7 October 2014

How Being Spiritual Can Keep You Healthy and Looking Young

As a spiritual person it's likely you meditate, you realize a few things about the nature of life and seek-out and radiate positivity, compassion and love. These are just a few traits of a spiritual person. However, did you know that this positivity could be creating a harmony within your body on a molecular level? Experiments originally performed by Dr Masaru Emoto, show that transferring positive emotional energy into distilled water causes the molecules to rearrange into organised patterns. The opposite is true concerning negative energy, where the molecules are erratic and disorganized. Given that the human body is made up of approximately 65% water, the emotions we experience can seriously effect our physical balance. Negative energies were also found to rot food, while positive energies preserved it.

The Law of One states that you can charge a glass of water with love and give it to someone to drink and they will feel energized with love energy. Water is known within the scientific community to have a 'memory'. 

Dr Emoto would take pure distilled water and transfer emotion into it via thought. He would take a sample of water and wish it love, or take another and express hatred. The water remembers the vibrational pattern of the emotion being expressed and arranges it's molecules accordingly. The patterns can be observed by freezing the water, when crystals appear as a result. The water would be frozen under controlled conditions, then observed and photographed under a microscope.

'Thank you', 'Love & Appreciation' & 'You Make Me Sick'
Imagine you carry anger and hatred around with you every day. Given that 65% percent of your body is water, how are your molecules arranging? You could be literally charging your body with negative energy, manifesting as disorganized and randomized patterns of molecules. Every cell in our bodies contains water, therefore this negative effect is going to magnify as you scale up and observe the human body in it's entirety. Living in negativity could manifest as premature ageing and worse still, health problems.

Our bodies on an atomic level are created from pure energy, as is everything around us, our spirit, higher dimensions of existence and the entire universe. Our body needs free flowing universal energy to stay healthy, as does our mind and spirit, and this is obtained through meditation, sleep, healthy eating and so on. Emotions are energy, just like light and sound are forms of energy. As shown by the arrangement of water molecules in the photographs of crystals, positive energies are highly organised, creating beautiful patterns. Any organised crystalline structure is better at conducting and enabling the free-flowing of intelligent universal energy than a disorganized one. The photographs containing the outcomes of negative emotions transferred to the water are inhibitive and disorganized, highly obstructive to the effective flowing of energies. To maintain the free flowing of energy throughout our mind body/spirit/complex that we desperately need, negative energies should be minimized and avoided.

What if you're in the presence of a person who radiates negative energies toward you? It's one thing to control your own negative emotions, meditate, find peace and balance, but what if you're associated with someone who is extremely negatively polarized? You could be on the receiving end of negative energies that could be effecting your equilibrium.

Dr Masaru Emoto also performed an experiment using rice. He put an equal amount of white rice into two containers and labelled one 'Thank you' and one 'You Fool'. There was also a control container of the same, that had nothing written upon it and was kept to the side. He asked school children to say out loud to the containers the words written upon them. After thirty days the 'You fool' and the control had become black and rotten, the 'Thank you' specimen remained white and largely unchanged. This experiment has been repeated the world over, seeming to yield the same results with varying amounts of rotting. The positive thoughts and intentions consistently produce far better preserved rice and the negative; black, moldy and rotten.

It's interesting that the control specimen, which is always ignored, also turns black. Perhaps this is a hint that ignoring people in our lives, or ignoring our own well-being in the absence of love for the self as well as others, might be lowering our own vibration. Dr Emoto pointed out that we must not ignore children especially.

Therefore, we see that similarly to the water crystal formation or disorganization, negative emotional energy being projected by a human onto physical matter can yield an astounding pattern of results. Negative emotional energy tends to disrupt the healthy free flowing properties of universal energies, while positive emotions enhance it. The additional insight gained from the rice experiment takes us further as it shows negative emotional energy actively causing decomposition and positive emotional energy, preservation.

We could extrapolate that by living a life filled with positive emotions, we're preserving our own physical bodies. The aesthetic, health and well-being benefits could be immense if practiced over an entire lifetime. Like the rice decomposing in the jar due to negative energies, your skin too can fail to regenerate and look as radiant should it be exposed to the same negative stimulus.

Think about the inside of your body for a moment, would you want your heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, brain and so on, to be more like the preserved rice or the black rice? Would you want your body to remain beautifully preserved or to break down due to lack of free-flowing universal rejuvenating energy? Enjoying positive emotions such as love, compassion, joy, excitement and so on, are part of your holistic health.

Have you ever noticed how spiritually balanced people, or simply those who are kind, thankful and compassionate by nature, always tend to look a little younger than others? Imagine a stressed out, workaholic, tread-on-the-little-guy, hateful kind-of elitist. Do they often look particularly youthful or healthy? That's highly subjective, but food for thought.

Looking at the rice experiment, and there are many fresh attempts at it online, it should be borne in mind that by holding hatred, frustration, stress, anger and other negative energies with you, you could be disrupting your physical body on a molecular level. It may have effects on your mind, body and spirit because they are integral and interconnected. People who radiate negative energies, such as an unpredictable workmate or an angry family member should be managed accordingly. Although it's a good idea to help people by radiating love to them, remember your own personal balance and prosperity.

Try to live in high vibrational energy and radiate love. This energy will flow throughout your human body, mind and spirit, and in turn outwardly toward others causing universally perfect and beautiful molecular patterns to occur everywhere on the tiniest level. Negative energy that creates randomness and decomposition, stifling the free-flowing of universal energy can be wiped out by you in the blink of an eye, with one thought of a positive nature.

Your thoughts have power that's hidden from you by a society and a power structure that doesn't want you to know you have it. Given the power of your thoughts, use them wisely because you're effecting others, the earth and all life, as well as yourself. Striving for balance, peace and enlightenment is integral to being a spiritual person, and with it comes a myriad of positive emotions that are shared with others. It's likely therefore, that if positive thoughts and emotions can change us on a molecular level and create rejuvenating effects, then being spiritual could literally help you to remain healthier and more youthful so that you can enjoy life even more.