18 December 2014

Why the World is an Illusion Fooling Our Senses & How to See Through It

How you see the world, process your interactions and the responses you produce, are all a product of a reality that you have created for yourself – reality is not given to you, it is made by you. The world you see around you right now is not a set construct, it's not a predefined experience for all humans to perceive in the same way and interact with similarly – the reality you see is a product of your own perceptions, how you've processed the world and the sense you made of it. Everybody makes sense of the world differently in billions of subtle ways, and we hope that these perceptions align with other people's, else a person can be perceived as mad! The world however is far stranger than we perceive, but our human senses are tuned to ignore the truth of this illusion.
You can drastically alter your perception of reality and therefore transform the way you interact and feel about the world, in turn creating such profound changes in your life that an entire consciousness shift can result. Outcomes of this transformation can be, finding lasting inner peace, calmness, serenity, realizing the important things in life, appreciating your existence, finding much love where it was previously invisible, and realising a new purpose.

Start reprogramming your perception of reality by knowing:

The World is Weirder Than We Care to Notice
We share space with things we can't even see. When you turn on your radio, where does the music come from? Radio waves right? These waves share space with us, they travel though our bodies and are picked up by the radio. This illustrates that although we appear solid, on different wavelengths our bodies are no barrier at all. Radio waves (invisible to us) being of a large wavelength, pass through humans, walls and more. Light however, also being part of the electromagnetic spectrum, is of a smaller wavelength and cannot pass through us. Light can pass through glass however because it's atomic structure allows for transparency. So we see, there are weird things at work in our world that we ignore and take for granted. It illustrates that our world is different to how we allow ourselves to perceive it.

Additionally, the objects you see around you are virtually not there at all. Matter is incredibly empty, in fact an atom is made of mostly space. If you emptied all of the space out of the atoms in the tallest skyscraper in the world, it would be but a tiny object in the palm of your hand. Incredibly heavy of course - it would fall straight through!

You could also alter your perception of reality by understanding that everything is created from tiny particles of energy, that upon scaling up, look and feel solid and tangible. If subatomic particles were likened to computer code, we would find ourselves living in an illusion created with infinite intelligent energy. It's an illusion for our minds to process.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one," - Albert Einstein

Think about your own body and what's inside. You might think of muscle, blood, bones and organs. However, all of this is created from subatomic particles of energy, scaling up to create atoms, scaling up to create molecules, then cells, then scaling up to create you. The same particles of energy are in metal, plastic or rock - just arranged in a different way, in different combinations. Can you see that you, the earth and everything on it, in fact the universe are all created from the same intelligent energy? The energy itself is intelligent and creates all that there is - just like in Einstein's quote above, it's persistent at it too.

There are many other weird facts of life that science has discovered, for example that photons of light behave like minuscule tiny flying balls if they are being observed but waves if they are not being observed. That time runs in a linear fashion in this third dimensional reality but in higher dimensions we can move around in time, and that different infinite possibilities for your life can be chosen and explored at will in these higher dimensions.

Our senses are programmed to receive information from a reality that's created entirely from intelligent energy – and our senses give us no clue of the true nature of this reality even though physics tells us it is so.

We do not perceive reality for what it truly is. While dreaming, your senses tell you that your experience is real because your brain is fooled into thinking it is so. The same goes for a hallucination or tripping on drugs. Could our world be the dream or illusion that we are fooled into thinking is real?

Our Senses Have a Limited Range
Your senses are missing out on a lot and there's not much you can do about it without technology. Humans can only see part of the spectrum of light, this part is called visible light. Birds can see ultraviolet light and we cannot - therefore birds are seeing visual patterns and information that we are missing. Humans can hear sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz, whereas cats can hear between 100 and 60,000 Hz - that's three times higher. There are many sounds of which we are unaware. A Star-nosed mole has almost six times more touch receptors in it's nose than we have in the human hand. Imagine how detailed the information is that it receives. So we see that humans don't have access to all of the information about our world when using our physical human vehicle alone.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper,” - W.B. Yeats

It's important to pay attention to your senses because you have limited range in terms of what's really going on out there. Our bodies may only be able to detect a limited experience, but before you allow your mind to interpret and perceive these experiences, utilize the full potential of your five senses and really listen to them. Often we don't really listen to music or a loved-one talking, taste a delicious wine, or concentrate on a beautiful view – understand this worldly illusion better by doing so.

Our Physical Human Vehicles are Programmed to See the World in a Certain Way.
We are born with a brand new human vehicle. A product of evolution and as some would say, a few rounds of genetic tinkering courtesy of some helpful extra terrestrials! The human body is equipped with not just the five senses but the physical and mental processing power to turn that stimulus into meaning.

We observe an object for example, by sight, sound or touch, and the sensory input is then changed into neural activity. These neural signals are received by the brain and processed into meaning.

The world out there could exist in one way, but our human vehicles could be programmed to process it in another specific way that is perhaps only a portion of the whole truth, or even part of an altered truth. We trust our senses to live and exist but given a new set of bodily senses calibrated differently, could we perceive our illusion in a new way? The human vehicle receives this illusion perfectly, it was created especially to experience it within it's own defined parameters.

However, we each enjoy differing experiences. That raw meaning now within the brain needs to go through the mental filter of our perceptions in order to gain understanding. Our perceptions are the way we see things, the stereotypical boxes we put ideas into, how we feel about everything, the culmination of all experiences learned within our lifetime which color the way we see things now.

So, although we all receive the physical information in relatively the same way – once it reaches the brain – we all chew it over very differently causing us all to have a unique experience.

We are Born Into This Illusion and Know No Other
From birth we grow accustomed to the world around us. We copy those who care for us while we are inducted into this life. Social and societal norms tend to be pretty fixed in terms of teaching us how to experience life. Cultures in which a lot of meditation is practised for example, may enjoy a far greater perspective on this worldly illusion and perceive it differently, often in a more balanced way - take Buddhists as an example.

Spiritual abilities such as telepathy, intuition, mediumship, astral projection, energy healing and self improvement techniques such as spiritual balancing of the chakra energy centres, personality balancing, meditation, yoga, proper diet - even empathy, love, compassion and oneness of all things - are not instilled in us from a young age. If spiritual theory and practice were taught from the beginning we might see more of, or perhaps see through, the illusion that is fooling our senses. Therefore we can rise above the daily irrelevancies that control many of us in our lives – and really begin to live.  

Reality is an Illusion, Life a Hologram & How to See Through It | Nicky Sutton
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