6 September 2014

How To Astral Project / Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation - Simple Steps

how to Astral travel
Two schools of thought prevail over astral projection, the first being that the spirit body leaves the physical body and is free to roam. Another is that a visualized thought-form or manifestation is created using the mind, constructed of universal energy (prana). The thought-form creation is free to roam, controlled by the mind of the person.

The first school of thought is to meditate and try to work the astral body free from the physical body. However, the second school of thought is taught in this article because through experience, it has been found to be a truly effective method.

Accompanying this article is: Astral Projection/Astral Travel Via Manifestation – A Simple & Effective Method. Where you'll learn about the advantages of this method, why it is preferred and examples of experiences.

It's necessary to make spiritual progression a lifelong aim. The more you meditate and align yourself with the love-light energies of the universe, the easier activities like astral projection will become. After using this method a number of times, it will become second nature and will only take a few moments to achieve a powerful transition. As with everything, be patient and do not give up.

Astral Projection Steps:

1. Sit on the floor or any other comfortable but stable surface, in any preferred posture (asana). The conditions should be the same as your usual meditation.

2. Before you begin meditating, so that you do not need to interrupt your relaxed state later, set your intent for where you want to go. Is it nearby? therefore you can visualize walking there. If it is far away, you can use flight or materialize at your destination by walking through a visualized doorway.

3. Achieve a meditative state and focus upon your breath (pranayama).

4. Visualize a sphere of white light above your crown chakra (that's mulhadara chakra at the top of the head).

5. With each deep and slow inhalation of breath visualize white light entering your physical body. Upon each exhalation, visualize this light within you grow stronger, glowing more brightly. This process shall be repeated until the physical body courses with energy. You may feel tingling, some numbness and/or a mental feeling of exhilaration. Keep calm.

6. Visualize the faint outline of a body double standing nearby within the room. On each exhalation of breath, allow the white light to exit your mouth and enter the nose of the double. Repeat this process until the double is filled with white light and has taken on a more solid form.

7. With each transference of energy, feel the connection to the double grow stronger. Have empathy with the double, feel it as if it is becoming you.

8. When you feel that a strong connection is established, leave your physical body safely where it is, and allow your consciousness to transfer into the double.

9. When you intuitively feel it's time, the thought-form manifestation or double will be ready to travel within the physical or higher dimensions. Success will be determined by your level of practice and abilities.

10. See through the eyes of the double, it is an extension of your consciousness and not your actual consciousness.

Astral Travel Steps:

1. Stay calm and relaxed. Remember not to feel excited or any other strong emotion as it may end the session.

2. Visualization is key. Seeing through the thought-form manifested double, observe the hands of your energy double. See the hands moving and hold them up in front of you. Listen to the sounds in your visualized environment, feel the sensations and smell the scents.

3. Remember your intent. Where did you want to go? How were you going to get there?

4. Visualize leaving. Visualize every step you would take in leaving your home. Doing this will align your consciousness further with the activity and give you a feel for what you are doing. You may walk through walls.

5. Look around outside, picture details of your surroundings. Observe how clear your visualization can be.

6. Using your chosen mode of transport, head off on your journey. You can materialize any time and place of your choosing. If using the doorway method, visualize a door in front of you. Know that your destination is behind it. Open this door and see your destination, take in the sounds and smells. Step through and be there.

Pay attention and remember your experience. As you see through the eyes of the double, your mind is in control of it, observing and remembering. If you loose concentration you are likely to become aware of your own physical surroundings once more. You may need to start the process again if you cannot re-establish the link. Do so by manifesting the double at your location once more, where the energy transfer can be performed at close proximity. Have fun on your travels!

For help on visualization: How To Visualize Effectively.

Accompanying this article is: Astral Projection/Astral Travel Via Manifestation – A Simple & Effective Method.

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