8 August 2014

How to Practice Telepathy Step by Step

How to practiceTelepathy
We're all telepathic to some degree, but we learn to communicate verbally rather than telepathically so it remains an unpracticed skill. In the article 'How to Use Telepathy - Your Telepathic Too' you gain an overall understanding of how telepathy works, how it might occur and what it feels like to receive messages. So now, let's do an exercise to help you practice telepathy and develop your long-forgotten, neglected, telepathic skills.

Since telepathy involves mind-to-mind communication, you'll need a friend to practice with. Choosing a person you're closely aligned with in terms of familiarity, is preferable. Telepathy works best when two or more people have spent a lot of time together, or communicate a great deal if they live far apart, for example, by telephone. The energies of the two people harmonize, the energy vibration of their spirit complexes become aligned, and they begin to predict each others reactions and finish each others sentences.

The process of telepathy itself is not affected by proximity and so this exercise can be performed in the same room as your friend, or in separate dwellings far apart.

An Exercise for Practicing Telepathy

1. Explain and agree the following process with your friend before you begin meditation.

2. Choose:

- Who will go first.

- An appropriate message to telepathically communicate to your friend. A simple concept, idea or scene is best. It's often too hard to visualize a very basic shape or color for a long period of time, so avoid these. Perhaps a place, type of food or an event would be suitable – but don't make your choice too obvious (no shared experiences) or too complicated.

3. Both friends must have a timer with a soothing sort of alarm, rather than a sudden noise that makes you jump! Or, if you're together in the same room, one timer is plenty.

4. Agree an exact time to start the exercise.

5. Set the timer for 10 minutes and both meditate. Mentally ask the one creator or God of your belief system to provide love and light, and realize that you are one with the universe, all people and your friend. Both clearing your minds now, remember that silence is key.

During this time, when you feel relaxed enough, begin to think about your friend, perhaps good times together, places you've been and things you've done. Your friend should think about you too. If you feel unrelated thoughts entering your mind then gently push them away. When you feel you've done enough, simply continue meditating, focusing on your breath.

The goal is to reach a calm meditative state where the earthly illusion is removed and all that there is, is you and your friend. 

Time's up.

6. Set the timer for another 10 minutes. Do this right away so that you remain at peace. If you and your friend are in separate dwellings, this will ensure your timings remain simultaneous.

7. Both meditate for another 10 minutes. If you are going first, then visualize the concept for your friend to receive. You are not sending the thought as if by email, instead, because we are all one sharing one mass consciousness, the process is more like file sharing. Your friend is simply accessing that mass consciousness of which you are part. If you are visualizing for example, a beautiful castle and garden, then spend some time looking at the place in your mind's eye. It will be easy to visualize if it's an interesting view – yet it's still a simple concept. 

Time's up.

8. Both meditate for a final 10 minutes right away. Now, while your friend visualizes their communication for you, you can tune in to them. Think about your friend in the back of your mind but focus on your breathing. Pretend that your friend is there with you if you are in separate dwellings. Silence your mind and feel your friend's presence.

Then, remaining totally relaxed, allow your mind some freedom to wander. Let any visualizations or sounds occur naturally without creating them yourself. Try to remember what you see because you'll need to write it all down afterward. Don't force your experience at all. Relax and let your visualization play out in front of you. 

Time's up.

9. Gently allow yourself to acclimatize to your earthly surroundings once more.

10. Write down everything you saw and heard during meditation. Your friend needs to have done this too when it was their turn to receive communication.

11. Chat about what you have both written and see if anything matches up with the telepathic thoughts and visualizations. You can have great fun going through what each of you sent and received!

Don't worry of the telepathic practice only yields vague results, it's possible that if some correct communication was received then you have beaten the odds of guessing! The more you practice telepathy, the easier and more successful it will become. Remember to relax and don't force it because your own thoughts can overwrite communication you're receiving. The more aligned you are with your friend and the more you experience telepathy, the easier it will become. Everyone can practice and perform telepathy!

How To Do Telepathy Step by Step - An Exercise | Nicky Sutton
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