19 September 2014

Do You Know Any Indigo Children (Starseeds)? Are You One?

Indigo children
'Starseeds' and 'Indigo Children' are terms used to refer to children born with souls of a more advanced nature. In the article 'Are You a Wanderer (or Lightworker)?' the terms 'wanderer' and 'lightworker' are used to refer to a spirit or soul that has traveled from higher realms of existence to incarnate here on Earth. So let's look at the resulting human children that they become, that's indigos (or starseeds).

Starseeds or indigo children are babies born as humans who are the product of a spirit of a more advanced nature. These spirits have been given the names of 'wanderers' or 'lightworkers'. The human physical body is an extension of the spirit body, manifested in this third density reality in a form that we can perceive, where we cannot (generally) perceive the higher dimensional spirit, or any spirit for that matter. Indigos look like any other child, but their souls are highly advanced and therefore seem more intelligent, creative, with a greater sense of 'knowing' than regular human children. They grow up into highly intelligent, progressive, positively polarized achievers - so long as social conditioning doesn't lead them from their path.

Although they are subject to 'the forgetting' at birth, that overall sense of knowing and wisdom seeps through. They have a vague recollection of previously learned ideas, concepts and behaviors. At some point in their lives they may have an intense spiritual awakening which causes them to better realize their purpose in the earthly realm.  

The indigo child's soul has a purpose which is twofold:

Firstly, the wander soul of the indigo child originates from any fourth, fifth or sixth density planet or plane of existence (higher dimensions of evolutionary existence than ours) where life is far more harmonious than here on earth. The wanderer soul wishes to incarnate in this third density reality in order to learn lessons that cannot be learned at home. How can the lesson of giving love under circumstances of extreme hardship be learned within an existence of complete harmony? It cannot, therefore the wanderer incarnates here for the purpose of accelerating spiritual progression, and to learn valuable lessons in a concentrated and intensive fashion.

Secondly, coming from a civilization where love, light and unity are the building blocks of society, the urge arises to help alleviate the suffering of other souls, no matter how distant they may be (space/distance not being relative). The wanderer soul incarnates as a human 'indigo child' to help raise the planetary vibration of Earth nearer to that of the green-rey existence (representing the same as the green 'heart' chakra), of fourth density. The more wanderer souls that incarnate here and perform good works, the more the planetary vibration and mass consciousness of the population raises toward love and unification.

Characteristics of Indigo Children (or Starseeds)

They may:
  • Know about concepts they have not yet been taught such as space, time, psychology, solutions to social problems etc.
  • Explain ideas and philosophies in detail that are far in advance of a normal human child.
  • Exhibit intelligence that is far above average, and grasp complicated concepts with ease.
  • Be highly creative in ways that baffle normal people, leaving the onlooker wondering 'How on earth did they think of that?'
  • Exhibit extra sensory perception, such as empathic, psychic, and intuitive abilities.
  • Actively disagree with negative concepts such as racism, inequality, poverty, corruption and greed, and express bewilderment that these are permitted to occur.
  • Express love and compassion readily. Are quick to include an excluded child, comfort unhappiness and work with classmates with behavioral difficulties.
  • Speak eloquently and logically like a mature and educated adult.
  • Have a keen interest in technology or conversely be at one with nature. Depending on their planetary origin, they find solutions the natural way or through technological advancement.
  • Struggle with submitting to a hierarchy and structure of rules, due to a vague recollection of conditions upon a home world where such things were not necessary to maintain order.
  • Feel a sense of alienation which can be severe, due to the advanced soul within the indigo child effectively rejecting this reality. Difficulties in adjusting to the lower vibrational frequency of this illusion can occur.
  • Experience physical allergies due to the physical manifestation of the self within this illusion being incompatible with the higher dimensional reality of home.
  • Wish to improve conditions here on earth. Be it environmental, political, economical and so on, the indigo child recognizes a problem within society and tries to remedy it.
These are just a few characteristics. Perhaps the most recognizable is that you are, or you are in the presence of, a child or adult who seems to possess an 'old soul'.

There are more and more indigo children present on earth at this time due to the earth's vibrational shift from third to fourth density, and the opportunities for spiritual progression and service to others that this presents. The more souls that they aid in raising to the vibration of love and light (green-rey), the more who can progress to a fourth density existence upon new incarnations within the earthly realm. Those who are not receptive to the vibration of love and oneness will continue to repeat third density incarnations until they understand through and through. Those incarnations could be here in the remainder of the Earth's third density existence, or on some other planetary sphere of third density.

This could be the meaning of 'heaven' within various scriptures. It is said that by showing love, compassion and oneness with all things (while still retaining individuality and uniqueness) it's possible for us to progress spiritually to higher planes of existence. The indigo children are here to help with this transition at the end of this planetary cycle.

Indigo children may not fully remember their purpose, but many speak of past life experiences from a young age. As well as the vast majority of their memories being blocked, so too are the abilities of their indigo-rey body, or higher dimensional body, to perform the tasks that it would back home. For example, an indigo child with a soul from a sixth density existence would be able to perform telekinesis, telepathy, psychometry and so on. However, these abilities are blocked and unable to manifest, else the child would exhibit god-like abilities here on earth. Some abilities however, still do manifest and this is why more and more young people are able to perform such feats. Society is not usually receptive due to social conditioning, hence they are kept secret else the indigo risks being accused of performing illusions, being ostracized or being asked to prove their abilities over and over.

It's worth remembering that not every 'indigo' child will exhibit the aforementioned characteristics, some might only have a passing interest in paranormal, science fiction or technology, and not even be particularly kind or loving. At some point in their life however, they will experience an intense spiritual awakening that should reveal their true selves. The power of the spiritual awakening must not be underestimated. The reason for this is that the 'veil of forgetting' is thicker for some than others, an although some children will have greater access their soul's wisdom and knowing, for others it's impossible to remember. Therefore, an indigo child may not manifest - they become an indigo adult instead. 

Indigo Children & Starseeds Characteristics. Why Are They Here? | Nicky Sutton 
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