22 October 2014

Tapping Into The Power of Mass Consciousness / Mass Mind

We all share a mass mind, also known as mass consciousness. Given that we are all 'one' (oneness being perhaps the most important thing for humanity realize), we are therefore linked together in common consciousness. Imagine what individuals can do collectively if we tune in to mass consciousness. But where is it? How can we access it? And what can we achieve?...

Carl Jung used the term 'collective unconscious' referring to the mass unconscious mind. We don't readily have access to the collective unconscious except through a process of downloading and interpreting information in the form of archetypes (personal symbology). This could be what others term the Akashic records, the great mass bank of information, or the mind of the universe to which we're all linked and subconsciously access. Instead of thinking about the long term memory of the universe however – lets look at the real-time mass working mind, that's the day to day overriding norms, tendencies and emotional state of the human population - the 'mass consciousness' of Earth.

Our own minds contain long term memory storage to remember past experiences, as well as short term memory storage for day to day functioning. This is similar to a computer's hard drive (long term memory storage) and it's RAM (the working memory used for processing current tasks). The mass mind/consciousness is the same. There's the universal mass memory storage - the Akashic records, plus there's working day to day mass awareness for the purpose of directing current behaviors, norms and attitudes for the entire race - the mass consciousness.

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself,” (Brian Cox). This quote is useful for understanding the mass consciousness. In this article about 'oneness' we learn how we are all 'one', that the universe is likened to an infinite conscious being, and how we're part of that being. Each of us is a focal point of consciousness at a varying level of spiritual progression. Given that we are one with this universal consciousness we are one with each other, all interconnected.

(Life changing read: Wonders of the Universe by Brian Cox)  

Earthly reality itself is a product of this infinitely intelligent energy source, and we are part of reality. Everything, including us, is created from particles of energy, like computer code, persistently creating our (virtual) reality. Therefore, we go about our lives experiencing individuality, all the while hooked up and part of the mass consciousness. Contributing to it and downloading from it.

Where is the mass consciousness? It's everywhere. As we know, everything is made up of energy on an atomic level. This energy is intelligent and creates everything we see around us. Within it is the 'programming' for everything that exists as well as the mass consciousness itself. We are one with this universal energy as it is us. The individual mind, the minds of others, the mass mind of earthly life,
the infinite mind of the universe - they're ultimately all one.

The souls of other entities not of this world, spirits discarnate in other realms, alien races, our higher selves and more that we can only begin to perceive, all exist as part of the infinite mind, or infinite consciousness. Why the global interest in Aliens, Spirits and Angels? We have a niggling feeling that they exist because we sense them within the infinite universal consciousness. Our global or mass consciousness is the local consciousness of our spirits while incarnate as human, it is everywhere around us, part of the energy that flows through everything.

We tap into the mass mind all the time and don’t even realize it. Our attitudes, beliefs, ideas and so on, are not just influenced by media, society and others, it's gently influenced by the mass consciousness. For example, you may notice that many people you know are beginning to talk about becoming vegetarian. They were not the types of people to talk about it before but suddenly they do. Different groups of people who don't even know each other seem to be saying the same thing – that they don't feel like eating meat. It's no coincidence that this bias in thought is occurring, their thoughts and emotions are ever so slightly swayed by collective reasoning.

Calculus, the telephone and the integrated circuit are all examples of products or ideas that were invented simultaneously, and there are many more. The inventors were not collaborating. Many ancient monuments were built using similar designs such as pyramids, across the world during similar time periods. These civilizations were supposed to be separate (or they could have been visited by ancient aliens or course!). How did they all think up the same ideas?

The Global Consciousness Project is an ongoing experiment running since 1998. It's attempting to record changes in random number generators suspected to be influenced by the global consciousness of humanity, especially in response to significant global events. The initiative involves collecting data from a network of random number generators that have been found to produce less randomized outputs (slight patterns), at times of global significance when humanity's attention is likely to be focused upon a particular event eliciting an emotional response. Instances where anomalies have been recorded so far are; the announcement of the death of Diana Princess of Wales and on 9/11. Proof of the 'global consciousness effect' is not conclusive due to the data being only marginally significant, it therefore requires a long period of observation, likely over many more years, to produce unequivocal proof of the power of the mass consciousness vibrating or distorting toward one singular frequency of emotion at one point in time.

Being part of one mass mind means that although we believe and perceive we are separate, we share thoughts believing they are all our own. We think that we conceived of every little thing ourselves. In this article on telepathy we understand that thoughts received from others are very easily perceived as our own thoughts and ideas, and the trick to mastering telepathy (or skills like clairvoyance) is discerning the difference. We're all linked and simply share ideas as if we are one brain, but never feel or know for sure that this is true.

The mass consciousness of earth is a combination of the infinitely various possible personalities, emotional biases, spiritual progression, attitudes and so on. If negative motivators such as power, greed and control are dominant, then this becomes a negatively orientated mass consciousness.

We can collectively effect the mass consciousness by living in positive vibrational energy. Our individual minds are part of the mass mind and therefore raise it's overall vibration. We don't have to do anything to upload positivity, we just need to live it. This planet is primarily of a positive vibration, but due to the enslavement of humanity through the use of money to control people in every aspect of their lives, it causes many to unavoidably become negative.

As an example, a man has no job as there're simply not enough jobs go around. He and his family cannot afford to live and he's driven to commit a crime in order to obtain funds to eat. This positively polarized person is driven to negative behaviors which may start to become the norm for him. Imagine a world where we're all equal and share the world's resources sustainably – this has been shown to be possible. We would each have everything we need and our time would be freed up for learning, experience, discovery, love and spiritual progression. Even if you're not spiritually inclined you might love to spend days cycling, writing, teaching or constructing something. We each have a role to support society, but the rest of the time we are free. There are no power hungry leaders, elitist classes, or hierarchies to climb. Imagine a world like that. Imagine the state of the mass consciousness then. We could exist in pure love and harmony so long as the right technological systems and environmentally sound infrastructure were in place. Imagine a new reality, not the one that has been given to you.

As our mass consciousness advances as it has done at an increasing rate since the mid 20th century (due to the earth moving from third to fourth density), more and more advanced souls are incarnating here to learn from and experience this transition. Humanity's mass consciousness will naturally continue to focus more and more inwardly until we unify as one. Individuality is preserved as it has to be for learning and progression, but we will unify as one so long as positive polarization wins through – which it will.

A problem of magnification of thoughts arises where a general consensus or attitude arises that involves negative emotions, a particularly nasty one being fear. Once the media, for example, sows the seeds of fear on a certain topic, the mass consciousness of humanity magnifies this fear. Thought-forms can be created where almost tangible fear of certain groups of people, of disease and of war can be felt.

The doubling effect occurs where the negative thought is picked up upon by one entity, then two, then four and so on until fear spreads throughout the mass consciousness like a computer virus. For example, have you ever felt overwhelmingly compelled to watch, read or learn about a topic but your not sure what's motivating you? You're suddenly very worried about that disease, health scare, war threat or other risk you heard about the other day in the media and you don't know why? It's this sudden fear that feels like it's coming from nowhere that may have been 'downloaded' from the mass consciousness.

The global spiritual awakening occurring right now is partly due to the ease of access of communication between individuals globally, and partly due to the mass consciousness. Usually it requires 'seeking' in order to expose oneself to useful sources of information - the mass consciousness can drop seeds of thought into your mind causing you to seek, simply because many other people are.

More and more people are awakening to how spirituality is dumbed down by things like the economic system, fear based religion and marketing driven materialism (a religion in itself). It's spirituality which makes us realize who we really are – not just the human body we see in the mirror. We realize that the universe is structured totally differently to what we perceive via our five senses. These realizations and others like them exist within the mass consciousness and they are growing. The more people who know, the more people who seek. They don't always know why they seek new truths, but it's often because their intuition or the mass consciousness told them to.

Together we can move mountains. If we become fully aware of the mass consciousness via meditation and living in love energy, we can see a shift in the attitudes of all people globally. In higher densities of existence, thoughts become reality far more readily than within the earthly realm - but we do create our own reality here too. The power of our minds, spirits and bodies are infinite if we unify, vibrate with love, and realize the power of the mass consciousness to change absolutely everything to remove negativities like social deprivation, inequality and cruelty, and replace them with positives like plenty, equality, peace and love.

Global Consciousness: Tapping Into The Power of Mass Consciousness / Mass Mind | Nicky Sutton 
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