18 February 2015

Spiritual Protection - How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energies & Emotional Vampires

Spiritual protection
A most important aspect of spirituality is protection. There are simple measures that you can take to defend yourself from negative energies and dark entities that can reduce your well-being to the point of harm. Every good spiritual medium (one who communicates with those passed-over) is taught how to protect themselves, but it's not just them who need it. Medium's open themselves up to spirit contact regularly, however you're likely to encounter negative energies in the form of an emotional vampire human acquaintance, energies of an object or place, or even a dark entity or spirit that has wandered into your space. You need not fear or let them drain your emotions to a low vibration - because you can take complete control.

Protection is Needed Due to:

Psychic attack - a human that harbors negative emotions toward you projects low vibratory energies that you absorb. It can come from someone close to you or someone at a distance, because distance often has no bearing if the attacker can visualize (simply think of) you as an individual. The negative emotions serve to counteract your positive vibration, literally canceling out your happiness.

Thought-forms - a psychic attacker can experience such intense emotion that virtual entities manifest entirely by thought. The thought-form can reside within your dwelling causing intensive psychic attack. For example, some alien visitations are thought to be thought-form entities projected here from distant civilizations using intense negative emotion, visualization and intent.

Negative residual energies - have you ever walked into a house and thought it had bad energy? Well the very atoms of the building may have retained negative energies from unpleasant occurrences from the past. Energies like this can be transmitted to you having entered your home. For example, it is well to remove your shoes when you come inside, as they can bring in negative energy from the street!

Energy vampires – are negatively polarized humans who tend to administer the psychic attack. It may be a particularly unpleasant person that you know or live with, that seems to drain your positive emotions dry. Sometimes positive people can turn into energy vampires for a period of time if they experience trauma or loss.

Negative entities – negatively polarized discarnate (not in human form) spirits may be attracted to you and feed from your own negative emotions if you are experiencing an unhappy time. You may also attract a negative entity if you're performing positively polarized work such as helping many people to a great extent - the entity may want to hamper your positive achievements if they are of universal significance. It is rare however to attract a discarnate negative entity.

Three Initial Key Points on Protection:

Firstly, know that love is the greatest protector. Protection involves utilizing love in as purer form as possible, for with love you can effectively construct a brick wall around you that negative forces cannot penetrate. Furthermore, negative entities cannot stand when positive vibrations hold strong because they start to polarize toward the positive (they turn positive), and that's the last thing they want. So, always approach protection with the highest intent in love and light, because using negative emotion will act like a magnet for further darkness to feed upon. For example, if you shout back at an angry person then the argument escalates. Behave calmly and with love toward an angry person and they will likely calm down. The negative energy diffuses and dissipates.

Secondly, know that in higher realms of existence (that's higher densities and within time-space) thoughts become reality. Thought-forms can be created through visualization such as walls or protective bubbles of light, doorways for negative entities to leave though, or in-streaming healing energy into your body. All these have a high probability of manifesting through your strong intent and effective visualization - they manifest on the other side and are used in this physical reality seen through your third eye. (Please see my article on 'How toVisualize Effectively' for assistance).

Thirdly, also know that coupled with visualization; intention (or belief) is key - they work together to create thought forms and manifestations that can be used for spiritual protection. For example, you visualize a glowing white protective orb around you and your intention is for it to protect you from negative forces. Without the intention, the visualization is merely a pretty orb - you must assign it a purpose. (Please see my article on 'Using Visualization & Intention' for assistance).

How to Spiritually Protect Yourself:

1. Visualization

Before performing any spirit contact, trance work, meditation and more, it's always best to visualize protection. In a meditative state visualize white light streaming down from the universe and know that it is love. Allow the protective white light to form a three dimensional shield around your mind/body/spirit complex. As love is the great protector, no negative energies can penetrate this barrier - by knowing that this is true (using intent/belief) you make it possible from the perspective of time/space, therefore making it effective.

Now, to protect the physical body, visualize white light streaming down from the universe and know that it is love. Allow the light to flow into the top of your head and down through your chakras, in turn filling your entire body with white light. Intend for this energy to heal and protect your body from any physical-spiritual attack (for example a negative entity working on weak back muscles causing pain).

Visualize a protective wall of glowing love light energy between you and an energy vampire or other negatively polarized person you know. They may start to avoid you or be unable to be able to lower your energy vibration as a result.

If you believe you have a negative entity in your home then visualize a glowing white doorway created entirely from love/light. On the other side is the spirit world. Tell your dark spirit entity to leave with confidence, in the highest intent and love. If you struggle to remove such an entity or experience any illness following this, consult a priest or spiritual medium as per your belief system who is trained to cleanse dwellings.

2. Challenge Entities

When performing spirit contact, mediumship, channelling and others, if you sense the presence of an entity approaching or you feel that contact has been made - you must challenge the entity in the name of universal love, God, Christ, The Creator, positive polarization or any other highly positive belief that provides the purest, most loving and protective energy for you according to your own beliefs. This action effectively forms a barrier between you and the approaching consciousness. If the entity is of a negative polarization with negative intent then this wall of light will prove impenetrable.

3. Ask for Protection

No one travels alone. Even if we are lonely in this precious lifetime, each of us has a group of spirit guides, including perhaps an angelic entity or two. Although you likely have a 'life plan' that you set for yourself before birth, your guides are there to help you along the way. It is an infringement to be interfered with during your lifetime by discarnate entities, therefore ask your spirit guides to please remove them. Treat your guides with love as they will benefit from this energy the same as any entity.

Your freewill is very important spiritually, therefore a spirit guide cannot explicitly intervene unless requested. So go ahead and ask. For example, you believe that a family member's vital energy is being drained by a negative acquaintance. Ask your spirit guides to help protect your family member, or at least to get your loved one's guides to do so. In this way, spirit guides will help by perhaps planting seeds of thought into someone's mind that leads to a solution, or by changing circumstances seemingly by chance. Watch your loved one's circumstances potentially improve.

Your higher self too can be of assistance if asked, although it cannot interfere with your path. Your higher self is your soul in the far unimaginable future, because time and space are not relative where the higher self resides. The higher self is your soul looking back at its distant former self and has the ability to do so. It can place an amour of light around you if deemed appropriate, can help to alter circumstances or plant seeds of thought about the way forward into your mind complex.

4. Supportive Loved Ones

Just like you have spirit guides, don't overlook the souls incarnate as human who love you in this lifetime. Do you draw strength and feel better when you talk to your closest companion about negativity that you are experiencing? They are raising your vibration, helping to make you resilient to negative attack. Support and love them back because together we are stronger. The doubling effect occurs where the positive energy of two people is twice as powerful as one. Draw strength from each other for protection.

5. Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy

Less than harmonious energies within your home can effect your own energies and bring you down. These energies could have been left by current or former inhabitants, arguing, crying, experiencing depression and so on. Here are a couple of methods:

Salt is a great absorber of negative energy when our intent is for it to do so - sea salt is best for purity. Acquire some blessed water. This needn't be blessed by a priest, but be filled with your own love energy. You may charge the water like any other crystal, by radiating love into it. Water too is a crystalline structure. Sprinkle the salt around areas of the home where negative energies are felt. Sprinkle the blessed water over the salt with the intention to activate it to absorb negative energies. Hold this clear intention in your mind whilst sprinkling the water with your fingers. Leave the salt for three days and then clean the area thoroughly. Ensure that pets or young children will not be affected by the salt.

Rinse any objects that hold a negative vibration - perhaps an item that has been owned by a very unhappy person. Use salt water and hold the intent in your mind for the mixture to absorb negative energy.

Discarnate negative entities will never remain were cut garlic placed. If you believe a negative entity is present, send it back to the lower astral planes by placing cut garlic around the areas which feel most negative to you. Leave it there for 3 days and nights.

(This is a nice idea: Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit - Includes Fresh California White Sage Smudge Stick)

6. Charging Objects With Your Intent

You can charge any crystalline structure with pure love energy and keep it with you. Visualize your balanced love energy flowing from the green (heart) chakra into the crystal and its structure being charged. This is why many people keep quartz and other crystals. They act like a hard drive for emotions. Wash the quartz in water, charge it with love and put it in your pocket to use when you are experiencing low frequency energies. When you are experiencing an onslaught, you can increase your vital energies using the stored energies within the crystal. Give yourself strength, remedy the energy distortion, provide mental balance and defence. Hold the crystal and accept into the self the in-flowing energies back into your heart chakra. You may wear a crystal around the neck that hangs in front of the green energy center/chakra.

7. Object that Reminds You of Love and Strength

Configure objects around your home, workplace or within the bag you carry to provide you with comfort and joy. When experiencing negative onslaught or psychic attack, you can use these to replenish vital energy. For example, if you have been insulted at work, looking at a picture of your family on your desk can make you feel somewhat energized, helping to protect you from further onslaught.

8. Chanting or Prayer

If you are on the move, very busy or unable to perform other protection methods, chanting (if only in your mind) or repeating a prayer/call to spirit guides can help you gain protection. For example, if you have attracted road rage by being intimated by angry rush hour drivers, more angry drivers will literally magnetize to your fear or anger and you may experience more of the same. Try chanting to yourself; 'The universe guards and protects me because from it I draw endless love,' or 'I will balance emotionally and experience love, because I am one with all that there is'.

Long Term Protection Against Negative Entities and Energies

1. Balancing of the self

Your aura or energy field will be strongest, with no weak patches or distortions, if your energy centers (chakras) are balanced, unblocked and free flowing. This presents as a balanced personality.
If your aura/energy field has weakness and distortion, physical ailments occur as a result. Negative entities may use this as a window of opportunity for psychic attack.

For example; again you are being insulted. An unbalanced person relying on red or orange (animalistic and reactive) chakras may become emotional, fight or become upset. A spiritually balanced person with bright free flowing energy centers will know that the comment is meaningless and instead hold love in their heart for the other person because they too are one with all creation.

Do read the article 'How to Unblock Your Chakras Yourself' for guidance on how to balance the self. In addition, meditation is important for spiritual balancing, replenishing vital energies, receiving intelligent energy and is overall the most important thing you can do.

2. Physical Strength and Vital Energy

You may undergo physical-psychic attack. A negative discarnate entity form a higher density may target you if you are performing good works to serve many within this earthly realm. If you have physical weakness it may choose to work upon and worsen this. Eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep so that your vital energies are replenished and you're physically strong. Your aura will again be difficult to penetrate.

In summary, protection is important if you are a positively polarized individual (or even if you are a bit on the negative side!). This is because negative energy and the negative entities producing it, will always exist. Just as there are two sides to every coin, so to will there always be positive and negative energies. Creation is not meant solely for goodness. Whatever you perceive 'God' to be, that creator would have created everything to be pure and good if it was meant to be. There would be no murder, cancer, earthquakes, diseases and so on. But if you exist in a positive vibration then you can remain in this awesome state by getting spiritual protection against the negative energies that inevitably exist. Tip the overall balance of the mass consciousness to positive by staying positive - fight off those negative emotions, spirits and people with love.

Spiritual Protection: From Energy Vampires, Negative Entities & Bad Energies
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