2 December 2014

Where Do Souls Come From? When is a Soul Born?

Where Do Souls Come From, When is a Soul Born
We each have a soul, but where did it come from? When and where was it born? We can't remember because we undergo the forgetting process at birth. You might say that 'God' created all souls, a true statement because we are indeed part of that infinite creator, a tiny focal point of consciousness belonging to an infinitely intelligent whole. Let's look then at where each of us began, not in this lifetime as a baby, but thousands if not millions of your lifetimes ago.

Each planet forms and begins, locked in timelessness - devoid of life apart from the intelligent energy that makes up every atom within the rocks, gases, minerals and other substances that constitute a planet. This state is one of simple being-ness. All the while the intelligent energy within all things forms chemical elements creating order out of chaos. This is the first stage of existence, corresponding with the red chakra, the basic elemental body without souls present, the unreconstructed material of the (human) body and all things.

Next, a tiny point of consciousness must form. This does not include self awareness but is the point where a conscious life comes about and begins seeking survival. For example, a tiny organism seeking out the light of the sun or moisture to survive. This new mind/body complex (without spirit) life-form comes into existence where a focal point of universal love/light energy, a collection of atoms (containing photons of light), intelligently coalesces and gains enough mass to form components to create a single-celled organism. The intelligent energy creates a tiny sum of elements that tips the balance between red (chakra) elemental 'thing' to orange (chakra) focal point of conciousness. The orange chakra body is activated (the physical body without the soul) and then the seeking begins. No longer plant life by the end of this stage, the entities move around, searching, evolving and progressing.

Now the newly formed conscious mind/body complexes or tiny organisms will reproduce and die, reproduce and die, going through the process of physical evolution over millions of lifetimes – still no souls/spirits are present but the potential is there. This occurs until such time as one or more of these organisms begins to awaken it's spirit complex born out of it's ever more focusing consciousness, coalescing into a spiritual focal point, an entity a product of unified and organised intelligent conscious energy. Now, when the entity dies the spirit lives on and is automatically reincarnated into a new physical body lifetime after lifetime. Evolution continues and more intricate and wondrous species come into being - such as amphibians, mammals and birds, and at the same time spirits of these animals progress and gain awareness.

Within this second stage of existence (orange-ray body activated), a mind/body/spirit complex (with a soul) continues it's spiritual progression lifetime after lifetime, ever discovering and learning new lessons with a focus on developing self awareness and general awareness of others.

This process of spiritual progression is greatly accelerated where the orange body activated (second density) soul is in contact with third density (yellow body activated) souls. That's humans. Therefore, zoo animals, pets or even the wild bird or mammal that visits your garden - are all learning self awareness through the concept of 'they take care of me'. The animal realizes the actuality of self, the 'I' of being-ness, that the 'others' interact with 'me'. This is why when you take care of your pets, you're helping their spiritual progression more than you know! When all entities on Earth were second density (orange chakra body) activated, the process of progression took longer in the absence of beings with third density souls.

Each spirit therefore has a home planet where their soul formed and progressed. Today there are souls incarnate from many different planetary spheres all living together incarnate as human. All are here experiencing and learning differing lessons on their varying stages of spiritual progression. Some have progressed past this third-density existence, but return here for accelerated learning and discovery in this hectic Earthly illusion.

Next the soul progresses to the third stage of existence and becomes yellow-ray activated, that's the human body we are aware of, it's mind/body/spirit totality. It becomes this as a result of the mind/body/spirit complex being unified and perfected in stage two orange-ray, and the spirit complex is now truly activated through thousands of previous lifetimes.

In the yellow chakra body activation stage, a strong bias or polarity toward either service to self or service to others is cultivated. These are the learning aims of this density. An entity can be a mixture between the two polarities, but a strong bias is required to move to the fourth stage of existence. That's the density of love – that's love for all things including the self in balance, or love for only the self. To develop polarity the spirit learns about the self, it's preferences, biases, personality and can attempt understand and accept the self in order to move forward in love and light, or in the absence of these.

Reincarnation may cease to be automatic at this stage and may become a function of freewill of the self, with a life plan put into place and preference over when, where and with whom incarnation takes place (among other factors).

The lower stages of existence are visible to us in physical form, the higher are purposefully invisible to us else we would be unable to learn our current lessons for being fully aware of, and wishing to jump to, our next destination. These higher stages of physical existence are of a vibrational frequency outside of our perception. The Earth is now within space time continuum fourth density, with it's inhabitants lagging behind in third - hence the sense of global unrest and awakening prevalent at this time.

Upon learning the lessons of oneness of all things and of love (for self, or for others and self) you may progress to the fourth density of existence with a fully activated green chakra body, that's the astral body - densely vibrant with life. The fourth density is an existence of love and understanding and a spirit may take incarnations within either a positively or negatively orientated planetary illusion (for example Earth's fourth density is positive, planets of Orion are said to be negative).

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The fifth stage of progression activates the blue chakra body or devachanic body. This stage of existence, at a vibratory rate of which we cannot perceive, is the density for learning great universal wisdom.

The sixth stage of a soul's progression is that of unity. The oneness of all that there is and the unity of all entities is learned and experienced here. The indigo or etheric body is primarily used. This is the gateway in preparation for the seventh cycle. The lessons of love and the lessons of wisdom are blended here.

The seventh cycle, the Buddha body of completeness is activated and the soul prepares to become one with all that there is. It potentially ceases to be a singular entity upon leaving the seventh. This entire process takes place over a longer period of time than can be imagined, however time is a function of our present illusion and does not apply in the same way in alternate dimensions, or at all within spirit planes or higher densities of existence.  

Our souls don't all originate from the same place or have the same evolutionary pattern. No matter what physical entities we have been elsewhere, our souls are all generally the same in construct, however each individual is unique. A lifetime on earth is an intense experience compared to other more harmonious incarnations elsewhere. You're soul/spirit is progressing right now with every new lesson you learn and every new experience you have. You're moving closure to your soul's next stage of evolutionary existence. Cherish this life therefore, because it is packed densely with catalyst - and whether your experiences seem positive or negative, it's all contributing to your universal spiritual progression. Remember to have love in your heart!

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