19 June 2015

The Law of Attraction: Why You Shouldn't Bother to Use it

The law of attraction, why you shouldn't use it
The law of attraction provides you with catalyst, for example, people, circumstances, events or things, that match your current vibration - all for the purpose of learning and experience. Many people believe that the law of attraction can be manipulated in order to provide them with what they want in life, and this is true to some extent. But would you really want to do this?

Please read my article 'The Law ofAttraction: How and Why it Really Occurs' for important background on how it works and why it exists.

Many people show an interest in the law of attraction because they've heard that if they hold a positive, optimistic vibration (emotional frequency) then the law of attraction will provide them with positive things. For example, believing that you'll be rich will make you rich. This is possible to some extent, but there are excellent reasons why people fail at it. They don't really understand what they're doing, their egotistical self is ruling the show and they miss the point of the law of attraction altogether. So here's why you shouldn't bother to manipulate the law of attraction, and just relax into it to get more out of life.

Your ego is the all encompassing perception of yourself, the tangled web of you. It's everything about your personality that makes-up who you are, your concept of 'I am' or 'me'. Your egotistical self is you under the illusion that you're separate from the rest of creation, everybody and everything; when you're really an intrinsic part of an energetic unified whole. Your spiritual self (unconscious self or soul) is somewhat in conflict with this egotistical self, hence aspects of spiritual balancing involve the dissolution of some of the ego. The ego is not a bad thing, we utilize it in experiencing earthly life. You can work on recognising and dissolving parts of the ego in order to find more peace and joy in life.

So, it's your egotistical self that's really interested in manipulating the law of attraction to get you what you want. The ego wants you to become wealthier, more powerful, respected, well-known, popular and successful, with an abundance of material goods to show everyone just how great you are. Your spiritual self, says 'who cares' about these things because it knows they're transient. Once a certain level of spiritual balance is achieved, egotistical desires seem rather meaningless compared to a time when you were under the brainwashing of this earthly illusion, when your ego was all that you knew and all that drove you on.


Reason 1, why you shouldn't bother to manipulate the law of attraction is that it's the stuff of the ego. Your spiritual self simply doesn't need to do it.

Moving on. Given that the universe (or creation) gives you what you need for the purpose of your own learning and experience, and it provides this on the basis of the emotional vibratory frequency you are holding at the time (especially that of your subconscious mind), the best thing for you to do is: to relax into it.

That's right, it's advisable to let creation dish out what it needs to give you, and you take it and learn from it. The reason for this is that if you don't pay attention and learn from the lessons being set down, you'll likely have to repeat them until you do. The whole point is that you pay attention to reasons why certain people, circumstances events and things have entered your life, so that your soul can learn all that it needs to learn in order to become wiser and to experience everything, so that spiritual progression can be made.


Reason 2, why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, is because you need to learn the lessons that are already being set down, because these are the lessons that you need to learn for your overall benefit and for the spiritual progression of your soul or spirit.

Furthermore, by letting go and relaxing into life and flowing with it, you'll actually be raising your own vibration. Your subconscious self is not receiving negative commands from your conscious self, and it's primarily through the subconscious mind that manifestation occurs.

If you stop fighting life, by for example, repeatedly getting angry at things, being frustrated by people, becoming anxious about events, suppressing your subconscious problems, always fearing the worst and so on, you'll relax into it and examine why you feel the way you do and learn from it.

So, if your boss is giving you too much work to do, deal with the problem without attributing too much negative energy to it, otherwise you're only creating negative energy for yourself and attracting more negative circumstances to you. Examine why this occurrence makes you feel the way it does, accept these feelings and learn from them, realize that your boss is what he is, and that his actions were probably sent to challenge you. Then you can go about changing circumstances for yourself, for example, through a formal meeting or complaint, or by changing jobs etc. Learn from the experience, rather than fighting the situation with stress, anxiety, taking it out on your family and having sleepless nights and so on. Acceptance and understanding of the catalyst and the resulting effects on you, will break the cycle of negative attraction.

Hold and enjoy positive emotions. Recognise and let go of negative ones by seeing them for what they really are – a self generated noise in your mind/body/spirit complex that you must learn from. It's not recommended that you suppress the occurrence of lessons that feel negative by attempting to maintain a positive vibration through positive focus, which may be of superficial origin. It is best to let all experiences express themselves in order to make full use of the wisdom they bring.


Reason 3. why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, is because; by relaxing into life you're naturally attaining a level of peace and acceptance and are therefore better able to deal with life's challenges. Your vibration is naturally raised, in turn attracting more positive people, circumstances, things and events to you as per the law of attraction!

Attempting to gain control over your negative emotions can result in them being bottled up and smashed-down into your subconscious, leaving them lurking there to repeat on you later in sudden emotional flare ups. Control therefore, often results in a build up of negative energy that can manifest as poor physical and mental health.

On the other hand, acceptance of the negative emotions can provide great release and understanding. By accepting ones own negative emotions, you can examine their origins, allowing yourself to heal, and therefore attempting to convert negative energies into positive ones by channelling energies in more positive directions. For example, a feeling of great sadness can be channelled into a work of art, a piece of writing or even a blog. Or a feeling of great loneliness or loss can be channelled into helping others overcome similar immense loss. Therefore negative energy is turned into a positive creation and let go.

Therefore, when you control your negative emotions you are holding them constantly within – you therefore attract more negative circumstances, people, things and events as per the law of attraction. You then attempt to control the resulting emotions from these, without paying attention to and learning the lessons. So attempting to control the law of attraction is not productive.

Conversely, by accepting your emotions and allowing healing and positive energies to flow throughout your mind/body/spirit complex, you attract more positive circumstances, people, things and events as per the law of attraction. So accepting what the law of attraction gives you is productive!

And so....

Reason 4, why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, is that manipulation is control and this is a negative endeavour that will bring more negativity as per the law of attraction. By not manipulating the law of attraction your acceptance of it will turn events more and more positive quite quickly.

You can't lie to yourself or the universe (or creation). If you try to manipulate the law of attraction by attempting to focus ultra positively about being successful and wealthy, then you're ignoring an emotional undercurrent within your subconscious which says negative things like, 'I can't do this', 'I will fail' and 'I'm not really good enough'. Focusing positively in life without addressing your underlying issues is like trying to paddle upstream with a spoon. You can't make yourself believe in something you simply don't believe. You can't keep telling yourself in the mirror to be positive about an outcome that you don't really believe will happen.

Creation isn't stupid either. If subconsciously you feel like a failure, then constantly telling your concious self that you're successful will not address your reasons for feeling like a failure. But the law of attraction will address it. It will present opportunities over and over to make you feel like a failure until you pay attention and accept what it feels like, in turn letting go of trying to be successful. Success then...is much more likely to follow. The universe (creation) knows when you're lying to yourself.

Once the subconscious mind receives the positive instructions from the conscious mind of a positive vibration it can begin to execute them, however there must not be suppressed trauma within the subconscious as this creates block to the law of attraction.

Right then...

Reason 5, why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, because trying manipulate it involves masking your subconscious negativities with positivity and the universe doesn't buy it. You're creating negative energy, for example frustration, by masking your disbeliefs with positivity, therefore attracting more frustrating circumstances and outcomes. Let go and do not manipulate. You can't stay positive all the time anyway.

It's mathematically impossible for every person to be wealthy. The same is true for any other outcome. For one man to be wealthy, many must be poor. This is why the distribution of wealth in uneven, otherwise we would live in a perfectly fair society where everyone, by birthright, had an equal share of the planets resources (goodness me wouldn't that be amazing!). So if everyone tried a single method to manipulate the law of attraction to become wealthy, how could they they all become successful? They can't.

Again, the universe is not usually on board with manipulation of the law of attraction. We each experience our lifetimes through our own unique perceptions, personalities and biases for the benefit of creation to share in these existences and gain as much as we do. If every entity's lifetime was identical, as society would have us believe it should be, for example, through hard labour, making money, buying stuff, having a few vacations, soaking up the media and so on, then your soul and creation would gain little from existence. Therefore, we receive clues that the universe is not going to let everybody successfully manipulate the law of attraction.


Reason 6, why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, because it's not possible for everyone to achieve the socially dictated measures of personal egotistical gratification known as 'success' and the universe is not going to oblige everyone if it's not in their life plan.

Before you were born, as a conscious intelligent entity (soul) in charge of your own destiny, you likely set out a set of learning and experience aims for this lifetime. You should watch out for and pay attention to these or you may need to repeat the lessons or further incarnations until you do. By spending a lifetime trying to manipulate the law of attraction to bring you other experiences that your egotistical human self has chosen within this lifetime, you may be missing the point of this incarnation.

Therefore my friend...

Reason 7, why you shouldn't manipulate the law of attraction, is because you may be missing the point of your incarnation and focusing on transient objectives that are contravening your life plan. Therefore your egotistical unachievable aims are distracting you from your pre-incarnatively chosen lessons. You are focusing your energy in the wrong place, creating negative energy and in turn attracting even more negative energy as per the law of attraction.

In Conclusion

Observe each experience - accept, examine, balance and learn. Let the lessons sink to your subconscious mind. Again, once the subconscious mind receives the positive instructions from the conscious mind of a positive vibration it can begin to execute them, however there must not be suppressed trauma within the subconscious as this creates block to the law of attraction.

As your self acceptance and awareness of the law of attraction in your daily life grows, you will be able to use it's catalyst more efficiently for your personal positive evolution. Let go of artificial manipulation and let the law of attraction bring you whatever positivity the universe feels you are ready for.

Manipulation and control are negative by their very nature. Let life flow over you like a river, know that peace and happiness are already within, and do the best you can. You may be surprised that the positive energy that this brings, will attract far more positive circumstances, people, things and events that you could have ever dreamed of! And I don't just mean money ;-)

The Law of Attraction #2: Why You Shouldn't Bother To Use it or Manipulate It | Nicky Sutton
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