11 October 2014

What is Oneness? Why You Could Be Suffering from Separateness.

What is Oneness?
Oneness is probably the most important lesson to learn about our existence. It's what we should all be taught from a young age, what we all should know, yet mostly we practice the opposite. The universe is one being. Think about your own consciousness and then try to imagine that the universe is one infinite consciousness – like one infinite conscious entity but not in the human sense. A type of being that's barely conceivable to us. Not part of a population, civilization or even a family – one infinite, ever changing and expanding consciousness. This creator is known by many as 'God'.

Each of us is a point of individualized consciousness belonging to this whole. Each spirit is a focal point of energy within this infinite mind - each like the branch of a tree, part of the whole. We are each part of the universal creator, the infinite being of unending consciousness and love, existing to experience itself. It does so through the infinite points of individuality, each endowed with freewill.

Each of us is a unique individual, and this uniqueness is not removed by being part of one unified whole – far from it. Our purpose is to be individual and unique, and to find our own paths lifetime after lifetime so that no two experiences by any two people are the same. The same goes for animals and their souls as they learn and progress to become human, and then humans progressing onto the next stages of existence – or our souls do anyway.

In addition to each spirit incarnate as human or animal, we must understand that absolutely everything we see around us too is part of this oneness. In the article spirituality and science it explains that everything, that's humans, animals, plants, the earth and everything on it, the sun, the universe and beyond, are all made of intelligent energy. As we know, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are created from pure energy. The world is an illusion, a persistent tangible one, created from pure energy, namely light.

After the overriding important lesson of oneness, the next lesson is that of love. That every single moment contains love and that it can change the vibration of your own energies. We're not talking about romantic love but a universal kind of love where we recognize that we're one with everything and everyone. It's as if we're radiating love to our own selves when we look upon creation with love. Living in the vibration of love promotes health, well-being and happiness (as in the article just mentioned). It contributes to the mass mind and mass consciousness as we are all connected, naturally raising the vibration of others.

Look at another person. Realize they're one with you because we are all one. That other person is another part of you. Therefore, by holding love in your heart for that person and all people you are radiating love upon yourself. It's even possible to let go of the wrong doings that your enemy does because you regard them as part of the one creation, therefore you can find it easier to forgive. In turn you remove negative energies from your own self.

When you look in the mirror see that you are the creation. You are a wondrous and unique part of the whole and therefore feel love for yourself and feel unity with everything. Take in a beautiful view, look at an interesting object, listen to your favorite music – know that all this is part of the one creation. Taking time to think this way, taking time to contemplate, this helps the idea to become clearer and clearer to you.

Meditation is the single most useful and effective tool for getting closer to the oneness of creation, everyone and everything. When you meditate you receive energies that are not abundantly accessed and utilized in human form, the main source is during sleep. We're meant to meditate and use our pineal gland (indigo chakra or third eye) to connect with the one infinite creation. We have forgotten that we must do this.

Meditation will help the idea of oneness settle into your mind and grow roots throughout your conscious, subconscious and in turn unconscious. In addition, the better you understand the concept of oneness and therefore live in the vibration of love, the more you'll cause the mass consciousness to vibrate in love too.

The infinite creation exists for the purpose of both positive and negative polarization. In other words, it exists to provide each entity with the opportunity to express negativity, that's 'service to self' type behavior. For example, greed, power, control, manipulation and so on. Also facilitating 'service to others' type behaviors such as love, compassion, helpfulness and care. In serving others, you're also serving yourself. 

Whatever orientation a conscious entity adopts, they're still part of the whole. Oneness still applies, and this is where karma comes in. An spirit will not progress if it does not experience both sides of the coin before settling for positive or negative orientation within the higher densities of existence.

You may be suffering from separateness of you're under the illusion that you're completely separate from other humans and everything you see around you, when the energy that makes up the atoms in your body, spirit and the earth for example, is all the same. 

Those of a negative orientation such as the extremely wealthy elite who hoard much wealth and resources, and exert power and control over many, would not promote oneness. They thrive on separateness so that we are selfish, feed our egos continuously, buy material goods in an attempt to find happiness, and are enslaved to an economic system that suffocates spiritual growth and in turn oneness. If every human came together with an understanding of oneness we would be rightly all equal in love and understanding. 

A great healing occurs within each person who realizes the concept of oneness and takes time to contemplate it. We realize that all is complete and in balance if you look at the universe as a whole. The Earth however contains a population that has forgotten true oneness, which the ancients did know. Oneness helps us make sense of the universe and our purpose of spiritual progression in the service of the one creation, the mass mind, and intelligent infinity.

Resource: The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (The Law of One, No 1)

Oneness, What is it? Why We Suffer From Separateness | Nicky Sutton