for the awakening of wanderers and do so in such a way as to minimize the chance of creating any fear which could produce adverse effects. In rare cases, contact with higher beings is made through channeling or perhaps UFO contact, however most wanderers activate or undergo spiritual awakening due to a subconscious thought that is unknowingly received sometimes during sleep or during a purposeful event which occurs during waking hours – such as survival of accident, uncovering secret information such as conspiracy theories or conspiracy fact, or perhaps a simple revelation causing the wanderer to view the Earthy illusion in an entirely different way to how they viewed life since birth.
Each wanderer is unique, just as any soul at any progressional level is unique. Each wanderer incarnates with a unique set of talents and abilities. One may possess a brightly shining green chakra energy center and be predisposed toward activities of a caring and compassionate nature. Others may have a bright free flowing blue energy center and enjoy communication or teaching of a positive nature. Wanderers incarnate from many distant places within the universe and their biases and norms of behavior reflect this diversity. Each wanderer however is united in the desire to serve others, progress spiritually, and ameliorate sorrow and suffering from any groups of souls who experience it.

Wanderer souls from fourth density existence serve primarily as broadcasters of love and light, they are intensely drawn to helping others and facilitating joy and happiness. Wanderers of a fifth density origin are predisposed toward raising the planetary vibration through expression of wisdom and clarity of thought. Those of a sixth density origin are biased toward both love and light, and the expression of wisdom as they are searching for a balance between the two during their own progression. However, talents and personalities are varied.

Wanderers have been incarnating in waves for that last 200 or more years in order to bring about technological advancements to help to free up our lives to concentrate on spiritual progression. The capitalist system often demands long working hours, preventing us from spending time developing our true potential. It is said that Nikola Tesla was one such wanderer who incarnated with a wish to free humanity by providing a source of free energy and light, however his attempt was thwarted by those wishing to profit from energy production.

The population or society from which a wanderer comes may have reached a collective harmony, and high level of global unity and fulfillment. In seeking further purpose and enlightenment, these advanced beings wish to reach out to other entities experiencing sorrow. Our planet is one such place. By lightening the planetary consciousness, more souls incarnate on Earth at this time will be better able to spiritually progress and live in love and light, show compassion and serve others, as well as serving and knowing the self. The wanderers lift the planetary vibration simply by being on Earth, even if they don't undertake good works for the benefit of all during their lifetime.

There are many souls of a third density progressional level who are entering the fourth. These beings have always been residents of earth, or have recently come here from other planetary spheres as third density beings, ready to make the transition to fourth. These beings, of a lower progressional level to wanderers, are starting to show the abilities of fourth density and are able to manifest great abilities. They do this as a function of learning in the present and not as a function of remembering passed lives or experiences. Sometimes known as 'Indigo children' they are capable of feats like telekinesis, metal bending, telepathy, super intelligence, and expression of intense love and compassion – to name just a few traits. These souls are well able to manifest these abilities as they naturally progress.

Wanderers however, have already made these progressions and found these abilities in their own past lives. However, upon incarnating on Earth, the forgetting process creates conditions where the wanderer has no longer access the abilities previously learned. This is because wanderers would otherwise exhibit Godlike abilities and be unable to integrate with the third density souls incarnate on Earth. It would effect the lives and progression of the third density souls of Earth also.

So if you believe you are a wanderer (or lightworker) and are searching for your purpose in this life, know that you have great potential for spiritual progression just by being here. Life might seem tough and alien at times, and you might feel like the odd one out. Try not to feel down because it's privilege to gain this experience. Keep searching for your purpose which will reveal itself in time. It's likely to be of a positive nature and help to improve the world in which we live. Seek out others like you as they will understand. See what you can achieve in this lifetime even if you have little money - love, care and compassion are free. Just like it's unlikely humanity will suddenly experience a revelation, change the world and unify – there's always the possibility it will happen.

The Law of One: The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (The Law of One, Book 1)

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