26 July 2015

Co-Creation: How We as Co-Creators Manipulate Our Illusory Reality

Co-creators and co-creation
We come to realize that reality is an illusion of sorts, interpreted by our five senses which are perfectly programmed to perceive it. As everything is created from atoms (with space between), which are themselves made-up of particles of intelligent energy, we know that we reside within an energetic illusion. This illusion is called by quantum physicists 'The Unified Field' - an energetic soup in which our consciousnesses exist and interact with, creating what we perceive as earthly life. You could describe the energetic unified field as 'god' or the creation, the very consciousness of the universe that is all that there is. So how do we really alter and manipulate this energetic illusion that we call reality? And if reality is an illusion, how is it that other people can influence and change our own reality?

You were born into a reality that had already been manipulated by other creators. They co-created the environment you see around you for the most part. If you live in the town or city, take a look around you. Most of what you see is probably man-made. The ground will be gray concrete, there will be roads and buildings everywhere. If there's a patch of green it's likely to have been created and cultivated by someone; a scene that's far removed from the natural landscape that was once there before humans came along. Out in relatively remote areas, beyond the concrete habitats we call towns and cities, beyond all the land that has been cleared for agriculture; you may reach relatively untouched land that has barely been altered by human hand or machine. So depending on where you reside, the majority of us were born into a world thoroughly covered by the marks of others - other creators having co-created your environment long before you arrived.

Besides earthly terrain, much more has been co-created by humans before you were born. Objects, babies, social behaviors, organizations, systems, ideas, opinions, cultures, traditions, attitudes, even residual energies and thought-forms; all created en-mass, together, as co-creators manipulating our earthly illusion and the energies within it. The emotional state of entire groups of people too is co-created by individual creators. Each endowed with free-will and the ability to manipulate their own reality, they in turn sway the collective experiences of large numbers of humans. Your actions frequently impact others as they impact you, and so together we co-create everything we know.

The unified field facilitates that earthly illusion, plus the illusion of the universe and everything within it. If you were to travel to other worlds then they would be there - it's all within the field. It also contains every plane of existence, universes, dimensions, densities, frequencies, energies, time, space and everything perceivable. Simply one portion of the unified field is the third dimension/density in which we incarnate and inhabit.

We co-create our reality using two sets of resources. Set one; the Earth's and the sun's resources. Set two; our thoughts, emotions and desires.

For example, the chemical and kinetic energy required to maintain, fuel and move our bodies comes from set one, as does anything we physically create using the earth's resources. A social behavior, group, organization or culture would have been formed mainly using set two, using our minds, thoughts and emotional energies.

The unified field, that's the totality of the energetic reality in which we live, contains the information that our senses decode as earthly life. So, the unified field presents to us 'set one' of resources that we need in order to create our reality and we use these to co-create reality with others. We each possess consciousness, a focal point of intelligent energy existing within the unified field, interacting with it. The unified field presents our consciousness with the energetic code of our reality, which our consciousness interprets into the life we perceive. Our own consciousness then uses the field to manipulate the intelligent energy to create things, carry objects, consume, move around or do anything.

For example, coded within the unified field as particles of intelligent energy are pieces of wood. I use my hands (also made-up of intelligent energy, perceived by my conscious self as actual hands) to build a chair. I also use a hammer and nails (made of atoms/particles of energy). Once my chair is finished I perceive that I have built a wooden chair. In reality my consciousness, present within the unified field, has transmitted energetic signals (thoughts) into the field to build the chair, and the field has responded by giving me the energetic resources for my consciousness to do so. The unified field and I have manifested a 'chair' however the chair is simply a collection of particles of energy, recorded within the field, perceived by my senses as a physical chair. The process of building it too was an energetic/consciousness interaction processed by my senses as a physical process performed by my body using wood, hammer and nails. The unified field will remember the chair in it's energetic code and it will remain there until another co-creator burns it or destroys it. At which point it's energetic code within the field will change to another form. Burnt ashes perhaps, of a different atomic (energetic) structure.

Hence we are creators of our own reality. And given that 'set two' of resources that allow us to create are instrumental in interacting with the unified field, we must not overlook them. The energetic soup that we exist within is very sensitive to thoughts, emotions and desires - although we largely ignore these as things that go on solely within our heads, isolated to individuals unless expressed verbally or bodily. In reality, these energies enable us to create and manifest our reality. Take the law of attraction. The vibration you are holding is constantly known by the unified field - it is this energy that knows all there is to know about you, it's the unified field that brings you that which you attract.

Another way to imagine the unified field is like this (and please remember that time and space (distance) are an illusion); A game for a game console is downloaded and stored in the memory of the console. It is a small space physically, but it contains the code for the entire game. The game once begun, seems like a vast landscape, an entire world, totally interactive. The avatar or character within the game is not a physical person, but looks like one within the context of the game. To the avatar, the world looks and feels real, it is real, and the avatar cannot see through this illusion. All he sees is the illusion. The difference here to our own reality is that the avatar does not possess consciousness or awareness, and the game is not as advanced as our own reality. So now, imagine an energetic illusion that is so vast and infinitely intelligent that it could contain real conscious avatars, that are alive and sentient. These conscious avatars are completely unaware of the true nature of their existence (as immortal souls) due to the convincing and infinite nature of the illusion. This is our reality.

You are not just a bag of meat. You are an energetic being within a sea of energy, and your thoughts, emotions and desires are key to the life you are experiencing. Energy is everything. The word 'energy' is hard to define because there are so many different forms, but energy is the very fabric of existence. The physical world you perceive is the product of an energy/sensory interaction, brought about by your consciousnesses (or soul) for the purpose of reincarnational learning and experience.

So 'set one' of resources (the earth/the sun) you use to manipulate and create your physical surroundings. 'Set two' of resources (thoughts, emotions, desires) is used for expressive, creative, social and non-tangible (for example, having a purpose) type creating, plus as fuel for the law of attraction. Hence you are a creator.

Co-creators then. How is it that other people can influence and change your reality? Just like your consciousness creates within the unified field; perceiving it and interacting with it, so too do other consciousnesses. There are approximately 7 billion humans on earth, therefore at this point in our perceived time-line there are 7 billion points of consciousness incarnate as human within the portion of the unified field (or creation) called Earth.

These other consciousnesses go about their perceived daily lives interacting with the unified field, creating too. They use 'set one' of resources to move objects around, prepare food, exercise their bodies, go to work, perform tasks and so on. They use 'set two' of resources to think up ideas, feel love for their children, enjoy socializing, have wants, needs and desires, and so on. Each and every time 'set one' or 'set two' of resources are used, the unified field is altered.

The unified field (or creation) remembers all alterations and keeps them that way, in accordance with the natural laws programmed into this illusion.

For example; you make a sandwich and place it outside. You altered the energetic coding of the unified field by assembling the sandwich, and this the field remembers. A fox comes along and takes the sandwich. The fox is a co-creator because it too has the ability to manipulate the field. It eats the sandwich. The field is programmed in it's infinite intelligence that the food will be broken down by the fox's stomach (controlled by its own consciousness), be excreted as other substances and then be absorbed into the earth. All actions taking place according to the programmed natural laws of this illusion. You and the fox are co-creators.

Another example; you strongly desire some companionship. Another person (a co-creator just like you) also strongly desires companionship. These emotions of a loving nature, cause you both to manipulate the unified field by searching a dating website in which you find each other and go on a date. You remain together due to the emotion of love. The entire experience is a creation, co-created by souls (point's of consciousness) incarnate as human, within the unified field (creation) manipulating it for the purpose of experience.

If you created a sculpture and placed at the front of a building, the unified field would remember this energetic alteration. It would subject it to some natural laws such as weathering, decomposition (depending upon the sculpture's composition) and maybe the odd bird perching on top doing its business. The sculpture would remain there until another co-creator, perhaps in 60 years time, comes and tares it down. The consciousness of the co-creator is interacting with and altering the information within the field. The atoms are being moved.

This kind of thing we take for granted. People change things and we live with the changes. There are further implications however. We greatly overlook the impact of 'set 2' of resources, in this case emotions, as a form of energy that manipulates our reality. As co-creators, the vibration we are holding in large groups or populations affects each and every individual, yet we barely acknowledge this fact.

This effect is vividly apparent when the 'meditation effect' is studied. This is where large groups of meditators meditate together at the same time. Positive effects are felt in surrounding areas, and even globally as crime rates and violence reduce significantly during those periods of time.

As a race we are subjected to media that frequently serve to create fear and anxiety to increase our dependence on those who administer the system (as well as dumbing us down to create subservient populations). The system itself is one where stress and anxiety tend to fester. The negative energies manifest by populations cause many individuals to hold a negative vibration, in turn, attracting negative experience. As a global population, if we collectively held a positive vibration, we would collectively attract positive existence. As co-creators this is where we are most powerful.

We can co-create a new system of living where no one is born unequal. Where everyone is given a fair chance, through social equality and resource based living. We can co-create such a reality, and collectively manifest positive energy for all. Co-creation implies co-operation, not competition. We can co-create anything we want using 'set one' (earthly) resources wisely, and 'set two' (mental and emotional) resources in positivity and the highest intent.