10 February 2015

Differentiating Your Human Self from Your Spirit Self to Change Your Perceptions of Everything

Part of spiritual balancing of the self and finding inner peace is controlling your perceptions. You must be consciously aware that your perceptions are like coloured glasses tainting how you see the world. You must also be able to control your perceptions to the extent that they are elastic or mailable, being able to alter them whenever you choose. Part of this process is recognising that your physical body has a huge influence over your current reasoning and behaviours, and without it, your mind and spirit think and reason on their own at a higher state of consciousness.

Usually we allow our brains to form perceptions of the world based on stimulus, past experience, personality, ego and so on - completely uncontrolled. Our brain is all too often an untamed, unruly perception generator fouling how how we perceive our world and the people in it. You are in control of your perceptions, they are not in control of you.

Your human body is the most animalistic part of you. It is a precious vehicle of this illusion, the product of evolution and adaptation that carries with it responses, reflexes and behaviours that stem from the animal kingdom. It's this part of you that provides your earthly experience while you are here, but due to it's more primitive programming, it's not as advanced as your spirit self. If you view the world only through the more primitive perceptions of your human body's processing capabilities, instead of using your spirit and mind for higher reasoning, then you're ignoring your real self and succumbing to complete immersion in this earthly illusion.

Before this incarnation you used your mind and spirit alone to make decisions, they are your true personality. In this human life, the instincts, emotions, reflexes, hormones, brain power and physical sensations, in effect, overwrite your experiences and therefore your perceptions. Your human body is an interface for this earthly world, and you can isolate its inputs. You can therefore begin to tell which of your reactions, emotions, thoughts and behaviours are a product of this interface and which are a product of your mind and spirit.

Please see this previous article on 'How Your Mind, Body and Spirit Combine to Create you' for background knowledge.

For example, you might perceive your mother-in-law as a demanding woman and harbour much negative energy toward her, causing yourself unhappiness, frustration and stress. Instead, you could try to understand why she behaves how she does. Think about the past experiences she has had that produce her current attitudes, and therefore gain empathy for the way she feels. So instead of viewing her negatively, you begin to potentially understand her better, feel better in her presence and treat her differently. You could have continued perceiving her as a demanding woman, but instead you have consciously altered your perceptions and feel better about the woman, in-turn ceasing to harbour negative energy which is detrimental to yourself. Even if your mother-in-law remains a demanding woman, you are better able to deal with her actions in a positive way through empathy. This is just one example of how consciously changing your own perceptions can change how you feel in life. You can change your perceptions about many different aspects of your life, no matter how small, and do it one aspect at a time until you have completely transformed the way you see the world and the people in it.

Your human body blends with your mind and spirit to form the mind/body/spirit complex - each are inextricably linked and intertwined. Your human body and it's comparatively animalistic brain however can mask your higher beingness with a veil of uncontrollable emotions, hormonal fluctuations, brain chemical imbalances, physical illness, stress, depression, anxiety and well, anything that can go wrong with this physical body or anything it is subjected to. Much of the emotions we experience are a product of your physical human vehicle's programming.

When you're getting stressed out about daily activities, it's your human brain responding. Just like the wild monkey that needs fear as a protection mechanism to save it's skin when danger appears, or needs to worry about where the next meal is coming from, or experiences anger to effectively fight a threat - your human body still produces these responses even if our modern lives no longer have call for it. Your brain will actively create emotions for problems that aren't there. It will blow everything out of proportion. Even if your life is relatively stress-free, your human brain will act like there is a wolf chasing you, that you must complete this task or meet this deadline as if your life depended upon it. Unless of course you try to recognize and let go of these human interferences, quiet the mind and tune in to your higher mind and spirit self.

For example, a man is fighting with another man. One man may let his human reactions get the better of him and hit the other man. He might shout and swear and have no empathy for the other man's point of view. The reaction to fight is a strong animalistic desire arising from anger. If the man used his higher mind to evaluate the situation he could perceive the situation in a completely different way. If he were aware that his current perceptions were being dictated by his physical body complex he may wish to alter them. Instead of instantly perceiving the other man as wrong, he could give him a chance to explain. Instead of responding with anger he could respond with understanding. Instead of responding with fists, he could respond with conversation. It's a more advanced way of perceiving the situation. The calm man need not feel ashamed or weak, instead be glad that he is exhibiting signs of spiritual progression.

Do you sometimes look at the behaviour of others in dismay? Do they seem primitive to you? Without being unkind about others, it's likely that they are operating using primarily their human body reactions and instincts, with very little access to their spiritual self or higher mind. They are trapped in an illusion with no contact with intelligent infinity (apart from the bare minimum perhaps during dream time). It's not really their fault, they likely believe that their human body is the sum total of their existence and will therefore always exist using only it's capability (or lack of).

We must utilize our mind/body/spirit complex totality. Even an intelligent atheist may have full and free flowing access to their spiritual body and mind, and leave very little personality and decision making to the human brain. They may have had a kind of spiritual awakening that does not involve spirituality! For example, a scientist well-versed in quantum mechanics is likely to realise that there's  more to life than what we see before our eyes and that we are all part of one infinite, yet strange, illusion. Hence this non-spiritual person contemplates at length using their higher mind and possesses the intelligence to see past the primitive emotions, stress, reflexes and desires of the human body.

(Here is a good book to help: Body, Mind, and Sport: The Mind-Body Guide to Lifelong Health, Fitness, and Your Personal Best).

Don't let your brain automatically dictate how you feel by default. This is the work of the physical body complex. We each have a mind/body/spirit complex. The mind is a higher consciousness that is intertwined with the human body and our spirit . The mind is your real personality, ego and everything that makes-up who you are. The spirit is the universal part of you, part of the master consciousness that receives infinite in-streamings of universal energy from intelligent infinity.

Meditation is the singularly best way to become in tune with your mind/body/spirit complex totality and literally be one with intelligent infinity and universal consciousness. Silence the mind and simply listen. At least 20 minutes per day and you'll likely notice a difference in how you perceive the world, how you interact with others, and your level of intelligence, creativity and happiness.

When we let our automatically produced perceptions of our physical brain rule our lives without consciously taking control, we are allowing the earthly animal to take control. The physical body is under the influence of animalistic desires, instincts, reflexes, and basic human wants and needs. We must use our higher consciousness, the mind of conscious decision making because it is far more advanced and universal.

We have a human body for a reason however, to learn and experience from this earthly illusion. Take care of it, use it, and have a great time – but don't let it dictate who you are.

Differentiating Your Human Self & Spirit Self: Change Your Perceptions of Everything
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