27 June 2015

The Law of Attraction: How to Use the Law of Attraction

How to use the law of attraction
I have already written 'The Law ofAttraction, How it Works and Why it Occurs,' and 'The Law ofAttraction, Why You Shouldn't Bother to Manipulate It', which I recommend you read first; but if you really must manipulate the law of attraction to get what you want and succumb to the needs and desires of the egotistical self, here's how.

You Must Clear The Debris Away

You must clear your emotional and intellectual debris away. You must travel deeply into your subconscious mind and find those parts of yourself that hamper you in manifesting what you want for yourself. Those subconscious emotional blockers, caused by parts of you that you've hidden, smashed down, shut away, blocked-out and forgotten. It's these that hold your conscious self to ransom and allow you to believe that you can manifest what you want when really you haven't a hope.

Your intellectual debris are the things that you think you know. You have learned things about the law of attraction and how manifest whatever you want for yourself, but really what you think you know is unimportant. This is because it's the egotistical framework of 'do this and do that' that by it's very nature is blocking you from attracting the positive circumstances, people, events and things that you so strongly desire. You must relax and let go.

Once the subconscious mind receives the positive instructions from the conscious mind of a positive vibration through repetition, it can begin to execute them, however there must not be suppressed trauma within the subconscious which creates blocks to the law of attraction.

The absence of trying however, is a better way forward. The act of examining yourself, accepting and balancing your emotions and all aspects of your personality is the way forward. But all too often we look for a quick fix. Positive focus, think happy thoughts, you've got to really want it, really believe it and you'll get it. Sorry, the law of attraction doesn't work that way because covering up your subconscious issues, negativity, hurts, desires and so on, with positivity, wont fool creation/the universe into giving you what you want. The surface lie of 'positivity' is easily seen as a lie. The universe is not stupid. It will give you what you need for the purpose of learning and experience during this lifetime according to the vibration you are holding.

The conscious self is you as you know it, your egotistical self, the one that has the desires, wants and needs. It's the active thinker, the decision maker, the planner and the rememberer. However, this conscious self is easily influenced by a silently powerful and fundamentally invisible (through our own choice) subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind comes into play when you are walking, driving or swimming; the things you don't need to think about, you just do them. The subconscious mind is not accessed thoughtfully, regularly and consciously in a controlled manner unless intention is set to do so. It pops up in emotional outbursts due to triggering events, it subtly influences our actions through provision of intuitive ideas, and it facilitates intuitive senses, gut feelings and creativity without you even knowing it's doing it.

The subconscious mind needs to be explored and not ignored, for it is both a silent positive provider and a silent negative controller.

If subconsciously you're feeling unlovable, then constantly wishing for the love of your life may not attract him or her to you.
If subconsciously you feel like a failure then attracting success by telling yourself in the mirror daily that you are or will be successful, is not going to work.
If you work hard on looking younger because you really want to stay youthful, all because you think you look really old, then all your hard work will go to waste.
If you want that promotion so badly and focus optimistically on it while holding back terrible frustration that your colleague is more likely to get it, then your subconscious darkness in the form of unworthiness is likely to prevent the promotion from attracting to you.

Do you see the problem? Surface (conscious) attempts to manipulate the law of attraction will be sabotaged by your true beliefs, the subconscious beliefs that you may not even realize are there.

Therefore, if you must use the law of attraction, don't simply just use conscious positive focus - that's only a part of it. Dig deeper. For example, to make money you need to be successful at something, that's the most probable way to get it. So you want to attract success. You tell yourself you're a success, you hold positive and optimistic emotions about it, but really you feel like it wont work. Why? Lets go deeper; ' I feel like it won't work because it never has before'. Why is that? 'Because I'm no good at making money'. So why is that? 'Because I am a failure'.

How are you going to attract abundance if subconsciously you feel like a failure? This then, needs to be worked on. The root cause of feeling a failure must be found, which may be to do with poor self-image, low self esteem, actually repeatedly failing throughout life, or even deeper it could be due to emotional trauma, neglect, self destruction, abandonment, loss or many other real root causes found deep in the subconscious mind, originating in your past. The more these aspects of yourself are brought out of the subconscious into the conscious mind, examined and accepted; the more inner peace and balance you will find.

It's not within the scope of this article to examine exploration of the subconscious mind, however this is vital for removing blockers to the law of attraction. A good way to search for your subconscious blockers is to move deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind using a pen, paper and lots of 'why' questions, and see what you dig up about yourself. It can be painful and leave you feeling emotional, so it must not be taken lightly. Once the root cause of a block is identified, it's exposed to the light of day and worked upon. If you then no longer subconsciously feel like a failure, you can focus more positively on the outcome that is success; and it's more likely to work.

Repetition and Habitual Change

Once your subconscious blockers (or past emotional trauma) are dealt with then you can reprogram your subconscious mind by adopting new ways of thinking. You must change your habitual thoughts. Stop thinking; when is this going to work? Why won't it work? How am I ever going to find love? Why is everyone else wealthy? I am useless, I'm too ugly - because these thoughts are programming your subconscious mind, hand in hand with the power of creation, to manifest nothing but a load of crap for you.

Reprogram your big, infinite, subconscious mind to manifest positive things by repeating a few times per day that; I am successful, this is going to work, I am going to find love, I am healthy and so on. You, that's your egotistical self, your conscious mind - is in the driving seat and your subconscious mind is a slave to your commands. Your subconscious mind, in the absence of subconscious disbelief and trauma, will begin to accept this and execute these ideas. Make it a habit to say positive things to your subconscious mind, and totally get rid of the negative affirmations you usually give. Watch the law of attraction attract some great things at last!

Relax into Life and Complete Your Life Plan

You may ask, why do some people become rich and successful so easily, but I do not? Not all the time, but mostly, the very wealthy or extremely powerful are souls incarnate in those circumstances due to their very nature being somewhat negative. Their souls long to perfect being rich, powerful and manipulative, aiming to have control over many other people, therefore they purposefully incarnate within circumstances that will facilitate this. Those who are more positive in polarization often choose humbler existences to benefit from the learning and experience this brings - for example learning to care for others when you have little yourself.

Therefore, your circumstances are no mistake, but you can attract what you want if you do what you intended for yourself. Before you were born you very likely set out learning and experience aims for your lifetime and these need to be met for your personal spiritual evolution. If you relax into life and allow the law of attraction (powered by creation!) to bring you the lessons and experiences that you're supposed to be having while you are here, see them through, observe and pay attention to them, examine and draw conclusions, then you can potentially complete these aims.

Let life bring you what it must, all the while holding love in your heart for everyone and everything. Naturally then, your vibration is raised and predetermined lessons will be easier to manage whether good or bad. By removing the potential blockers that are the lessons presented by your life plan, by observing and learning from events attracted to you so that you have no need to repeat them, you may be better able to manifest your egotistical desires – with a satisfied soul!

Overall Balancing of The Self

It follows then that in order to live in a primarily positive vibration (but we can't be positive all the time), we must embark on positive exploration and acceptance of the self. We will therefore begin to experience peace, calmness and natural happiness at the state we are in now before moving forward with getting what we want. Balancing of the self can be performed by working on unblocking or 'opening' your chakras or energy centers, explained in detail in the following articles: 'How to Unblock Your Chakras Yourself', 'Symptoms of Blocked Chakras' and 'How to Feel Happier'.

Furthermore, meditation is absolutely key. If you don't regularly silence the mind, switch off your human senses and listen to your unconscious self; then balancing of the self is greatly hindered. You can lessen the control you experience from your egotistical conscious self and begin to really listen to the true you, your unconscious self, or soul.

Visualization and Intent

As per my article 'Using visualization and Intention to Amplify Your Spiritual Abilities' an easy way to hold the positive vibration and emotional energy needed to attract circumstances of a like nature to you, is to vizualize strongly and attempt to manifest them.

'Visualize strongly' meaning to practice visualization to the extent that you can create virtual 'real' experiences within your mind (with a highly active 'third eye'), investing much emotional energy into the process. Your 5 senses are all active within this simulation. A part of your consciousness is given to this manifestation and the probability of it occurring in other dimensions or timeliness of existence greatly increases. At which point these occurrences intersect with your reality or alter frequency, and manifest within your lifetime.

Intention is key because a visualization without intention is merely an empty daydream. You must hold in your mind what you really want, what you intend to happen and picture it occurring. Feel the positive emotions resulting from this thought-form that you are creating and really live it in your mind. Again, subconscious disbelief, doubts and issues can create blockers to your success. Visualizations with intent can be performed regularly. Please see the accompanying article mentioned.

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Manipulate the Law of Attraction.

What are you trying to attract? Why are you trying to attract it?

If you are trying to attract love, okay this is a very fair want or need. We naturally long for inclusion, affection, to feel wanted, needed and well, loved. Creation is built upon an energetic principle, the highest and most pure of energies is emotional energy - that of love, equivalent to radiating pure white light. So if your life plan is not giving you a break in the love department, then sure go ahead and try to hold as positive and optimistic vibration as possible to help you find the love of your life.

However, please heed the advice about subconscious work. For example, you have had four or five relationships that have failed for seemingly various reasons; take pen and paper and ask lots of 'why' questions, drilling down to the subconscious root cause of why this might have occurred - you may find a singular root cause. You fear abandonment because you were once abandoned. Or you fear intimacy because it's alien to you. Or that you cannot accept others for who they are because no one ever accepted you for who you are. And so on.

The subconscious work must be done; explored, examined and accepted. It must see the light of day and neutralized. Then you can freely hold a positive and optimistic vibration about finding true love without emotional blockers such as disbelief, unworthiness, excessive love for the self, hate of the self, distrust, improbability of success, and so on.

If you want to manipulate the law of attraction for emotional gain such as manipulation, power or control over others, then know that these are of a negative nature and you should explore your reasoning for wanting them. Know that you will need to hold a rather negative vibration for this to work as they themselves are a product of negative energy.

If you seek material gain or money, then ask yourself; do I want it in order to gloat, show-off, control others, feel superior and so on? Again these are products of negative drivers, illustrating that you have a blockage in your yellow chakra.

If you seek money as a facilitator to help you perform good works, be creative, see the world, create a more comfortable life for you and your family or to simply get out of poverty, then holding a positive optimistic vibration should work, so long as you work on balancing the self, through self exploration, subconscious work and meditation.

In the end, you are a co-creator. This means that you create the world you see around you and everything in it by both interacting with it and attracting circumstances, people, things and events to you. You interact with the world and change things, in turn creating. Others create the world too, so they too are co-creators. You build a tree-house and you have interacted with our earthly illusion by changing it, co-creating it, and it will stay that way until some other co-creator tears it down.

You can take control of the law of attraction like any other creation, but ask yourself how much you want to. You are here for this lifetime on a journey of learning and experience, and what you may want as a human, may not be the same as your soul thinks you should have - for the purpose of your overall spiritual progression. So, work on spiritual balancing of the self, meditation, inner-peace and happiness in the now - in turn creating a positive emotional and physical way of life for yourself. You'll then most likely find, that the most positive things in life will automatically attract to you in abundance.

The Law of Attraction #3: How to Use the Law of Attraction | Nicky Sutton 
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