29 August 2014

What Are Biorhythms? - Helping You to Know Yourself

What are Biorhythms
Biorhythms are the supposed cycles that your mind/body/spirit complex experiences as a result of an abundance or lack of universal energy within the self. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person are affected. These rhythms move in cycles, commencing at birth. Just like the regularity of the number of days in a year, that's one Earth orbit of the sun commencing on the first day of the year and ending on the last – your biorhythms began on the day you were born and took on a regular cyclical pattern.

Life is largely built upon cycles, upon repetition. Your heart beats, the earth spins on it's axis, the moon orbits the earth, the seasons change, we are born, we die, water cycles from the atmosphere to the deepest oceans and back, electric currents flow through your nerves and muscles and back to your brain, cells in your bodily tissue are expelled and replaced, hormones fluctuate up and down - the list is endless. All these cycles involve some form of energy, as without energy there would be nothingness.

Energy at the beginning of creation became conscious and aware. This intelligent energy over the vastness and timelessness of creation spiraled ever outward coagulating and gaining mass, creating universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and their inhabitants. Tiny particles of energy make up absolutely everything that we perceive to exist.

Our sun itself undergoes cycles of approximately 11 years, for example, it's solar radiation levels fluctuate in cycles as do the appearance of flares and sunspots. The sun exists as the next step up from our earth in terms of being the provider of love-light energy keeping us alive. It's energy no doubt, originated within the galaxy at some point as part of a greater immense cycle.

Humans are comprised of the very same intelligent energy as say, a sun, a gas, or a tree, all manifested as different elements, all existing in cycles. Energy moves in cycles as part of an eternal movement or adaptation of itself. The energy inflowing through our mind/body/spirit complex from the universe and from the earth, and our processing of it, undergoes natural fluctuations in the form of waves.

Medical professional Wilhelm Fliess, a patient of Sigmund Freud discovered 23 and 28 day patterns within humans which he believed were biological phenomena occurring in cycles. In 1904, psychology professor Hermann Swoboda backed up these claims through research. Another professor Alfred Teltscher also believed similarly that the abilities of his students changed rhythmically in cycles of 33 days, in which the brain's ability to absorb information was the fluctuating factor (Wikipedia). Numerous books have also been written on the subject of biorhythms since.

Three of the four biorhythms
Both spiritual and primary research sources on individuals suggest there are three biorhythms, however there is a lesser known fourth. These cycles begin at the moment of entry into human incarnation and each cycle exhibits a peak and a trough in the pattern of a smooth repetitive wave. There are days within the highest point of the curve in which the individual finds themselves feeling excellent or performing optimally. Nearer the lower part of the curve, a drained or empty feeling both physically and mentally is possible.

The points of the cycle where positive turns to negative, or negative turns to positive, are called critical days. These can be the most harrowing to experience because there is pull from both positive and negative experience. Fluctuations in mood, in physical well being or frustrations with mental abilities can arise. After the high and then the low, the cycle (or biorhythm) begins again.

During the upward part of the cycle, the positive part, much energy is used and the person feels energized in every way. During the downward part of the cycle, the person has consumed their reserves and in-pourings of universal energy and they are now recharging the mind body/spirit/complex once again. This results in the curve heading up toward the positive once more.

Due to the differing length of each type of bio-rhythmic cycle, they do not run in synchronicity. It's frequently possible to experience, for example, an upward physical cycle and a downward intellectual cycle – creating an imperfect feeling. This is better than experiencing the turmoil of critical point of all four cycles at the same point in time! Which is rare.

Orbiting sphere's within the solar system, such as the moon and other planets, plus cycles of the sun, create energetic disturbances which can increase or decrease the in-pourings of universal energy that each of us receives. This is an external factor affecting biorhythms.

Overall, bio-rhythmic cycles occur due to the natural fluctuations of the energy spiraling into the mind/body/spirit complex from the universe and Earth. The flow is not constant, it is variable but rhythmic. The mind/body/spirit complex conducts it's own balancing of this in-pouring of energy through the energy centers, resulting in cyclical fluctuations in mind (intellectual & emotional), the spirit (spiritual & emotional) and the body (physical). Creating each of the four biorhythms.

The Physical Cycle
This cycle is 23 days long. As there is an element of spiritual male and spiritual female within each person, this is supposedly the male biorhythm. Representing physical strength, within the first 10 days you feel increasingly energized, physically motivated, strong, able, healthy and enjoy an increased sense of physical well-being. After the high has subsided, you head toward the low where you feel physically drained or unwell. Critical days are 1 and 11 where positive turns to negative or the reverse, and fluctuations in physical well-being occur.

The Emotional Cycle
Being 28 days long this cycle corresponds with a woman’s average menstrual cycle. It may even be running parallel with menstrual cycles. The critical points of changeover from positive to negative are day 1 and 14, and this is when mood swings can occur in abundance. During the high points of the cycle up to day 13, peaking around 7 and 8, you may feel happy, cheerful, generous, caring and all manner of other positively polarized emotions. The reverse is true during the negative half of the cycle, as you could be prone to a darker mood during this time of recharge.

The Intellectual Cycle
At 33 days long, this biorhythm is the rhythm of the mind. Burning up universal energy for the first 16 days, you'll feel better able to concentrate, create, remember and think. The critical crossover days are 1 and 16 where you might become frustrated at your ability to concentrate one moment and not the next. 'Brain-fog' might cloud your cognitive abilities during the downward part of the cycle while you recharge for the next cycle.

The Spirit Cycle
This cycle is the lesser documented 18 day cycle - various channelings have revealed it's existence. It is at the high points of the spirit cycle that the spirit complex is most energized, and connection with the spirit world is most easily achieved. Mediumship, trance, meditation, yoga, astral projection, out of body experience, dreams, intuition, all psychic abilities and more, are all enhanced. This cycle, when high, further opens that gateway to intelligent infinity. The critical days where fluctuations occur are the 1st and the 9th, and at the low point of the curve spiritual abilities will be at their least powerful. Therefore the spiritual bio-rhythmic cycle is a useful tool for discerning when spiritual work would be most successful for an individual to perform, taking in to account other biorhythms which also have a bearing on the balancing of the self.

Biorhythms can be calculated and used perhaps to ones own advantage in facing the daily necessities of life, such as the best time to write a piece of music, to hold a business meeting or to attempt a long run. However, this is not often practicable. Therefore, biorhythms are probably best used to understand why one feels as one does. You might ask, why are my emotions erratic today? Why do I feel so tired? Why do I have writer's block? Why can't I receive spirit today?

You can plot how you feel on a graph and see of it resembles a biorhythm as in the picture shown. Or you can use an online biorhythm calculator to work it out. These however do not usually include the spiritual biorhythm at this time. Use biorhythms as a tool for understanding and balancing the self. Be open to in-pourings of universal energy through meditation, yoga, and healthy living so that your downward curves are mild and your upward curves are excellent!

Biorhythms, What Are They? Biorhythms Explained | Nicky Sutton
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