30 September 2014

Mediumship: The Basics of Becoming a Spiritual Medium - Part 2

Learning to be a spiritual medium
Good spiritual mediums are immensely important during this time of global spiritual awakening. They are a communications medium bridging the gap between earth and spirit, providing infinite healing, learning and understanding, and proving that death is not the end.

Continuing on from part 1 of the basics of mediumship, here are some... 

Further Considerations When Training to Become a Spiritual Medium  

It is highly inadvisable to make future predictions during a reading and you may notice that good mediums don't generally do this except in circumstances where the cause of an outcome is already set in motion. The future is not written. Each of us is endowed with freewill on our journeys of learning and discovery. At each and every decision we make, chance event, or accident, there's a fork in the road. Reality can go one way or another, and then either way again. 

If a medium makes future predictions for you, then you know they are not serving you in the best intentions. For example, the medium can see you are expecting a baby and hints about it being a boy or a girl. This is acceptable because the outcome is already rather certain. However, if a medium recommends that you and your partner should take a relationship break and that it will last six months, they may not be acting in your best interests. Would you still have taken the relationship break if they hadn't have suggested the idea? If so, is it more likely that you'll believe that six months is the right amount of time?

Spiritual mediums must be skilled with people. Often you're dealing with grief stricken clients. A man might come to you because his wife has died, he could be pinning his happiness on your reading. It's very important to be able to counsel the client though their time with you, with sensitivity and care. Never ever make up or create spirit contact in order to make someone feel better, you must be honest even if you're struggling to make a connection. 

Realize what you're letting yourself in for when spirit communication gets intense. A client may be feeling emotional and at the same time, you're perceiving the cause of death from the spirit. The likelihood of these testing situations occurring should be considered before training in mediumship.  

You must always request that the divine light guides you in your spiritual communication for the highest good, learning and healing. This insures that your own guides are primed to protect you against any stray entity that may want to get in on the conversation.  

Surroundings and atmosphere are very important, you must be calm and undisturbed during spirit contact. Meditation is part of the way of life of a spiritual medium. You must remain in tune with universal energies and with the spirit world. It's also required for calming the mind, emptying it ready for spirits to convey concepts. This will remove the confusion between your own thoughts and spirit communication.

Intent should be set before initiating communication, perhaps that you would like to communicate with your client's relatives for example, and see who comes through. The intent goes out into the spirit world to be acted upon.

Your own life experiences will effect how you convey messages to a client. Your memories and perceptions dictate the bank of symbols and concepts that spirits can choose from when presenting ideas to you clairvoyantly. It's important to be well read and have experienced life as much as possible so that there are many such archetypes for spirits to draw upon during communication.

Let information flow into your mind and sensations into your body from spirit, and don't force it. The more of an empty vessel you can be during a session, the easier you will feel the communication coming through. Put your consciousness aside for a time and let the energies flow through you. Do your best to verbalize the information you're receiving. It can be difficult to put some concepts into words, especially clairsentient ones. You might suddenly feel a complex series of emotions or sensations, for example; you feel like a racing driver, a reckless one, then physically feel pain and the emotion of fear. The sensations can come thick and fast and you must try to put all of this into words. It makes you realize the limitations of language at times.

While you're letting the communication flow, leave the analysis until after the reading. You can advise your client to bring a pad and paper to write everything down during the reading. Many important details can be forgotten if the reading is not recorded or transcribed.

Validation is hugely important to the client and a primary goal as a good medium. Aim to remove all doubt about the validity of the spirit communication. Dates, ages, names, and places are useful. Even better are personal things and instances that only the spirit and the client know about. See the client's face light up when you hit the nail on the head! Satisfaction is in the details. A generic overall view of the client's life is not usually satisfactory, neither is plentiful life advice. Prove the continuance of life through irrefutable little details that only the spirit would know, ask for such details and validations from spirit, they may not automatically be given. The amount of comfort this can bring to the client is immense.

(Here's a recommended reading to help you tune into your spirit guides: Keys to the Spirit World: An Easy To Use Handbook for Contacting Your Spirit Guides)

Send out thoughts using your mind as questions to spirit in order to stimulate communication. Spirit contact is two way. Ask for communication to slow down if you're receiving too much too quickly. Remember that you're in control of the contact and you can shut it down any time. You may have a number of spirits jostling for your attention, especially if you're doing a group reading or in front of an audience. Ask your spirit guides to keep order in love and light.

Deliver the message in a non biased way because you are just the messenger. As you're communicating with spirits that are effectively strangers to you, you may need to ask the client for confirmation of information you receive to check if you're on the right track. Do not ask questions of the client however, or only very few if absolutely necessary.

Use your intuition about any situation and close a session if you feel something is not right. Spirits do not come through to you to scare you but you must have boundaries set out. Remind your spirit guides at every session to explain to spirit visitors your rules for contact. These rules should be pre-decided and agreed with your spirit guides. Rules include, the level of physical sensation you're prepared to receive upon conveying, for example, the cause of death. A blow to the head would not be well received, rather a tingling in the head. Set out that possession is forbidden as well as overly explicit emotional transfer, for example, being reduced to tears by feeling a spirit's sadness or feeling an excessive amount of romantic love toward a client. It happens, and part of your spirit guide's responsibilities is to regulate the energy transfer from spirit to you.

You must also specify boundaries to your guides that spirit contact is limited to client sessions and not to visit you in dreams or during your spare time. Sometimes a spirit can be hanging around for hours before a session, but as you're in control, you can ask them to come back later!

Visualize a door closing in your mind when it's time for contact to end. Contact can sometimes be quick but other times spirits may linger. Messages can be dark and other times full of joy.

Occasionally, spirits come forward with messages for people other than the client, so the client must act as a messenger. If the message does not make sense to them, ask them to write it down and ask family or friends. It will often make sense later.

Never act solely on what a medium or spirit says, and remind your client of the same. If auntie Betty was bad at giving advice in life she may be bad at giving advice in spirit. Being in spirit does not make entities all seeing and all knowing – although it does provide an edge.

Practice, practice and practice some more. Then meditate some more too. These are the best ways to develop your mediumistic skills. It's likely that your spirit guides have been around you all your life, waiting for you to be ready to take this step. Whether you take up spiritual mediumship in your spare time or professionally, do it in truth, love and light and with the highest intent - you can make a huge difference to people's lives! You're helping them to heal, realize that life goes on, to make the most of life, and that their loved ones are never far away. They will see them again someday!

Mediumship Training, How to Become a Spiritual Medium - Part 2 | Nicky Sutton 
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