26 September 2014

How to Perform Daily Spirit Contact & Communicate With The Spirit World Yourself

daily spirit contactYou can stay in touch with the spirit world yourself, everyday, and you don't need a spiritual medium to do it for you. We're not talking about communicating with 'dead people', as there's no such thing, instead it's all about staying in touch with the very place from which you came. You've returned to the 'spirit world' lifetime after lifetime, and some of the entities with whom you travel through time and space are there. You can stay in tune with the source from which you came, and with your spirit loved ones, every day of your life and very easily.

We're under the illusion that we're separate from the universe and from each other. When loved ones pass over, we perceive that they've gone far away – we grow up knowing no different. This is not the case, your spirit companions are in a dimension not of our own, but that dimension is part of the whole, just like you and everything in creation. They are right nearby, as are your spirit guides, higher self or selves – you are never alone if you don't want to be.

Keeping in touch with spirit entities provides a wonderful source of love and support for you through good times and bad. Plus, by tuning into the spirit world and alternate planes of existence you're remaining at one with universe – you're spiritually progressing toward oneness with all of creation.

Finding a good spiritual medium is great, but contact through your medium is best done once every six months or so. That same healing gained from the clear and concise messages brought through by your medium, can be enjoyed by you every day. You can gain healing and guidance by staying in touch with spirit yourself. You can tune into the vibrations of your own spirit guides and spirit companions over time, making connecting with them easier and easier – just as well as an experienced medium can do during a reading.

Everybody has psychic senses to a more or lesser degree, many have highly developed skills and don't even realize it. A psychic picks up energy signals from spirits incarnate as human (people) and a spiritual medium picks up energy from spirits in the spirit world. The medium acts as a bridge between the earthly world and spirit world using psychical senses. A psychic uses psychic senses when reading the energies of people on Earth.

You may pick up earthly psychic signals frequently, for example, do you sometimes know what a person is thinking before they say it? Perhaps that your friend will call round unannounced for tea right before they do? You could be picking up on the energies of these other entities because we are all one and part of each other. The trick is to develop your psychic senses into mediumistic senses so that you can communicate with the other side. It's not hard to do, and you may already be doing it.

Prepare yourself. Tune into the vibrations of the spirit world through meditation – this is always the best place to start. Meditation calms the mind through removal of stimulus. Silence is key. Your pineal gland is activated and gets a good work out, facilitating a strong connection with the spirit world. Through more and more meditation, you'll likely feel your life transform as you receive plentiful amounts of universal energy. You're vibrational frequency will begin to align with that of higher planes of existence as if tuning a radio to the proper frequency.

Meditation should be done every day or whenever you can, for at least 20 minutes. If everybody did this, the world would be a very different place. Those in power don't exactly rush to put meditation on the curriculum in schools, else the population would begin to discover their real abilities.  

Please refer to the article on 'Intuition' in order to begin to access methods of communication with spirits and the spirit world. Being able to use your intuition helps you to differentiate between your own thoughts and spirit contact.

Receiving communication from spirits and spirit guides can feel a lot like imagination at first, but over time you can learn to differentiate between the two. Spirit communication, just like psychic sense, can often pop into your head as thoughts or symbols with no train of thought leading to them. For example, the concept of a child-genius could pop into your head just as you turn to see your infant constructing a sophisticated building out of blocks.

If you wish to actively initiate contact rather than waiting for messages to come through of their own accord, you can do this for best effects after meditation, or at any time of day simply by tuning in. Just like normal people in your life, you can talk to spirit companions at any time.

Before you begin any formal contact, ask for the universal creation and divine light to guide your spirit communication for the highest good, healing and learning. Ask for protection in love and light and visualize a white light of protection surrounding you. Protection is important to prevent any spirit who might be passing by from initiating unwanted contact with you, that you may confuse for being your spirit guides or companions.

Remember, you're always in control of spirit contact and if you perceive spirit messages coming through that are not what you asked for, or if you discover your abilities are more advanced than you realized, then you can terminate contact by telling your spirit guides you want it to end. Visualize a door closing in your mind, ending communication.

Communication Methods

Ask your main spirit guide to help you initiate contact and guide you during the process. Remember that communication is two-way, therefore if there is any confusion in the messages you perceive, then ask for clarification. Set your intent verbally, for example, 'I would like to ask my Dad a question'.

Use your mind's eye to view clairvoyant (visual) messages. If you don't know how to use your mind's eye, close your eyes and imagine a rabbit. What color is it? Does it have floppy ears? Okay, you've done it, that's your mind's eye you're using. Let images flow in unhindered. Do not force them. Relax and let go.

Clairaudient messages are transmitted from spirit as sound. They can be received as literal sounds heard through the ears, or as sound heard in the mind. When you are falling asleep, do you ever hear a few voices just as you begin to drift off? You are in a very relaxed state most conducive to spirit contact. You may be hearing spirit chatter.

Clairsentience is a form of knowing. For example, a spirit might make you feel like there is something wrong with your mother (on Earth). You don't know where the feeling came from and yet there it is. You call your mother to find she is very sad because her roof has been leaking and she needs assistance from you.

Dreams are a good way to make contact. Set your intention to meet an individual in spirit and ask for this to occur. It may not occur the same night, and you may not always remember the experience but it can be a very direct and interactive way to communicate.

Psychometry can be useful to initiate contact. Physical objects can absorb the energies of an entity that owned it. The object radiates a sort of energetic signal into the universe. If you wish to feel the presence of an aunt and you have her favorite earrings, then hold them to improve the contact.

Listen to your intuition and use your psychical senses. At first it can be difficult to discern what's imagination and what's spirit communication. So start making a diary. Write down all communication you intuitively believe is from spirit and see if any patterns emerge.

(I would definitely recommend this book to the complete beginner: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating With Spiritsit covers way more than the title says too!)

Start building up a language for the spirit world to use with you. Spirits cannot simply speak into your ear, this would take up a huge amount of energy, and they are probably not permitted to do so either! Create a language of archetypes, that's symbolic representations that mean something to you. Write them down in the back of your diary. For example, if spirit presents to you your favorite chair in your mind's eye, you know that they recommend you take a break from work. If a bunch of flowers is presented, then they are sending love. If you see a white feather float by, then you should feel hope. These archetypes are unique to you. Your mind is like a filing cabinet that spirit can search through if you let them. They look for the correct symbol to present to you, drawing it from your own mind so that they always know the right one to use.

Spirit communication doesn't have to be transmitted directly to your mind, objects can move or appear too – like the white feather. If your keys go missing, perhaps you weren’t meant to leave yet. If a black tie appears on your bed, maybe you should dress more formally for the event you're going to attend that day.

It's important not to rely on spirit communication too much. You will start to imagine it's occurring when it is not. You're meant to live your own life, and learn and experience without the extensive involvement of the spirit world. Make contact perhaps once a day yourself, just for a few minutes at a time. If you receive impromptu communication that you have not initiated at other times then clearly there is a pressing matter that requires attention. It's best to allow spirit to make contact with you rather than the other way around, most of the time.

Don't be disappointed if you're not receiving the answer that you require. You may need to find certain answers for yourself as part of your journey of learning and discovery. Remember that a spirit may not necessarily be on-hand immediately when you call them!

Tune into and feel the presence of spirit companions and spirit guides during special events such as weddings, births or even a much needed vacation. The spirit world wants to share in your joy and happiness too. The universe is consciousness and truly a product of love, therefore an opportunity to share in this is too good to pass up. Feel them drawing close to you.

As a child you were more connected with spirit and growing up you were taught to suppress even ridicule such abilities – or they were simply neglected. Allow it back into your life and get closer to the spirit world with a simple exercise to help you to connect with your spirit guides.

Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Meditate for about 15 minutes. Set your intent by asking to meet one of your spirit guides. Take your time and visualize walking into a beautiful garden and sitting down on a bench. Visualize someone arriving and sitting down next to you. Observe their features and ask a few questions. Remember the answers, say goodbye and head out of the garden. Write down everything that occurred so that you can remember and add it to your diary.

Often there are lessons to be learned from spirit communication, and spirit guides are there to guide you. Remember however, that loved ones who have passed over may not become all-seeing and all-knowing just because they have reached the other side. If uncle Bob was useless at giving advice in life, then he may not be much better in spirit. If you meet Bob in a dream and he advises you to take certain action, you do not need to take it!

Relationships that were not too rewarding for you in life can be improved now that the person has passed over. They can send you love, be with you and you can build bridges with them at last. Sense a loved one when you're doing an activity that you both used to do, listen to your heightened awareness and intuition.

If you suddenly feel the sensation of cobwebs falling onto your face then know that a spirit companion might be saying hello, this is a common occurrence. Electrical appliances too can be easily manipulated by spirit entities due to electricity being closer in energy vibration than physical matter. If the car won't start when your leaving the cemetery, perhaps a loved one is glad you visited (although spirits do not reside at cemeteries). A simple coincidence too may be a sign of spirit communication, depending on it's relevance to you.

Contact can often be very subtle, but you can build up a vibrational connection over time with spirit companions who find it more difficult to come through.

Remember, you are spirit too, experiencing incarnation in human form. Therefore, never fear spirit communication and connecting with the spirit world. Spirits are 'people' too, just like you. By keeping in touch with the spirit world daily you are staying in touch with the true universal reality outside of this earthly illusion. You are receiving bundles of love energy every day form loved ones discarnate. Our relationships continue timelessly, so stay in touch.  

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