5 September 2014

Astral Projection / Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation – A Simple & Effective Method.

How to perform astral projection
Two main schools of thought exist on performing astral projection. One is that the spirit (astral or etheric body) leaves the physical body, attached by a silver cord and is free to roam. The second, and my preferred school of thought is that it is not feasible for the spirit to leave the physical body (apart from upon death), instead a visualized thought-form manifestation is created and controlled by the mind/body/spirit complex (person). Some call this manifestation a 'double', it is of a differing energetic structure to the mind/body/spirit complex and merely a thought-creation or construct.

Therefore, the thought-form manifestation method is explained here, along with some examples. After this article please read 'How To Astral Project/Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation' (coming tomorrow!) for a quick tutorial on how to accomplish it. In short, after taking up a meditative position and conditions, and meditating for a period of time, steps are taken to visualize an energy body entity. This is a thought-form construct outside of your physical body, endowed with an extension of your own consciousness. It is a vehicle for your extended self, controlled by your mind, seeing through it's 'eyes'. You can then go astral travelling.

Thoughts are energy, and if you are nearly or completely in alignment with vibrations of love and light of the universal creation, you can more easily manifest thoughts into 'thought-forms'. These are manifested thoughts, they are given presence and reality. Everything we see around us is created from intelligent love-light energy. You can construct using energy too, and explore the universe with it.

'Projection' implies a projection of the self, and not the actual self. By using a visualized and manifested energy thought-form you are free to safely travel while observing events from the comfort of your meditation posture. You can control your energy construct using your mind and enjoy every moment.

Astral projection and astral travel are slightly different terms. Astral projection is the act of projecting the energy thought-form into reality and astral travel is the act of travelling using your manifested thought-form.

The Law of One states that most UFO sightings are thought-form manifestations projected into our skies. Free to achieve their objectives on earth while the controller observes from their own planetary sphere or higher density of existence. These craft materialize and dematerialize at will, as they are merely energetic thought-created constructs. The orbs of light often seen in large numbers are thought-forms of a very positive nature. There are numerous craft that appear as various shaped metal objects, however they are only real in a temporary sense, however physical craft do also exist especially secret craft created by humans.

The Men in Black are also a thought-form projection performed by negatively orientated entities, for example, those of the Orion group, some of which are known as the greys. Being of a fourth density existence, they are able to manifest mental constructs at will – at the cost of much energy.

Ghosts too are often times astral travelers from our past and future. Those who project a manifestation of themselves and roam the earthly plane can on occasion be seen by people and mistaken as ghosts. These are likely to be the kinds of ghosts who seem to be simply passing through (not resident) and interact with humans rather than ignoring them.

When creating your thought-form manifestation it does not necessarily need to resemble your human body. You can produce any energy vehicle of your choosing. However, a simple white light energy body is more than sufficient, and most easily visualized and used by the novice. Manifesting some kind of unsightly creature can be a rather unethical and immoral thing to do – if you achieve such ability.

As an example, a person I know very well chose to project, manifest and travel using a silvery-blue colored wolf with red eyes. He roamed the local park using this vehicle and then returned. About a week later, an article appeared in the paranormal column in the local newspaper that told of five or six people who had reported seeing a wolf with red eyes walking through the park. It was of course reported as an unexplained phenomena.

You can travel just about anywhere using thought-form manifestation and visualization. You can roam the earthly plane, inner and higher planes, other dimensions and realities. It's unlikely that you will reach higher densities of existence if your spirit has not progressed to those levels and of a vibrational frequency to reach them. However, you can travel both space and time within the third density of existence. Time is not relative within the 'spirit world' or time-space area of this illusion. You can therefore head back in time, or forward. You can visit spirits who have passed-over and you can travel to other planets and those inner planes of existence. The options are infinite.

As an example, during an astral voyage of mine I set the intent of meeting with a certain spirit guide and asking to be shown something relevant to me in the spirit world. I was presented with the place where spirits wait to incarnate into human form. I was shown my own spirit in what I perceive as the past. I was not personally in the presence of my own spirit because I was only present as a thought-form manifestation projected by my mind. I instinctively knew it was my own spirit that I was observing and empathically felt my own displeasure at the thought of beginning a new incarnation within the Earthly illusion. But knew it was for my own spiritual progression however, and to be of assistance to others.

On Earth we exist in space-time, we move around in space e.g. we travel by car from A to B, and time runs in a straight line. The spirit world exists in time-space, therefore we can move around in time (backward or forward) and space is constant. Therefore, you 'think' yourself to a certain 'location', and you arrive. Therefore, astral travel involves little travelling as such, you can materialize your thought-form construct anywhere you choose.

By using the thought-form method of astral travel rather than attempting to depart from your physical body using your spirit, you can avoid all kinds of common fears about astral projection and astral travel. For example, worrying about whether your spirit will become permanently separated from your body – it can't happen because you are one mind/body/spirit complex throughout, only an extension of your consciousness travels with the energy manifestation. Worrying that you will be killed – this cannot happen because if the thought-form were in trouble, you simply dematerialize it. Worrying that you can become possessed while your spirit is absent – your spirit is never absent, only the thought-form travels.

Can the astral cord be cut? The astral cord is likely a manifestation of a thought, that when an astral cord is expected to be seen, it therefore appears as part of the manifestation. If it makes you feel better to visualize and manifest an astral cord, do so. If it alleviates fear, it can only be a good thing.

Fear can prevent astral projection and astral travel because any strong emotion is a great distraction. If you are tentative about moving through time and space, you will lose the visualization. The journey cannot play out and realize itself if you carry negative energies on the voyage.

Feeling excited or experiencing any other sudden or intense emotion can snap you out of your astral travels. Relaxed concentration is needed, and getting excited about your astral accomplishments will dematerialize your energy construct and you'll feel your consciousness focus back to the room in which you sit.

It is important to sit up in a meditative position so that you don't fall asleep. Although astral travel is often performed in a dream state, dreaming is unconscious travel. In performing astral projection we are aiming for conscious travel, and you'll be much more likely to remember your journey.

It may be true that many who attempt astral travel and believe that they are witnessing or experiencing their spirit body leave their physical body, are actually manifesting an energy body double, or thought-form of themselves and using it to travel. Therefore, they may believe they are travelling using spirit, however they are using the thought-form manifestation method. There are those however, who no doubt do leave their physical body, the same as one would in a near death experience.

As with anything, approach astral projection and astral travel with love and light, then allow yourself to explore new realities with the highest intent. 

Please read 'How To Astral Project/Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation' (coming tomorrow!) for the 'how-to'. 

For help on visualization: How To Visualize Effectively.

Astral Projection & Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation | Nicky Sutton - Video
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