18 July 2015

What is Synchronicity? A Heads-up Because It's Time to Pay Attention

What is synchronicity
Synchronicity is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as 'The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection'.

Synchronicity is a phenomenon that falls under the umbrella of 'the law of attraction' because it has the same root cause and similar intended effects. However, synchronicity is especially fun because creation (or the universe) often becomes overt and obvious in its attempt to get your attention and communicate with you, frequently leaving you flabbergasted and amazed.

What is synchronicity?

A concept initially put forward by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, he suggested that events are frequently meaningful coincidences, although they seem to have no relationship whatsoever, indeed appearing to be connected in some way.

Personal examples of significance that have happened me are;

- Meeting a person who would have much impact on my life and the first thing they said to me was that 'we are all made up of the same hydrogen atoms originating from distant stars, hence there is no you or me, only we'. I met this person by chance as I was midway though writing an article on the oneness of all things (the very same concept).
- Repeatedly running into a lady as if it were on purpose (it wasn't), at events, venues, in the street and so on. This went on for a number of months before we agreed to meet up for coffee. The chance meetings ceased and we are now friends.
- Receiving a tarot reading telling me to expect a child. The next day I found out I was pregnant. This could however be attributed simply to spirit communication, but the coincidence of having the reading at that time was likely attributable to synchronicity.
- While writing an article on a specific topic I am very frequently presented with seemly random life events that provide me with fundamental experience to do with the topic. Plus I am constantly presented with articles, books or videos that I wasn't even looking for, that add perspective to the topic at hand.

Personal examples over the last 2 days are:

- Being sent a link by my partner about an obscure sort of event in a nearby city. Later that day a new friend of mine asked if I'd like to go to it with her. She lives right near by to the event, and to come to her house first (I'd better go!).
- Sending my partner a link to a song that I was just listening to, just as he had finished listening to the same song (not a pop song so it was an unlikely choice).
- A friend complaining that she felt extremely separated from her own emotions, just as I had finished reading a chapter in a book addressing the very same topic, allowing me to be well equipped to help!
- Noticing three or four separate posters for missing pets in totally different geographical areas, then a close acquaintance's dog escapes and goes missing.
- Feeling that I should encourage a family member to express their creativity, then them complaining they are unable to express their creativity the next time I see them (although this could have been picked up psychically or given intuitively by spirit it still provides a synchronous result).
- Looking at my watch three separate times in one day, each time it being exactly on the hour.

The time or arrangement of numbers 11:11 is significant to many people due to it being frequently associated with synchronicity. There is no universal meaning to this, as each person may perceive it differently. It is usually however, some kind of 'heads-up' or signal to 'please pay attention' sent from spirit guides, love-ones in spirit, your higher self, or creation itself. Try observing and following these types of numerical synchronicities when they arise and see what type of meaning they produce for you.

So we see that synchronicity is a coincidence of great improbability, far less than random chance, that ties two or more events together in some meaningful way, for the purpose of drawing your attention to a particular matter to facilitate your learning or experience.

Synchronicity is meaningful to you, if others experience your synchronicity it will not hold the same meaning and implications for them. If you tell them about it, they will not be able to perceive the applicable lessons offered by it that you can.

Synchronicity can however present both positive or negative lessons depending on the vibration you are holding, whether within your subconscious and conscious mind. You will attract synchronicity according to the same rules as the law of attraction. Most of the time however synchronicity seems to be a tool used by creation to provide joyful surprises to the recipient - if they are paying attention of course.

The reason for the synchronicity may not always be abundantly clear, however, by paying attention we can learn the lesson being pointed out without even realising it.

Who is Doing It?

Creation (the universe, god, source or whatever you wish) is everywhere and everything. You are part of it. It wants you to learn and experience because it in-turn gets to learn and experience. As per the law of attraction; circumstances, people, things and events are attracted to you according to the vibration you are holding either consciously or subconsciously - but mostly subconsciously. Creation does this in order to provide you with the lessons and experience that you require in order to spiritually progress as a unique entity. Creation works though your subconscious to give you what you need, and your subconscious (or some say unconscious) self manifests these things for you for this very purpose.

Your subconscious (unconscious, spirit or soul) has the definite ability to manipulate the intelligent energy of our earthy illusion (and beyond) to manifest the realities required for your utmost benefit.

Synchronicity is another tool that's used to present these lessons, but it's a bit more interesting because it can seem both playful and obvious. These chance-defying coincidences occur every day of our lives but our minds are so conditioned and brainwashed into thinking that synchronicities are mere random chance occurences, that we completely ignore every single one.

We are so under the egotistical illusion that random coincidences account for all of the synchronicity in our lives, that if we actually wrote down when each instance occurred we would see a pattern. And when 'chance' occurs that often, it alludes to design. And design is the opposite of chance.

Why Does Synchronicity Occur?

So, as already mentioned, synchronicity is a way for creation (manifested by your subconscious mind) to say 'head's up, pay attention'. If you're not paying attention to the lessons being laid down, or if there's some person, circumstance or event that you need to pay special attention to for some current or future learning objective, then synchronicity will highlight it.

Synchronicity expands your state of awareness and presents opportunities to reduce the impact of your egotistical self on your entire being (that's your mind/body/spirit complex) and do some work of a more universal nature - although the gravity of these lessons may never become apparent, in this lifetime anyway.

There may be a person who has entered your life but you're not making the effort required with this friendship for them to fulfil their role in your life and vice-versa. Synchronicity might encourage you to make the effort.

There may be an event that must happen to you but you are not on the right path to experience it, synchronicity may change your path. Or, there might be something that you've read that you need to remember, but your mind has already forgotten - if creation gets a family member to spontaneously talk about this very topic the same day, then you will be more likely to remember the thing you read and it be instilled in your subconscious mind for good.

You may attract people, circumstances, things and events in to your life due to the law of attraction, but synchronicity is the big heads up. Creation is being blatantly obvious about it when it uses synchronicity, so please pay attention.

When and How often?

The awesome thing about synchronicity is that if you recognise and realise it's happening, you experience it all the time! You de-program the illusion instilled in you that says 'brush off coincidence and immediately forget it'. Instead you reprogram yourself to recognise when synchronicity has occurred and to make a note of it.

It can begin to happen every single day if you pay attention. Yes, random chance events still occur but upon examination you can deem whether this is the cause or not.

Additionally, it gets more amazing. Simply because you're paying attention, synchronicity happens even more frequently. You are one with creation and there are no secrets. The universe knows what you know, so it realises (instantly) that you are paying attention to synchronicity, and the lessons come more frequently because you are obviously ready for life's lessons. You are at a stage in your progression when you are ready - so creation says, via your subconscious, lets go.

What To Do When Synchronicity Occurs.

Synchronicity is a highlighter. It's the highlighter on life, so pay special attention. Next time there's a weird coincidence, or three or four to do with the same topic, person, event or such like, then make a mental note or better yet, write it down. Each synchronicity is quickly forgotten because we are conditioned to brush-off coincidence!

Examine synchronicity. Patterns will emerge, for example, five or six weird coincidences have occurred to do with a certain friend. Compare each synchronicity; is there a theme? Was the purpose to get you to make more effort with them? Listen to them? Help them? Stand up for them? Support them? Have fun with them? and so on.

Once you have decided on one or more purpose, ask yourself why this is so. If the synchronicity seemed to point to you needing to show support to this person, why is that so? How is giving support significant to you? Was there a time in your life when you needed support but didn't get it? Or you didn't give it? Have you ever supported someone in this way before? Perhaps you simply needed to experience what it is like. How did you benefit? What did you learn?

That's the clincher: What did you learn? What did you experience?

Take that and think about it, in other words, contemplate it. Use some intuition when fully settling on the meaning of you experiences, as the largely ignored inner sense of intuition often holds the keys to greater meaning and universal understanding. Sit quietly and contemplate it, then meditate on it if you like. Take portions of meaning and meditate; hold the basic concepts in your mind until they sink into your subconscious. If you don't go that far, just mulling it over in your mind is enough.

Then...once a lesson is learned, you don't need to repeat. The lesson will no longer pop up again and again throughout your life until you pay attention to it and learn... you've already learnt it! Now you're wiser for sure.