12 September 2014

Spiritual Awakening, What is Happening to You?

Spiritual awakening, what is happening to you
If you think you're having, or know that you have had a spiritual awakening, you might be feeling overwhelmed, a little lost, isolated or not too sure what is happening to you. Don't worry, you're not alone, in fact this phenomenon is happening more and more, especially due to the ease of access of information and global communication.

So, what is happening to you during your spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening can be described simply as realization. It's a change in the way you think, a entire shift in your consciousness that causes you to view the world, yourself and everything in it, in a completely different way.

You may realize that the way you previously perceived reality was actually an inaccurate construct. That you were perhaps deluded or brainwashed by socially acceptable ways of thinking. Now, new realities are dawning upon you and blowing your mind, perhaps because of the enormity, gravity, and yet simplicity of the new concepts. It's a lot to process and get a grip on, and so you need time.
Something may have initiated your spiritual awakening, for example, hearing about the benefits of meditation, receiving spirit contact, seeing videos or reading articles about how spiritual abilities are kept discouraged and hidden, or you may have simply felt that something wasn't right and began searching for information. What ever the catalyst was that started your spiritual awakening, it's likely there's no going back. You can't unlearn what you now know, so you might want to continue searching for information to help you relearn reality.

Examples of spiritual awakening are as follows. You saw an apparition or alien craft which removed all doubt that the paranormal exists. You received a message from spirit through a spiritual medium or tarot reader that confirmed for you the continuance of life. You learned a new way of thinking from an ancient philosophy or scientific material that made you question the nature of life. You ingested a controlled substance that produced a spiritual experience. These are just a few examples that cause the initial realization that changes the way the individual perceives life, and sends them on a new path of learning and discovery.

It's believed that spiritual awakening can be initiated by a thought or realization planted in your mind by spirit guides, your higher self or positively polarized entities not of this world, to awaken you from illusion and to help put you onto the correct path in your life.

It's like the rug has been snatched from beneath you. You grew up in whatever society, culture and perhaps religion that you were born into. You probably didn't question the way things were until some point in your adult life, when suddenly you came across information or an experience that shattered your illusion of life. This can be extremely unsettling, even traumatic. Humans need to feel safe, be provided for and generally they want to live happily in peace. However, your spiritual awakening can be a shock to the system as it deconstructs everything that made you feel safe and secure. You're stepping outside of your safe zone and learning a new reality.

This process can be more daunting for some than others and it's different for everybody. Take two contrasting examples:

Spiritual Awakening Example 1
A girl grows up within the catholic belief system, part of a happy community and home. However, as she grows older, she feels like she can't quite relate to the teachings she receives as they don't resonated with her. She converts to Hindu and experiences a revelation, a realization about the way the world and the universe works because her new found way of thinking makes much better sense to her. The transition, although daunting and a big leap, was peaceful and full of joy.

Spiritual Awakening Example 2

A young man from a relatively disadvantaged background goes to work every day. His neighborhood is a quite rough and he knows how to look out for himself. He's had a happy, 'normal' but modest upbringing. He doesn't follow a religion and is not spiritual. Online, he reads articles and watches videos by modern spiritual people who tell of life after death, spiritual energies, healing and so on. He also hears about many conspiracy theories to do with governments, world leaders and hidden agendas, some of which involve stifling spiritual progression to remove power from individuals. Although he enjoys the spiritual aspects he's learning about, his spiritual awakening takes a negative turn due to the anger and frustration derived from the new negative reality that he is beginning to perceive himself within.

We see therefore, that spiritual awakening can be very different for each person. The young woman had a calmer, happier transition and the young man, a more turbulent one. All cases are different, but most involve sweeping realizations that permanently alter the individual’s perception of reality. The outcome of a spiritual awakening depends upon the person's background, and the new information that they absorb upon seeking.

A shift in consciousness is occurring that must be handled with with care. You can take the following action if:

1. You feel paranoid – then take a break. Read information of a positive nature and know that there is much hope for the future. You have made a great leap toward universal oneness and spiritual progression, but try to limit your exposure to negatively polarized information and take in some lighter, happier spiritual information – such as meditation techniques or yoga. Learn a coping skill, such as breathing techniques and take a look at some ancient philosophies such as Kabbalah to ground you.

2. You feel anxious – know that your reality is shifting which can feel unfamiliar and unsafe. Take each day as it comes and continue your path of seeking at a manageable pace. Life has not changed, only your perception of it. You may be facing aspects of yourself, other people or goings-on around you, that you no longer like. Calmly address these aspects one step at a time.

3. You feel angry – you can't help any situation while you're angry. Wait until your anger has passed and then find yourself a constructive purpose. Remember that fighting negativity with more negativity, only serves to feed it. As an example, a man who hates seeing animal cruelty wants to hunt down the perpetrators. Doing this will only negatively impact his life. Instead, reflect spiritually for as long as it takes to remove anger, then join an animal rescue center for example. If we all contribute love and positivity, the world will change.

4. You feel like telling everyone– you might want to tell people about your experiences because you feel everyone should know what you know. That's great, but slow down. Other people can only take tiny bite-sized chunks of information that is outside of their own safety zone. They might start thinking negatively of you unnecessarily. Therefore, take time to digest your new way of thinking and then, if you feel it's right, divulge your interesting teachings in bite sized chunks to friends.

5. You feel overwhelmed – spiritual awakening can happening in a sudden wave, initiating a voyage of learning and discovery. If you go down this road too quickly, you can experience sensory overload. For example, if someone suddenly realizes that they're not just a walking piece of meat, that they do have a soul that cannot die, they're going to need a little time to digest this new realization! Meditation and contemplation helps to get everything into perspective. The information will sprout roots in your mind and grow throughout your consciousness like a tree - until you feel at peace. Take plenty of time.

6. You feel lost – you may have lost some sense of who you are. An aspect of spiritual awakening is the stripping away of the ego, leaving you vulnerable. Your ego is your all-encompassing perception of yourself, how you see the tangled web of you. Know that you are a wondrously unique, important and special part of the creation that cannot be destroyed. So start the journey of rebuilding your sense of self armed with new knowledge and information. You may find that things that were once important to you, are not so important any more.

7. You feel peaceful or happy – congratulations, you're one of the lucky ones. If spiritual awakening has not hit you like a load of bricks, you may be floating on air. What really matters in life has become clear and you might already know your path. Spiritual awakening has improved your life and you're free to get on with the business of learning, experiencing and spiritually progressing.

In summary, during your spiritual awakening, when you wonder what is happening to you, know that it's a realization, no matter how sudden, that reality is different to how you previously perceived it to be. You'll need to construct a new reality for yourself. Do this carefully because too much negative information can cause negative polarization. Seek to balance your energies in love and light. Spiritual awakening and the resulting 'truth' is different for everybody, you're finding your own truth, and no matter how unsettling, upsetting, rewarding or exhilarating it might be, you'll likely emerge a new person as a result.    

Spiritual Awakening, What is Happening to You? | Nicky Sutton