30 October 2014

How to Perform Visualization: Exercises and Techniques

Visualization really is a core skill required to access your full spiritual potential. It's very easy to do and will infinitely enhance your spiritual progression.

Manifesting, spirit contact, psychic ability, astral projection, building self esteem,healing, telekinesis, psychometry, balancing energies and more, all require visualization in different ways. Each of these skills has or will have articles of their own on Spiritual-Awakening.net and they'll explain how visualization fits in. For now, lets get to grips with visualization itself.

Often-times, beginners don't know what visualization is. Sometimes the question is asked, 'Will an image appear on the inside of my eyelids?' - nope. Instead, imagine a dog, you don't need to close your eyes, just picture the dog in your mind. Can you see it? Describe it. Long hair, short hair? Friendly, unfriendly, calm, skittish? What color is it? Don't simply choose it's characteristics, instead see it in your mind and observe what it looks like and even what it's doing!

Everyone can daydream. It's that scenario playing out in your mind where your human eyes seem to switch off while you're absorbed in some imagined reality or another. Visualization is seeing in your mind's eye, very possibly your 'third eye'.

A visualization can be a singular inanimate object, many objects, people, animals or anything. It can be a scene, and interactive experience or a full-on adventure. You can see colors, textures, close up or far away. Although you might think this is a 'visual' experience only, it's far more. You can experience touching things and feeling the sensations (hot, cold, smooth, rough, soft, hard and more). You can also hear, taste and smell – not through your human ears, mouth or nose of course. All of these inner senses can be utilized during visualization.

Visualization is the experience gained from all senses triggered only in the mind, without the use of human physical senses. 'Seeing' tends to be the dominant source of experience. Visualization is usually the 'facilitator' component within other spiritual activities such as mediumship, meditation or transference of energy.

Visualization can be initiated by you or given to you. In the case of spirit contact, the ability to visualize and understand imagery is key because spirits attempting to communicate will 'insert' visual images and moving scenes into the mind of the receiver (spiritual medium through clairvoyance). Apart from this, visualization can be initiated and controlled by the self, for example, when attempting astral projection where a thought-form manifestion can be created and sent astral traveling.

Further uses include; during meditation, for example, where white light is visualized pouring in through the top of the head for the purpose of self healing, or it can be visualized working on a particular chakra. The movement of a physical object is visualized in an attempt to move it while performing telekinesis. Spiritual balancing of the self can be performed through visualizing calm scenery, alleviating anger, anxiety or stress. Spirit contact can be enjoyed through visualizing a meeting place and meeting a spirit guide there. Psychic abilities can be practiced by visualizing imagery in the mind when using ESP cards.

As per the popular 'law of attraction', wants and needs of the self can be manifested through creative visualization and proper intent. Intent goes hand in hand with visualization for certain spiritual purposes and this is covered in the article 'Using Visualization & Intention To Amplify Your Spiritual Abilities'. It's very well to visualize an event you want to occur or something that you want have, but if the intent contains subconscious blocks, and the emotional energy is lacking, then the probability of materialization is greatly reduced.

So now that you can visualize something in your mind like the dog mentioned just now, you can exercise your ability just like any other physical or mental ability, ready to use it in conjunction with other spiritual skills.

Exercise 1 - Counting

Have your eyes open or closed, what ever works for you. These things are always best done in a relaxed state, in fact life is best done in a relaxed state!

Visualize (picture in your mind) the digit '1'. Nice and big so that you can see it clearly, it can be any color or font that you wish! Keep looking at the number one until it's really clear to you, perhaps for five to ten seconds.

The purpose of this is to help you get used to 'seeing' with your mind. A further benefit is practicing holding a singular image within the mind as it's highly beneficial for meditation.

Move on to the number two and hold it there for around five seconds if you can. Then do the same all the way up to number 10. You can repeat this exercise a few times per day, but remember that too much intense concentration can cause burn-out and impede your progression.

Exercise 2 – Colors

To help develop color visualization simply visualize a color in your mind's eye. Go through the colors of the rainbow (or the colors of the 7 main chakras), that's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Visualize each in turn and hold them in your mind for about five seconds, or longer if you can.

Get creative and paint your own colorful pictures using visualization. Introduce as many colors as you like, have them moving, swirling and mixing together! How does each color make you feel? Now you're an expert at perceiving color in the mind's eye.

Exercise 3 – Animated Sensory Scenes

Visualizing moving scenes can be the easiest form of practice for many because it's closest to daydreaming. The key principles here for the purpose of training are repetitiveness and simplicity, with extra stimulation for each of the senses. Visualizing complicated scenes during training can be difficult to maintain without degradation of the quality of visualization, there's just too much to hold in the mind at once.

Relax and get comfortable. Visualize walking over warm, clean sand dunes with bare feet. The sky is vivid blue and the sun is warm on your skin at the perfect temperature, it's bright though. Feel the sand between your toes and a gentle breeze on your skin. See dunes stretching out before you. Visualize walking up and over one of them. How does you body move? Is it hard work? Are you becoming thirsty? Take a sip of water from your flask. Keep walking while paying attention to your senses, not your human physical senses but your visualized senses within the mind.

You can spend as long as you like experiencing these visualizations in order to concentrate and fine-tune each of the senses within the mind - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. It may become very vivid to you quite quickly.

Also try walking through fields of wheat, swimming in a swimming pool, visiting a restaurant and ordering your favorite food. You should be a pro at visualization in no time.

Visualization Exercises & Techniques, How to Perform Visualization | Nicky Sutton 
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