7 November 2014

Death - The Biggest Lie We're Ever Told

We don't die, it's simple. We incarnate in human form for a mere moment in time, having completely forgotten life before birth. Our lives play out all at once in a cosmic instant, but to us life feels linear - time stretching ahead of us like a road to travel. So what's at the end of the road? Anyone spiritual or religious will likely tell you that your spirit or soul lives on, that you go to heaven or reincarnate. Good on them for living with this concept, often-times however, it's taken on pure faith alone, a concept lacking proof. Perhaps that's all we have, mere faith. We can ignore the mountains of evidence, either suppressed, ridiculed or believed by some, that there's more to life than what is presented to us.

It's believed that once our human physical body dies, our spirit (astral or etheric) body leaves for the astral planes. There we rest, heal and contemplate our life recently lived. We remember all that has been forgotten and are reunited with our soul group - spirits we associate with, for example, those who assumed roles as family and friends in recent lifetimes, plus our spirit guides. Some spirits originate from other civilizations within the universe and incarnate on Earth for a time. If your home density (dimension of sorts) or home planet is not Earth then you may return home to potentially prepare for a new incarnation there or remain within earthly planes instead. Time, of course, is not relative and bares no relation to earth time. Those who on earth believe that once their life is through they are dead and gone, often receive quite a shock once they go over to Earth's higher planes and find themselves safe and well – only without the human body they once knew.

So, taking just one aspect of spirituality that's largely ignored by mainstream science - the near death experience. A person is physically dead for a few minutes, during which time they visit the spirit world and bring back wonderful tales that defy belief. If we examine just this singular phenomenon, lend it the credibility it deserves for a moment and assume that people who experience it are not all liars - we gain proof that physical death is not the end. Millions of people worldwide report near death experiences involving some unexplained contact with an alternative reality or entities, and their stories are strikingly similar. Can't these testimonies be collated and officially examined by organizations with real authority? Why are topics such as these shunned? It wouldn't benefit those who profit from us if we awoke to the truth of who we are, and it's simply not profitable. The subject remains in the realms of the unexplained and receives little scientific or media attention – it's a topic that those who've experienced it first hand often feel reluctant to discuss for fear of ridicule.

Ridicule has the characteristics of a disease. It spreads throughout society and takes over the minds of those who hear whispers of a concept that varies from 'normal'. Any serious talk outside of the dictated perimeters of socially acceptable conversation will have you labeled mad or at least dissolve your credibility.

It is ridiculous to assume that those who hold the vast majority of the wealth in this world would not collude to ensure they remain the wealthiest. They have the power to do anything in this earthly life and control anybody. They know about the true nature of life and the universe from suppressed information such as back-engineered UFO crashes, government/alien contact, ancient writings, channellings and more. They own the media and most of the voices on their payroll, hence allowing humanity to realize that there's more to life other than keeping the economic machine going, or realizing our untapped potential, accessible through meditation for starters, is not in their interest. We must believe that life is like a time-line, that we are born, survive, find some happiness and then die, so that we can fit into the economic machine.

Society, as media driven as it is, would have us believe that once we're dead, it's curtains. Your brilliant consciousness ceases to exist. All of that knowledge, experience and personality that makes you wondrous and unique is shot into absolute nothingness. Society would also prefer you to believe that you're nothing but a physical body with a brain that, through the sum of it's parts, produces who you are.

Millions and millions of people experience legitimate paranormal (outside of normal) events within their lifetime. Most are never reported and brushed off as unexplained. The paranormal can rarely be proved, apart from perhaps capturing on tape miraculous healing being performed, objects being pushed with the mind, ghost activity or UFOs. If even one of these recordings were real, then we have proof of the nature of our existence being far greater than we are lead to believe. Therefore, are millions of video recordings, reports and testimonials all fake or imagined? Every single one?

'Paranormal' too is a troubling word. It illustrates the restrictions applied to our perceptions by social norms. If something is not normal, it is paranormal and therefore lacks credibility. Again these perceptions are usually spread by those who largely control our modes of thinking. If a man with a PhD writes in a respected journal that there's no evidence to support life after death, then he must be right because he's learned all of the physical laws of this planet (which are the wrong laws)! So we pay attention to logical (rarely creative) scientific minds who base their assumptions on an earthly reality that is measured by our five senses and limited technology. We ignore millions of testimonials of the 'paranormal'. Millions of people must therefore be liars, when instead their stories could be collected, put into databases and analyzed. But those with the wealth and overriding control wouldn't want to invest in that kind of research - it's all circumstantial.

We do not die. Many, including myself have seen the other side and made contact many times. Many have a recollection, however dim, of a bank of knowledge and experience that they once knew and are now trying to access because they forgot everything at birth. We subconsciously remember the real laws of the universe, and we're trying to wake up and break free to develop our true spiritual potential in a truly free earth which promotes this. One example, is that in a new world, each child would learn meditation to enhance every aspect of their being, intelligence, wisdom, balance, energies, healing powers and more. This option is not explored in this earthly life.

We subconsciously remember that earthly death is not the end. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't treasure this earthly life for it's a gift to be here. The potential for learning and progression that an earthly incarnation brings is immense and we must make the most of it. But there's huge comfort in knowing that a wonderful place awaits you after your human body is gone. That's the true reality, but it would be outside of 'normal' to say that.

Those who know that death is the biggest lie we're ever told have the confidence to live life to the full, and to live without undue fear. It's a concept that points to a greater concept, that you're immortal. Yes you really are! Not your human body though, you must take care of that. You are far older than you realize, and far wiser than you can remember.

Additionally, the death-less concept is a great motivator for spiritual seeking and self improvement. By realizing that your earthly life is only part of the picture, you can let go of traditional earthly aspirations like owning as many possessions as possible and collecting lots of money - freeing you of this burden (as you can't take them with you). You wise up to the greater purpose of your existence and therefore look to more fundamental ideas to make you happy such as helping your fellow humans, saving this important planet or creating inspirational works of art, film, music or writing. You can work on enhancing your soul's progression rather than simply your physical human progression.

Think how you can enrich your spirit by achieving wonderful things in this lifetime motivated by love and light. Your earthly life is an opportunity not to be missed. Those who ignore people who have had paranormal experiences including a kundalini awakening, a healing with the power of chi or a tantric experience - are calling them liars. Do not fear death, but take care of your human body while you're here. You're far more than the sum of your parts that you see in the mirror, but you already knew that.

Death: The Biggest Lie We're Ever Told | Nicky Sutton 
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