14 January 2015

How the Mind, Body and Spirit Combine to Create You

You are not just the human you see in the mirror. You are a combination of mind, body and spirit, a blend unique to you in it's energies, personality, biases, intentions and everything that makes up an entity. Your mind is effectively 'you', the consciousness and personality that is who you are. Your body is the human vehicle that you currently possess along with it's animalistic thoughts and emotions.

The spirit is not as we would usually perceive a ghost or a spirit visitor, for what we see in these cases are the etheric bodies of individuals - they too are mind/body/spirit complexes, just with a different type of body to what we have now. The spirit, when referring to the mind/body/spirit complex is our universal connection to the oneness of the entire creation, where universal energy in-pours. Our spirit is the vehicle of our universal spiritual progression.

Most importantly, the mind, body and spirit are intrinsically linked and interdependent, overlapping and intertwined – therefore these three are referred to collectively as the 'mind/body/spirit complex'.

The Body

Our body is the part of ourselves that is manifest as physical beings. This perception depends on how you define physical of course. Everything is made up of tiny particles of energy (atoms), scale up and you have a 'physical existence', and this is what we are capable of seeing using our limited senses. Our body is a collection of atoms that gathers around our spirit complex. Atoms making up molecules, making up cells, making up organs and so on. We have been eating, drinking and breathing all our lives to gain catalyst required to create our body of chemical elements. The human body is comprised of 50 to 75 trillion cells, all of which will be replaced within 7 years. An entire new you, including your brain, will exist after that time - your mind however will remain in tact.

The dimension in which we live requires a certain vibrational frequency for the existence of matter, and this is the frequency that we can perceive. The matter within our physical body for example, exists at the frequency required for this earthly illusion. Upon death, we leave our physical body and an alternative is activated in order to manifest within other dimensions with differing frequencies. We return to our etheric body, our default body, corresponding with the indigo chakra existence.

The human body is a product of evolution, although it is said to have been genetically altered many times in our distant past by outside influence. Consider our human body, that of the red chakra existence - it's an animalistic vehicle. It has it's own instincts such as hunting, protection and sexual reproduction, it has basic emotions such as anger, joy and fear, it also has reflex actions for example fight or flee, plus it's own capacity for learning about physical reality such as learning to walk and survival based social behaviours. Think of the human body (devoid of mind or spirit) as a formatted computer - operating on basic software with no cool programs installed!

The human body would be an empty shell without the mind and the spirit. The eyes would display a deadened look because the eyes are window to the soul. A human body can incarnate without mind and spirit, however this is rare, and there is always an associated spiritual presence that manifested such a body. The mind is the bridge between body and spirit.

The Mind

The mind is not the brain. The brain is the physical processor of thoughts within our human vehicle. The brain processes our reality by translating our 5 senses into meaning, and this meaning is then absorbed by the mind.

The mind is part of our entire energetic presence, part of our aura. It does not reside only within the head, it's interwoven with body and spirit, within our own personal electromagnetic field.

The mind receives in-pouring energies, animalistic emotions, information, experiences and so on from the human body (from the brain). The mind also receives energetic in-pourings from the spirit of the entity.

Taking the human body and it's basic functionality similar to that of a formatted computer, the body has basic emotions and thoughts that are transferred to the mind. The mind itself however is the source of your more complex thoughts, contemplations, calculations, ideas and dreams. The mind generates your more universal and higher emotions such as unending love for all that there is. It's the source of how you feel at this very moment, how you truly perceive yourself, your ego or dissolution of it, your personality and it's continued evolution, your self esteem, awareness of self in relation to others, how you orientate your behaviour for example toward positive or negative, if you enjoy helping others or only yourself - and much much more. Your mind is the focal point of the real absolute 'you', your personality, in all your complexity.

So you see, you can find spiritual balance by isolating thoughts, feelings and emotions that are produced by the physical body as opposed to the mind. The catalyst of the mind is of a 'higher beingness' to that of the human body. It is well however to experience the thoughts, feelings and emotions of both the physical body and of your cosmic mind – both are gifts to you to in this earthly illusion, contributing to your experience and higher wisdom.

When we die we no longer experience the animalistic thoughts, feelings and emotions of our physical body (which can be extremely overwhelming if not properly controlled). Everything that we forgot before birth is remembered and we transform into our true selves.

Perceive now, the mind beginning to link in with the spirit in it's beautiful interconnectedness. The mind produces the intuition you use in your daily life, fuelled by the spirit. The mind is the bridge to the spirit, and where these join you begin to link-in with the mass consciousness not just of humanity and the planet, but the universal creation it it's entirety. Meditation helps you to perceive these experiences.

The Spirit

We must try to balance the body and mind to tune in with the spirit. This is the part of us that modern life teaches us to ignore. We are out of tune with our true selves.

The spirit is a focal point of intelligent consciousness part of a unified creation, one with all that exists. Your spirit is unique and an everlasting energetic entity that is truly you. It's the channel for in-pouring universal energies, for the sharing of thoughts, feeling and beingness with all creation everywhere, no matter where in the universe, what dimension or plane of existence. This universal consciousness and intelligent energy is drawn in through your spirit and channelled through the body and mind.

The spirit is intertwined and inseparable from the mind, and the mind is interlinked with the body - all are interdependent. Once we give up our precious physical body (which we are lucky to have) another will manifest appropriate to the plane of existence, dimension or density in which we reside. It too with be interdependent with the mind and the spirit.

You can make great strides in accessing your spirit complex should you choose activate our third eye through meditation and healthy living, attempting to balance the self in love and light, appreciating the oneness of all things, and listening to the infinite creation with patience and love.
Your mind/body/spirit complex is you holistically, a much higher being than we are lead to believe. You are unique in your combination of personality, physical motivators, intellectual mind and spiritual energetic in-pourings. Universally, each individual must be unique in order to have different experiences to contribute to the oneness of creation.

In conclusion, the 'you' you are now may be a little different to the 'you' that you become after your physical existence is over. This surface illusion of Earth may be masking the real you. You can listen to and explore these other parts of yourself through silence, meditation, contemplation, and listening to your higher mind and spirit.

We are far more than human, however earthly life has programmed many to think that we are nothing more. We are universal entities with unlimited potential. We can't remember these truths and are brought up not knowing them. Feel your attitude to life change by realising what you really are. Inner peace will follow.  

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