15 September 2014

'God' is You, Everywhere and Everything - Honest

God is you, everywhere and everything
You may not perceive God as a man in the heavens sporting a grey beard...or you might. There are many paintings and drawings of God personified, easily available for your perusal. God needed to be made into the image of a human male so that humans could easily relate to 'him'. Many religions help to control followers by reinforcing that this omnipotent deity in man's image will punish them if they don't behave, obey strict guidelines, give away individuality and regularly access the proper teachings through the given religious channels.

Instilling fear into followers in the name of 'God' is such a desperate shame.

God is not a man, we made God into a man in our perceptions. God is in fact every man. And every woman, animal, bug, gadget, rock, liquid, gas, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe... everything.

If you perceive God as a man or other humanoid being, that's wonderful too as you may need a relatable image to focus on. However, there are key principles to do with the personification of God that really are essential for your awareness also.

'God' in fact is a word that we have given to what we perceive as a greater, all powerful, infinite being that created us and everything. That's fine, but we are that being, everything is that being, it is not separate from us. Separation is an illusion.

Imagine that before our universe and other universes were created, there was light, and part of the very fabric of that light was and is love. Love-light is the common term. Over an unimaginable period of time this love-light gained mass and density and became aware. It became a conscious intelligent entity in it's own right. Don't imagine a human, don't try to imagine anything. This infinite consciousness over an unimaginable period of time (which wouldn't be relative anyway, it might as well be an instant), wants to experience itself.

This creation, or God, wants to experience itself because it is everything. Tiny points of individual consciousness form as part of the creation and are each given freewill. These points then go about learning and experiencing creation in infinite ways all for the benefit of the intelligent infinity to which they're a part. Each spirit is one such point of consciousness and we each have a spirit. We experience 'life' and further incarnations in service to this one infinite creator.

Everything we see around us is the creator. When you see yourself, other people, the world, the universe, everything - see the creator. This is the thing that ancient teachers were trying to tell us, they put it in terms that people could understand and could fit into their narrow windows of perception. Modern channelings tell of this oneness time after time.

When you look upon another person, see yourself as they are an extension of you, just as you are an extension of them. You are unique and individual but we are all part of one creation. One creator, creation, God or source.

It's tricky to talk about God sometimes, it seems a bit of a taboo subject. This is because different religions, belief systems and newer forms of spirituality often-times have differing views on the subject. It's a topic that people hold so closely to their hearts, due to their very personal relationship with the entity they perceive as God, and so hearing any contrasting views to their perception of God can push them outside of their safety zone. As we all know, large scale conflicts arise due to differing views as to the nature of God. Trouble is, because of the personification of God and the 'touchiness' of the subject, younger people or non-spiritual people never get a chance to understand God – therefore categorize the subject in the realms of fiction.

If younger people, non-spiritual people or those at the dawning of a spiritual awakening cannot talk about the nature of God, then they may not find their spiritual path at all. It might not all fall into place. Depending on the culture in which they reside, it could be a more difficult task for some than others. For example, a person within a single-minded religious community would be expected to accept the given version of God, that 'he' must be feared, obeyed and worshipped etc.

Can't we drop the taboo and talk about it without worrying about causing offence?

Each person holds their own truth about God and no one has the right to prove anyone wrong. If someone perceives god as a distant, white human male, super-being then that's fine if it brings them peace. We construct our own realities anyway, so why not find our own truths and perceptions about God.

However, where beliefs involve control, negativity and punishment, rather than a universal oneness based upon love, then there is, in this author's opinion, a grave misunderstanding of creation. The creator, creation, source or God will not punish you, harm you or pay you back. Your life is a product of your own free will manifesting your own experience. You are a point of consciousness of the one creation and you don't need to fear the wrath of any deity.

Pray to God, the one creator or source if you wish, because parts of creation will hear you. The creator is in all things, therefore praying will cause entities such as spirit guides, angelic beings within inner planes and your higher self, all beings of the creation, to manifest your desires and subconsciously guide you. You are the creator, by praying you are manifesting your own desires, and uploading emotional energy vibrations and thoughts to the mass consciousness.

You are God therefore. Yes you are, as is every other being – part of the creator's consciousness. Every part of creation is alive with intelligent energy.

Life exists in everything and you can see this by changing your perception of life. On an atomic level everything is created from energy, more specifically light. This is where you can especially see the creator. This intelligent energy is responsible for the illusion we experience. We are spirits experiencing a human illusion that is entirely alive with intelligent energy.

So if you see the creator, or God, in absolutely everything including yourself, you will feel unending love for all of creation. The lines blur between you and creation or God. The word God therefore represents intelligent infinity, unending consciousness. Absolutely, unequivocally, unarguably everything that exists. You are God.

You are God. What & Where is God? 'God' is Everywhere & Everything | Nicky Sutton  

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