4 July 2015

How to Relate to Non-Spiritual People After Your Spiritual Awakening

how to deal with people who are not spiritual
So you've gone through a spiritual awakening. It might have been a quick process or a long one, easy or traumatic, you may have had to partially or fully reinvent your sense of self because both your perception of reality and your ego were stripped bare. One thing however is a very common question among those who've gone through a spiritual awakening, and that's 'How do I deal with non-spiritual people?'

You might feel like a different person. Your perceptions have shifted. Perhaps you view physical death, physical reality, the nature of existence, the power of consciousness and the universe completely differently. You're on a path of intense learning and experience and it's overwhelming at times. You may have realized that the life we lead is largely controlled by unseen human forces for social, economic and political reasons. You might have seen an apparition, had a near-death or out-of-body experience, you could have benefited from meditation, received contact from a loved one or spirit guide on the other side, or some other profound experience.

Whatever your experiences have been, you now feel that your perceptions and level of consciousness are moving outside of the 'norm'. The norm incidentally, is a socially and mass media driven psychological dictatorship that causes us to police each other to behave in certain socially acceptable ways - such as absorbing meaningless TV programs, shopping a lot, feeding the ego with materialistic desires, wasting intellect on frivolous entertainment and other non-mind-expanding activities that in no way satisfy our soul's hunger for creativity, learning, exploration and freedom.

So, however your spiritual awakening has gone, it's left you feeling different to the person you were before. The problem is, your friends, family and acquaintances expect you to be the same. Too sudden or large a change in you, the more people will sense that something is 'off', and they might want to know what has happened to you. Sometimes, they don't like it - leaving your newly awakened self feeling alienated, rejected, even mocked and ridiculed.

You might be lucky and have open-minded and accepting family and friends. Many however loose a few or even all of the people they know and love, simply because these people cant understand how this change has come about. They have a hard time relating to you now, just like you find it harder and harder to relate to them.

The main thing to remember is to hold love in your heart for everyone and everything. Don't blame anyone for misunderstanding you, they haven't been exposed to the awakening process that you have had, and their frame of reference is different. Feel love and compassion even for those with whom you now have little in common, because their interests are those of a materialistic and egotistical world - it's simply the frame of reference they have been conditioned to and it's a hard condition for them to see though. Simply stay pleasant and kind no matter who you meet. They may aspire to be like you and understand you better.

Now that your perspectives are perhaps rather more universal, it might be tricky for you to gain as much joy from talking about things that people usually talk about, such as sports, personal appearance, things to buy, who said what, who's doing what, what's on TV and more. Those things that provided commonality between you and others before seem rather meaningless to you now. Not that you have lost total interest, but other priorities have surfaced for you, such as experiencing this beautiful planet, indeed saving it from destruction, being creative, helping others, bettering yourself physically and mentally and so on. Talking about the transient and meaningless surface issues in life holds no overriding purpose when there is so much more to be gained from our reality. It seems to be the norm to have no real interests in life - only media fed fads for your consumption, for the purpose of making someone else a profit.

So how to deal with the fact you have less in common with the people you know after your spiritual awakening? Well you don't want to ditch your family simply because they don't understand you, so you may need to dumb down your newly found truths for them. Empathy is required on your part because your mother or father for instance might find the change in your opinions and perceptions a little daunting. It's not their fault, they have their own beliefs and ways of thinking, they might feel they are losing the person they love. Therefore, there is no harm in being a simpler version of your spiritual and philosophical self for the sake of those you love in order to maintain good relationships. Still express yourself, but not all at once.

You don't want to give your family a three hour lecture on the nature of our existence the very next time you see them. Drop little hints of ideas here and there and work them in, showing the changes in you mildly, but not hiding them completely. Your family may want to share your new interests - however, a sudden change in you may cause them unnecessary worry because it's outside of their perceived safety zone.

You can lose friends if they are particularly materialistic for example. You know that materialism is transient as you can't take any of it with you when you go over. Collecting lots of material possessions and money serves only to satisfy a hungry ego that needs the security blanket of continuous gifts to fill the empty void that is the ignorance of the true purpose of our existence. Hence some friends; it's OK to just let them go. Others may adjust to you and you can meet them somewhere in between in terms of opinions and they might align more with your ideas - you could even be helping them awaken from their own egotistical illusion.

Feeling alienated and isolated is normal, you feel a sense of separation from those you know since your spiritual awakening. You might feel you cannot be yourself or express yourself for fear of ridicule. Being among many perfectly nice, kind and friendly, yet unawakened people can be tolerated by you for a time, but you must be free to be you. Therefore finding new friends and acquaintances is a great idea.

This can be done, for example, through websites that arrange friendly and informal meet ups and spiritual groups for spiritual discussion. You could start yoga or meditation classes. You could even approach a Buddhist, Hindu or Spiritualist organisation - whichever resonates with you. There are online forums and communities of like-minded spiritual people too, simply perform a search for them. Even pages and groups on social media can bring a lot of new friends your way. Some may live near to you (always be careful of course when arranging to meet anyone).

By finding new like-minded friends, you are able to grow and develop both mentally and spiritually. You are free to be creative with your thoughts and actions and not feel suppressed. If it's part of your life plan to meet like-minded friends then it will happen. It's more likely to happen if you attract them to you as per the law of attraction - by holding a positive and optimistic vibration about meeting new people and the ideas that you will share.

Those who experience a negative spiritual awakening, for example, people who obsess over conspiracies, can become highly warped and negative. Much negative energy in the form of anger and resentment can be accumulated by immersing oneself in conspiracy theories (as true as many of them may be). Although these individuals may feel that spiritual ideas resonate with them, they are so caught up in the negativities surrounding our physical illusion, such as war, economic manipulation, inequality and more, that they actively repel those of a positive vibration from them. They attract only people of a negative nature. As an example; those who make very negative, angry and ranting YouTube videos, tend attract many negative trolling comments. Those who make positive loving videos full of hope and inspiration attract mainly positive and loving viewers and comments. Therefore, ensure your spiritual awakening remains positive, in love and light, so that you can attract positive people of a similar vibration to you, as per the law of attraction.

Some people don't want to know that they are ruled by an egotistical self that the media and social norms feed constantly for it's own satisfaction Their ego doesn't want to know, for example, that quantum physics reveals that our reality is an energetic illusion for our senses to read and our consciousness to interpret and interact with. They just don't want to know. So blurting out your new ideas may result in some anxious looks being thrown your way and perhaps some concern for your mental health.

A kundalini experience is one example of a spiritual phenomenon that is sometimes mistaken for a psychotic episode. The cleansing that this kundalini energy provides can throw-up some dark parts of the self, laid bare for the individual to deal with. In these instances, the person can break down and suffer many months of emotional turmoil. At this point the individual is treated for some kind of psychosis with drugs, instead of being offered the love and support they need to manage the cleansing process. The same is true for any type of spiritual awakening when your opinions, values, beliefs, even energies, become out of alignment with other people's, they perceive you as having lost your mind! The more you try to convince them of the positive impact that spiritual ideas have had on your life, such as finding some inner peace and happiness - the more they believe you're mad for sticking to your opinions. It may not be their fault, they're immersed in illusion. In these cases, it can often be best to avoid such individuals and seek those of a lighter vibration.

You can sow the seeds of inspiration for certain non-spiritual individuals who are willing to listen for a few moments. They may have a subconscious remembering of there being more to our reality than meets the eye. A seed of thought can be sown, and grow throughout consciousness like a tree. It however requires the seed to be sewn.

So, for friends and family that show a glimmer of interest, you could point out a few spiritual ideas. For example, that continually looking to far horizons to make you happy with only result in further horizons presenting themselves, and that happinesses can be found in the now within each of us. Or encourage them to do a little meditation just for a week because it calms the mind and helps with depression and anxiety. Or introduce them to their ego because they probably don't realise it exists. Or, explain that tangible objects are created from pure energy because atoms consist of pure energy and everyone learned about atoms and molecules at school! Or that animals are conscious sentient beings too and don't deserve to be eaten. Or show them a good program on perhaps, near death experiences or some other interesting phenomena that interests you to spark their interest. Judgement is required as to whether this will be acceptable to them.

It's a good idea to open up and talk to those especially close to you whom you love, so that you do not feel alienated from each other. Communication is key and you don't want to lose, for example, your partner if you suddenly find yourself out of alignment with them. Discuss the changes in you and help them to understand. Spiritual awakening can commonly cause relationships to break up due to a sudden misalignment of opinions and poor communication. Stay calm and empathise with them, keep talking and be patient. It's okay to have differing interests!

You don't want to hide your true self if people cant accept you for who you are. It's natural for spiritual awakening to be a solitary path until you find others to relate to. It can help you to grow and adjust spiritually if you do take some time out on your own. You may be lucky and have one or two people in your life that share your ideas, perhaps they were the catalyst for your spiritual awakening and you can draw strength from them. But if you are feeling lonely, then before you aim to meet new like minded people, it's a good idea to take time to become comfortable with yourself first. 

Your ego was likely stripped bare because much of what you thought you knew about reality has been transformed and you have new ways of thinking. It can take time to rebuild your sense of self. Therefore to explore and examine the self, and rebalance. Focus on learning, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, or travel and so on. Once you truly know yourself, then you'll make real friends who love you for being you, the evolved you, at a higher state of consciousness, peace and love.

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