24 August 2015

Thought-Forms: Your Creations of Thought Existing Among Us

Thought-forms are manifestations of concentrated thought that have gathered mass and sometimes consciousness. They exist in our reality and alternative layers of existence. Thought-forms come about when great concentration, emotion and desire are invested into a thought causing it to have a reality of it's own.

Thoughts are energy, so by focusing thought energy intensively our thoughts begin to manifest, carrying with them an imprint of ourselves, even a part of our own consciousness. Thought-forms can manifest using visualization with intent as explained in my article on using visualization &intention - which I recommend as further reading.

Thought-forms can manifest unintentionally when we're daydreaming about or imagining something with great vividness or desire. The daydream itself receives so much thought energy that it begins to take on a reality of it's own, manifesting in some other layer of existence outside of our perception. The Law of attraction may then bring it into our own reality attracting to us, or not, depending on the vibration we are holding.

An example of a thought-form would be; upon performing astral projection you meditate and strongly visualize a copy of yourself manifesting within the same room for the purpose of astral travel.

Or, recalling over and over some event, good or bad from your past. Doing this with intensity of thought can result in a part of your consciousness manifesting as a kind of double of yourself within space and time. It may remain there observing your past self and the event, over and over again.

Or, you wish for a vacation to some far away land, imaging it regularly and intensely - at which point a part of your consciousness appears in that location and for a moment you actually feel as if you are really there. You see the scenery, feel the breeze, hear the sounds and so on – a part of your consciousness is there, and this is called 'remote viewing'.

Or, some discarnate entity who cannot let go of their earthly life chooses to relive events. In doing so it imprints a portion of its own consciousness in an earthly location. Sometimes apparitions are observed who perform repetitive actions seemingly unaware of the presence of onlookers – these are such thought-forms.

The general nature of our energetic reality must be grasped in order to understand how and why thought-forms manifest as a result of intensified thought. Please read 'Why the World is an Illusion' for further understanding. In a nutshell, quantum theory suggests that we live in an energetic illusion of probabilities. All matter is energy and we exist within a 'unified field', a sea of energy that our consciousnesses interact with. All the while we're being fooled by our preprogrammed senses that translate the intelligent energetic code of the unified field into the reality we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Therefore given that everything is energy, including our thoughts and emotions, and that we ourselves and our reality is fundamentally a thought of our own consciousness - intensified thought can manifest matter.

Just like there's the spectrum of light; there is a spectrum of matter. Just as our frequency of light ranges from radio waves to gamma rays, matter ranges in density from, what is termed, the first density up to the seventh density. Our reality exists within the third density. Just like we cannot see radio waves or gamma rays only visible light, we cannot see the densities outside of our own existence. This is why certain ghosts or UFOs seem to phase in and out of our reality because they are theoretically altering frequency of the energy; frequency of matter.

Hence when intensified thought coalesces into actual manifestations, it wont likely come into existence physically within our third density reality. However, it doesn't mean that it's existence is any less valid or real. When your precious earthly life is through, you go over into dicarnate planes of existence awaiting further incarnation. Here the default body is activated, that's the etheric body corresponding with the indigo ray existence. In this state reality can be manifested and manipulate at will, and everything that is experienced is a product of thought-form creation.

It is said that those who pass-over blindly expecting to see hell will get hell. Those who pass over blindly expecting to see heaven, will get heaven. Those spirit guides and other discarnate entities of an angelic nature who have the duty of helping spirits passing over into the spirit world, must talk the newly 'dead' spirit around to the true nature of their surroundings. This is because the new arrival is very capable of manifesting the fiery depths of hell for themselves because of their unquestioning belief in heaven and hell, resulting in a very traumatic experience. Once this thought-form hallucination is dropped, then healing can begin. Nonetheless, this 'hell' thought-form could seem very real to the soul-entity experiencing it.

As a soul incarnate in human form, you manifest thoughts using the intelligent energy of creation, freely and unknowingly, and these thought-forms exist among us outside of our perceptual range. Psychics however can sense the presence of such manifestations, and if there is an emotional element to it then empaths can experience these emotions as if they were their own - perhaps not understanding the origin of the emotion.

Your thoughts regularly take form in your mind, for example, thinking of a concept and then visualizing it; it could be a thing, place, person, event and so on. Given enough emotional energy these visualizations manifest into thought-forms that may or may not take on a life of their own in other dimensions or densities - depending on the intensity of thought.

Thought-forms needn't be solely manifestations of people or things; events can occur as a result of intensified thought. Consciousness takes on collective characteristics when a couple, family, town, city or planet of entities are thinking together. So for example, if an entire nation is living in fear of some event happening, such as disease, flood or terrorism, then their collective thoughts can manifest these occurrences in their reality. The law of attraction will come about if they are vibrationally aligned with such occurrences. The thought-form that the people are creating will attract to them sooner or later.

If you listen to conspiracy theories you might have picked up that those unseen groups in power, who manipulate the masses globally, actually want us to exist in a collective negative vibration; having negative thoughts, and manifesting negative thought-forms for ourselves. One motivation for this is to make sure that we conform to the system imposed upon us and seek protection and direction from the powers that be.

Excess negative energy within the self can gather and intensify until it feels like it's taking over your personality. This can occur after long periods of mental and physical stress, sadness, loss, over-work, tiredness, anxiety and all manner of other negative energies and experiences. The negative energy deposits build up within your physical and emotional body and begin to collectively take on basic consciousness of their own. A person can become extremely negatively polarized, depressed, and physically and mentally ill as a result.

It's important to be mindful of the amount of negative thoughts that you experience, for example, if you have been working very hard in a stressful job for a long time without a break, you might find that your thoughts are predominantly of a negative nature most of the time. Fearing missing a deadline, rushing, worrying, caring little for yourself and others, will result in much negative energy building up within your mind/body/spirit complex. Focused negative thoughts can manifest a negative thought-form that must be purged from the mind/body/spirit complex.

Rest and relaxation is required. The mind must be free to focus on pastimes or material of a positive nature. A detoxification diet does well to purge the physical body of negative energy, plus plenty of exercise and sleep. The mind and body must take on a positive focus in order to rid the self of the negative thought-form that has been gaining in intensity and causing the negative feelings. Positive thoughts and energy can then become the norm, raising your vibration, creating a positive thought-form in and around you of pure white light.

In the same way, as well as unintentionally manifesting a negative thought-form within in the self, thought-forms can unknowingly manifest outside of the self, in the home or surroundings. Have you ever entered a dwelling and sensed some dark and negative energies? There may be a thought-form within the building that was unintentionally created by former inhabitants who were perhaps unhappy, stressed, anxious or argued a lot. These thought-forms can be purged and cleansed using various methods.

You take several forms at once through thought-form manifestation. Your physical body is always present within this illusion, but your consciousness has a multidimensional nature and can be in several places in space and time. For example while dreaming your consciousness travels away from your body interacting with other consciousnesses, manifesting thought-forms and realities, and performing other meaningful work (this is for another article). You can create a thought-form identical to yourself as mentioned earlier, and this information can be found in my article 'Astral Projection / Astral Travel Via Thought-Form Manifestation'. Consciousness need not reside within one form at one time.

The more energy and emotion you put into a thought, the more intensity it has. All form is created through thought in our energetic reality. So be mindful of the thoughts in which you invest much intensity of emotion, intention and desire, try to keep them as positive as possible, for even your thoughts are likely to have their own level of existence out there, somewhere in creation.

Thought-Forms: Your Creations of Thought Existing Among Us | Nicky Sutton 
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