30 January 2015

'Demonic' Spirits, Negative Entities & How to Face Them

Negative entities, demons, how to protect yourself.
Just as there are angelically positive entities performing good works within this earthly realm motivated by love and unity, so too are there negative entities who serve only the self and achieve this through domination, greed, power, manipulation and control.  

There are negative entities just like there are positive ones, and a whole spectrum in between. Some are partially positive and partially negative – for example a spirit incarnate as a human male who loves and cares for his family but steals from others to feed them (however it's likely it's not his fault he must to do this, due to global economics!). There are extremely negative entities however - incarnate as human as well as discarnate within alternate planes and dimensions, and more rarely in possession of a human physical form.

Although most ghosts (discarnate spirits) are just passing through or having trouble letting go of this earthly reality, there are some ghosts who, just like in their earthly life were negatively orientated individuals, so in spirit they are still negative. If you experience a 'haunting' of this type then approach a priest or medium as per your belief system, someone who is trained to remove these entities safely for you. Such an entity can cause you to experience extreme negative energy, and from this it will feed and draw power.

Very rarely an entity classed as demonic is found to be haunting a house or other area on earth. Demonic entities are few and far between and tend not to reside on earth without an agenda. A demonic entity is one who might attempt to possess inhabitants of a house, manifest as a poltergeist or attempt to cause physical harm. The likelihood of ever coming into contact with one however, is very remote.

Negative entities, or those who could be considered negatively polarized enough to be 'demonic' often reside within inner earthly planes of existence, alternate dimensions, in or around planes of existence associated with distant inhabited planets, or even other universes. Demonic spirits, in order to have become so intrinsically negative and harmful, are usually so perfect at serving the self at the cost of others that they have negatively spiritually progressed to higher stages of existence, far beyond that of the average human soul. Perfectly bad, through and through - it's hard to imagine being like that.

However, the evidence can be seen on earth. When talking about 'demonic possession', there are those of the hidden elite who are said to be controlled or even possessed by advanced, extremely negatively polarized entities. They have no empathy with others hence creating wars for profit, causing the death and deprivation of millions through hoarding and economic manipulation and so on, not to mention the targeting and exploitation of vulnerable groups like children – are all activities which come very naturally.

There's no cause for alarm when talking about negative entities, it's always been this way. Just like the polar opposites of yin and yang, the negative coexists with the positive. Know that there are ways to protect yourself from negative forces and you probably already use these methods everyday without realizing it. However, by knowing how to repel these entities, or better still, how to make them disinterested in you, you can live more effectively in high vibrational energies (of love) without negative interference.

There are those who say that 'New Age' people are under illusions that the universe is all love and light. If this is true they'd be wrong. However, love and light are the keys to living free from demonic spirits and negative entities. I personally consider myself more 'space age' than 'new age', however given that the infinite consciousness to which we all belong, fundamentally consists of love/light on an atomic/energetic level, I'm all for the use of love in manifesting what we desire or ridding us of the things we don't.

So how does a spirit become negative and in turn, demonic? Our souls are at a stage where incarnating as human is appropriate to our soul's level of progression. At this level 'polarization' must be subconsciously sought. That's the polarizing toward either the positive, that's service to others as well as the self, giving and receiving love, care and compassion and living in unity with all things. Or the polarizing toward the negative, that's focusing on serving the self, for example, you might want to climb the hierarchical success ladder to the detriment of others, care little for people, animals or the Earth, you might immerse yourself in the physical world of materialistic possessions, acquisition of wealth and power, manipulate others, and try to make as many people as possible understand just how great you are. The majority of people fall somewhere in between these two extremes and work toward one or the other over the course of many lifetimes until it's perfected.

Perfection then. When a negatively polarized soul incarnates again and again until it really is a mean, selfish, sneaky, no good, brute – usually under a veneer of kindness. We must not hate these negative souls because we are manifesting the negative emotions that they feed upon. The negative soul (or spirit) is totally focused on using others for selfish needs. Even as far as subjugating populations and leaving them repressed. Many of those in powerful positions, such as world leaders, or concealed true leaders, purposefully aim to gain those positions, if they weren't born into them already. Hence huge populations of positively polarized individuals can become governed by negative entities incarnate as human.

For example, generally, we're economic slaves of our own freewill. The system is designed to economically enslave the masses while dumbing us down with gadgets and media. We have no time or resources for spiritual development or real living – most people cannot imagine a world without this bondage as it's all we have ever known. We are brainwashed to think that we are free. It is said that true demonic entities visited the Earth a number of generations ago to provide knowledge to negatively polarized individuals on how to enslave an entire planet for the benefit of the few. This has been in place for some time, and is still maintained with great success.

Positively polarized entities often have a subconscious urge to revolt against or remake our controlled society as they intuitively feel that playing the hierarchical system in order to win the materialistic self serving game, is a pointless and futile activity. We therefore attempt to reject it while unavoidably being tangled up within it.

Negative entities often have a blockage in the green chakra, that of love and understanding. They operate mainly on yellow and orange chakras that are not bright and glowing in true color, but darkened and muddy. The orange chakra when balancing in the negative manifests as excessive self confidence or viewing other people as objects to be used, and the yellow chakra shows up as inflated ego, too much focus on the self, gaining power and manipulating others. The negative entity can still balance it's energies in it's own unique way, however to perfect itself it must achieve a balance in the negative. Positive entities however, strive for use of these energy centers too in pure brilliant colors, but also subconsciously strive toward a bright glowing green chakra.

Protection from Negative Entities

The key to protection is positive energy, this acts like poison to negative entities.

There are good reasons for this. Imagine a person confronting you aggressively with foul language, and accusing you of doing something wrong. This person may be a predominantly negatively polarized mind/body/spirit complex (person). Now imagine shouting back at them, maybe pushing them. Are they likely to back down? Maybe, maybe not. They might push you back or shout louder. Either way, the situation will likely remain negative. Your negative energy, be it anger, fear, worry or distress will feed the negative person and they will likely feel more powerful or angry. You are effectively transferring your negative energy to them and fueling the negativity. 

Now start again. Imagine they are confronting you once more and you stay calm. You feel no anger, no fear and not upset. Because you know that we're all one in this universe, you understand that the person is misguided and needs to feel positive energy which they're probably lacking. And so, you smile and genuinely try to help them. Do this not in a fearful way but a confident way. You get on their level as a friend and calmly tell them not to worry, that it'll be fine, and you want to help them out. The next time you are in a real negative situation, try a response like this in complete calmness and serenity, and watch your opposer melt and back down. Positive energy literally cancels-out negative energy. True negative entities don't know how to handle positive emotions and either back-away and leave, or completely depolarize to the positive and become kind. Try it, I urge you.

Therefore the best protection is to exist in a state of high vibrational energy because negatively polarized entities can't touch you. They wouldn't know what to do with you or how to behave around you. True negative entities don't want to become positive, so they will avoid you to prevent your positivity rubbing off on them.

Another way to protect yourself is through visualization. If dealing with discarnate negative spirits then meditating and visualizing an aura of protective light around you, with the intention of keeping it there permanently, acts like a brick wall to negativity. Think of it like a shield.

In addition, you can ask for protection. You have numerous companions not just throughout this lifetime but on the other side also. No one travels alone. These entities can and do protect you from entities outside of the earthly realm. This is because you are here on earth for a journey of learning and experience, a journey not to be infringed upon by any unearthly interference.

If you sense the presence of an entity approaching or nearby, you can challenge the entity in the name of universal love, God, Christ, The Creator, positive polarization or any other highly positive belief that provides the purest, most loving and protective energy for you according to your own beliefs. This action effectively forms an impenetrable barrier of light between you and the approaching consciousness. 

This is why it is extremely rare for those experiencing an out of body experience, or those performing astral projection using the soul rather than a visualization, to be lead away or possessed by a demonic entity. Firstly your spiritual companions would not allow this to happen, and secondly your own spirit would not allow it. You can only be lead away from your physical body through your own freewill, so it's important not to be tricked. However, you have this protection of choice.

The law of attraction works in your favor also. For example, if you believe that everyone is out to get you, and that all people are mean and unkind to you - then they will be. Negative entities (incarnate as human or in spirit) search-out and target the negative energies radiating from you and come to feed upon it. If you take the attitude that all is right with the world, that you are a confident, loving and happy person, riding on the waves of can-do and will-do, then you'll get exactly what you want with no hassle from negative people or events. You're giving out positive vibrational poison to anyone or anything negative!

It is said that negative or demonic entities can make a bargain with souls incarnate as human, to use their body some or perhaps all of the time, in return for riches or some other self serving manifestation. This is possession facilitated by freewill and freely chosen by the human. Avoid ouija boards or other unprotected forms of spirit communication - guidance and protection should always be sought, for example through a mediumistic circle or experienced trance medium.

So to summarize, the vast majority of us never meet a demonic entity or they are not at all interested in us. It's true that if you are performing particularly good works on earth that will improve the well-being of a lot of people, you may attract the interest of negative entities. However, you can create a shield of light around you that's pretty much impenetrable so long as you exist primarily with love in your heart for everyone and everything. Use the law of attraction to literally manifest safety and well-being. Nothing can touch you.