12 June 2015

The Law of Attraction: How it Works and Why it REALLY Occurs

The law of attraction, why it occurs
No one seems to say how and why the law of attraction really occurs. Here goes.

Firstly, in my article 'God is You, Everywhere and Everything' I explain that 'God', the creator, creation, source, the universe or whatever you want to call it is everywhere and everything. It is not a human male with a beard, it is absolutely everyone, everything and everywhere. It is the intelligent energy that creates all that there is. In my article 'Why the World is an Illusion,' I explain how atoms are comprised of pure energy and mostly empty space. Atoms scale up to create molecules and compounds, scaling up to create everything, for example, you, me, the air, water, mountains, trees, your cat, cup of tea, laptop and absolutely everything.

This creation, the all-encompassing singular entity, is infinitely intelligent as is the energy that it is everywhere. It is comprised of atoms that are conscious and alive. Your own consciousness is one super intensified focal point of this universal intelligent energy, the very same energy that creates an atom. Your consciousness is part of the overriding mass consciousness of this universal entity that makes up all that there is.

There are no secrets. Your thoughts and emotions are known and acted upon by this universal creation because it is you and you are it, the same as every other focal point of conciousness; that's human, spirit, animal, atom or any other being. It knows everything, because we are all plugged into it, part of it, we are it.

Each focal point of consciousness, each individual entity, is endowed with freewill. The ability to go about daily life with the capacity to do whatever it pleases, for without freewill there would be no individuality. Individuality creates unique exciting experiences flowing from infinitely varied possibilities, personalities and perceptions. You are under the illusion of separateness when really you're part of a whole. You are unique and wonderful, and you're job is to learn and experience in this lifetime and the next and the next, and other realities, and discarnate times in between - creating your experiences as you see fit.

The creator then, or creation, the universe or whatever you call it, is playing out it's existence for the purpose of learning and discovery of it's very self. For example, portions of it's infinite energetic consciousness are; a rock face, some climbing gear, a sunny day and a focal point of consciousness namely a human called Bob. Bob desires very much to climb the rock face and uses his gear and the sunny weather to do so. Bob experiences what it is like, and the accompanying emotions, sensations, and learning that comes with it. This is a simple example of creation facilitating an experience for Bob, which in turn contributes to the infinite knowledge and experience of the universe in a dynamic and intelligent way. Bob's soul or spirit too gains in wisdom and experience, contributing to the spiritual progression of his higher self or over-soul – all part of creation.

This is Where The Law of Attraction Comes In.

Creation wants you to learn and experience because it wants to learn and experience. So creation sets up what you need to achieve this, and using your own freewill, you can either observe the lessons and experiences or you can ignore them. You as an entity can progress on your timeless journey of spiritual progression of self acceptance and exploration, of learning, balancing, loving and unifying or the opposite of these - all because the universe wants you to have experiences so that it can have them too. It's simply the purpose of all existence; to experience.

Therefore, your thoughts, desires and emotions create your reality because all experience is the infinite energetic Creation, creating and experiencing itself.

The universe wants you to have what you want. If you are angry then the universe will supply angry people, circumstances and events to feed your anger. In terms of your unconscious self, your soul, this is what you want. Your soul wants these experiences to attract to your physical self for the learning and experience it brings. Your physical human self doesn't want to stay angry and have cause to do so, but your soul wants you to attract more catalyst to force you to learn the lessons that it brings. The universe wants you to have what your soul wants, more catalyst for learning and experience until you have learned the lessons – even if your physical self, unaware of this process, thinks that life is unfair.

Once the subconscious mind receives the positive instructions from the conscious mind of a positive vibration it can begin to execute them, however there must not be suppressed trauma within the subconscious as this creates block to the law of attraction. Creation uses primarily your subconscious mind to manifest realities as per the law of attraction.

So, when spiritual people say that whatever emotional frequency or energetic vibration you are holding attracts people, things, events or circumstances of a like frequency or vibration – they are right. Why? Because creation knows your current emotional state and provides you with lessons and experience to fit. The vibration you are holding, is the vibration of the lesson that you require in order to learn.

Here's an example. I am worrying that my house will be broken into because my neighbour's house was burgled. This is a prime opportunity for creation to provide me with a lesson. My intense emotional state magnifies this attraction because emotions are broadcast out like energetic signals, shouting-out that I am in need of some experience to help me to learn. I may learn to balance myself, deal with this situation, find peace, find truth, find understanding about myself or others, or whatever the lesson is that I must learn.

The crazy thing it that so long as you are paying attention and learning the lessons you are supposed to be learning, the problem will likely go away. You have no need for a repeat.

So, as I am worrying that my house will be broken into, every time I walk by the window I see a suspicious looking person hanging around or walking by. I turn on the news and there's a report on the high burglary rates in the area. My partner brings home a movie to watch that's all about a burglar or a thief. The security light outside begins to malfunction (these are examples of synchronicity which I will go into in a future article). All of these circumstances are occurring because the law of attraction is feeding my intense emotion so that I will begin to draw conclusions about the source of my emotion, how to deal with it or what ever the lesson is that I am supposed to be learning. So I start to realise that my fear is self generated and a waste of energy, that I am so protective of my home because this is the only place I feel safe, that I am too distrusting of people in general, and so on. If this constitutes a lesson learned from the point of view of creation or your soul, then the lesson ends and I can get back to normal life. No more negative energy attracting further negative events and occurrences.

Here's another example. I have tonnes of inner peace. I realise that my life is a journey of learning and discovery. I relax into life, in other words, I know what will be will be, and I pay attention to the learning and experience that life brings without fighting it. I am one with both my conscious and subconscious mind. I express love to everyone in my life and I know for sure that if I work hard enough I will get a promotion at work someday soon. I'm not materialistic and I want to enjoy every moment and try my best. I don't cloud my thoughts with 'why is the promotion taking so long?' and 'What if I'm not good enough' or anything like that. My emotional frequency and thought patterns can only attract love, happiness and a promotion sooner or later – because all other lessons are learned. I know there's no point in worrying, hating myself or any other negative action or emotion, as it achieves nothing. Therefore, negative lessons are not presented to me as I already know the answers - there's no point. The lessons I am currently experiencing are positive ones and these will attract only positivity for me to learn and experience what this feels like. It doesn't mean that bad things wont happen to me but I will not mirror their negative vibration, therefore they will be dealt with, experienced, learned from and will not repeat. I will enjoy accelerated spiritual progression, and potentially enjoy higher realms of existence and states of being as a result, in this lifetime or the next.
(Here is a popular book on the subject: Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't).

Can you see how creation gives you what you want? Can you see how the law of attraction causes people, events, things and circumstances of a like vibration to yours, to attract to you, to give you what you need for your overall spiritual learning, experience and progression? And lastly that because you are creation, creation gets what it wants, to learn and experience through you?

Know that random catalyst exists, not everything is planned out. In fact most of your daily life contains random catalyst for you to utilize as you see fit. Your overall life plan, learning aims and objectives however take over from random catalyst due to their importance.

Suppression of The Law of Attraction

It's not a good idea to ignore the lessons being laid down by the law of attraction. It's highly possible that you'll need to repeat them again and again until they are observed and learned. If you suppress an experience then it's likely to return to offer you another attempt. For example, you experienced great rejection in your early twenties through several unsuccessful romantic relationships. You suppressed the thoughts and emotions regarding this and they are now bottled up in your subconscious. The result is that you are over protective, insecure and needy in new relationships, with recurring feelings of fear and rejection. You're reliving the trauma and trapped in a cycle. The subconscious emotion must be brought to the surface, written down, discussed and worked through to find the root causes and then examined and accepted for what it is. Attempts must be made to learn as many lessons as you can from your past or subconscious emotional trauma, so then perhaps the universe will allow you to move on without repeats.

Don't ignore when repeat lessons are being presented over and over. Recognise this as not a random coincidence, or some negative personality trait – see it as lessons for you to stop suppressing. Then, energetic balance can be reached, contributing to free flowing universal energy (prana) through various chakras corresponding to these issues and aspects of personality. It's all part of balancing of the self, self acceptance, emotional healing and the free flowing of vital energy. Relax into your experiences.

Masking with Positivity

Positive focus techniques, that's where you try to focus positively on everything, will rarely help you to control the law of attraction. You try to focus positively on an outcome in order to manipulate it, but in your subconscious mind you believe that the outcome could indeed turn out negatively. On the surface you hold a positive vibration, but beneath this you expect the worst.

For example, I wanted to sit down to write this article and get it finished, I am pushed for time and was pleased that I could get stuck in. But some part of me dreaded the thought of being interrupted. Et voilĂ ! I receive a call from my sister as the lock on her front door is faulty and she is stuck in her house (true story, and not that I minded stopping to go help her). So you see, you cannot mask your frequency of emotion (vibration) with positive emotion. The universe knows it's not the whole story, or if you're being a faker!

Creation gives you what your subconscious self wants, so be sure to align your conscious wants with your subconscious wants! In a moment of thought we can identify the underlying negative energy, acknowledge it, accept it and reprogram it (if we realise it's there of course). If it recurs, then through repetition or examination of the subconscious mind we can reprogram it – but this is a large subject for another article.

Your life plan can also cause the law of attraction to occur. Before you were born it's very likely that you set out a kind of cosmic framework for learning and experience for this lifetime. For example aims could be; to develop a certain bias in personality, to understand how to overcome a hatred of working with others, to experience keeping pigeons – the possibilities and variations are infinite!


If your desire is strong enough, for example, imagining with intensity through simple daydreaming, then you will be automatically supplied with knowledge or led to experiences that are to do with your desire or in fact experience the desire that you were strongly imagining materialize in your reality.

So, I daydream strongly about having an additional bedroom in my house to use as an office. I keep wishing it regularly and want it very much. I give no thought to weather it will or will not occur, as I cannot afford to move house anyway. The reality of the desire then unexpectedly manifests due a change in my partner's work, requiring us to move to an area where property prices are a little lower, facilitating the purchasing of a house with more rooms. The law of attraction can manifest desire in the most unexpected of ways, so long as the desire and belief is strong and true enough. If there is no disbelief in the event occurring or negative emotion to block the occurrence then it very possibly will occur (unless it contravenes your life plan).

Another example; if I keep wishing to have a second child and each month my mind is full of 'what ifs' as to whether I will become pregnant, I could well be blocking my success. It's quite common for a couple to be trying for a baby for a number of years and upon giving up hope, become pregnant. They're no longer creating the blockers to the law of attraction, in other words, they're no longer existing at a vibration that attracts only negative outcomes. The lesson is learned, acceptance of the situation is gained, and therefore the universe hands them what they want instead.

Your life plan can also be a blocker to the law of attraction here because if you have decided before your own incarnation that you will experience what it is like to want a child very much and not be able to conceive, then no matter how much you try, you will not conceive.


In my next article 'The Law of Attraction: Why You Shouldn't Bother to Manipulate It', we see how the lessons set down by the law of attraction are either observed or ignored by the individual. The lessons will be presented to you no matter what, until you pay attention. You can accelerate your spiritual progression by paying attention.

You can manipulate the law of attraction but it takes skill and rock solid intent, belief and desire, and this I will be explaining in the article 'The Law of Attraction: If you MUST Manipulate it Here's How'. Your ego, that's your earthly personality under earthly illusions, dearly wants you to manipulate the law of attraction. By being more spiritual and less ego driven; we learn to say 'who cares' and so it comes more easily anyway.

Each experience presented by the universe or creator via the law of attraction should be observed, digested, examined and worked through, until it sinks to the roots of your tree of mind. This process helps to unblock all chakras and you will glow in true colour vibrancy. If it is a survival or raw emotional experience your red chakra will be unblocked to a tiny degree more than it was. If your experience is to do with ceasing control over others or ceasing to be the centre of attention, then your yellow chakra will benefit, and so on. By observing the law of attraction your personal identity and personality will be better known to you over time and able to flourish. If the law of attraction is ignored then you may find yourself in an eternal loop of blockage and suppression.

Know that your emotional frequency attracts 'like for like' because creation supplies you with what you want. Relax into life, employ methods of finding inner peace and acceptance to raise your vibration, and you'll find you attract more positivity than you bargained for. But it's ongoing work of personal balancing. Masking with positive focus will result in disappointment. If you use the law of attraction to seek riches, material possessions or a relationship to make everything better, then that's your ego talking and spiritual balance is therefore illusive.

The Law of Attraction: What is it? & How it REALLY Works | Nicky Sutton 
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