24 August 2015

Thought: The Power of Thought in Forming Your Reality. You Are a Thought

Thought: Forming our reality
You are a thought. Reality is a thought. Everything is created, co-created, manipulated, interpreted, perceived and lived in thought. As I have described at length in the past, we live in an energetic reality.

In science lessons you learned that everything is made up of matter, and matter is energy. It follows that our consciousness is immersed in this unified field of energy and perceives it as the reality we know. We are avatars effectively, coded into the 'software' of reality, interacting with it. Energetic beings ourselves, endowed with consciousness, perceiving and interacting with our coded energetic reality – interpreting it as our life.

Quantum theory will tell you that we perceive our reality as a kind of a thought. That reality does not exist out there, outside of ourselves, but in our minds, our consciousness. However, reality does exist 'out there' as energetic code in wave form that famously turns into particles of matter when observed. The code is 'out there' and our consciousnesses are immersed in it, perceiving it as something very different to what it really is. We interpret the intelligent energy, the energetic code, as sights, smells, tastes, sounds and sensations.

You aren't really the fleshy bipedal homosapien, your soul or overriding consciousness really has made sure that that's what you think you are. The thoughts of your soul have provided you with a body comprising entirely of matter, particles of energy, just like all other matter you see around you, just composed a little differently. Your egotistical earthly self is a thought, a rather complex one, brought about by the ever seeking nature of consciousness, seeking to express itself in physical form - or what we perceive as 'physical' anyway.

When you look at a beautiful painting it really is there, but not as you perceive it. It's coded into the intelligent energy of the unified field in which we are all immersed. It may appear as a glowing haze of light particles to a discarnate entity from some other plane of existence but we perceive it as a painting. Your consciousness perceives the energetic reality of the painting and interprets it as seeing the object as a visual image, projected three-dimensionally within your mind.

You touch a fluffy rug. The rug is there, but it exists as energy in wave form, an infinite array of possibilities. As soon as we perceive the rug, it turns into matter, that's simply the rug itself being perceived. For matter is the measurable substance that arises upon coming into contact with a consciousness (or a recording device that inevitably will be observed by a consciousness) - matter must arise, as it's the energy wave of possibilities manifesting as the thing we are observing - it's all energy. The rug appears as a thought in our minds, however it exists as energy in the unified field, the soup of energy that our consciousness resides within.

We each are a thought, as mentioned; a thought generated by our soul.

Our human body is the yellow ray body in activation, corresponding with the yellow chakra. The soul, or overriding consciousness of the entity has activated the yellow ray body (or physical body) in order to manifest in this reality. The yellow ray body is of a vibratory frequency matching that of earth and our third density universe (or in indeed multiverse). So you see, reality itself is merely a thought, an infinitely complex one.

As I have explained many times; if we are to perceive an entity known as god, it would be the intelligent energy that is all that there is. Creation itself is alive and conscious. Souls are tiny infinite subsections of it in terms of consciousness. Just as we perceive our energetic reality as a thought in the mind, so too is life a thought of the one consciousness entity of creation. In the universe's infinite intelligence, it creates all that there is, manifesting it energetically through thought.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the slave to your conscious mind. Your conscious mind however is under earthy egotistical illusions. Your subconscious mind is the bridge to your soul. You do not have conscious access to it however it is your bigger, infinite mind. The thoughts you have in your daily life, are generated by your conscious mind, it is in the driving seat. Your subconscious mind however, being the big strong slave, responds to your conscious thoughts and therefore manifests your reality for you. You don't think about seeing a tree, you just see it. You don't consciously think about walking, breathing, cycling, talking, and so on, you just do them, because these are functions of your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious however, being 'of the soul' has the ability to manifest your reality via subconscious thought. For example, when learning about the law of attraction we see that we attract people, events, circumstances and things to us that reflect the emotion or 'vibration' that we are holding. This is brought about primarily through the subconscious mind, and the thoughts that sink into it from the conscious mind.

The subconscious holds a vast array of thought, emotion and desires that we do not consciously examine or even know exist, however they pop up to the surface as a result of some stimulus or catalyst. So we must perform work with the subconscious mind ensure that our reality is positive and optimal for us as it continually manifests. We can explore the subconscious mind for buried thought that causes us to hold negative energy that in turn is causes further negative circumstances to manifest as per the law of attraction. Another example is the state of our health...

Our unconscious self, or soul, continually manifests our physical self as already mentioned. The subconscious mind is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious self. Thought has the power to heal through strong intent and solid belief, because that which we can convince the subconscious mind, will manifest into reality. This is true, for example, when individuals undergo hypnosis to change subconscious beliefs about an illness that they have. They begin to remove the belief in the illness and the identification with it, and when the person is brought round, their physical illness is very often cured. The illness was a manifestation in the physical body of a thought that existed within the subconscious.

Thoughts, Decisions and The Time-Line

Every decision we make is a fork in the road. Decisions are made through careful or even spontaneous thought. If there are two choices we decide on a course of action and take it. However, in our waveform reality of possibilities and probabilities, those other choices that we didn't decide to take also get a chance to play-out their own reality simultaneously with ours. This is indeed hard to imagine for some.

This is where alternative timelines emerge and the multidimensional soul can be contemplated. In our infinite energetic reality, our lifetime will have infinite forks in the road resulting from every decision we made and all other possibilities that the we did not choose. In some reality or another each of these existence gets a chance to play out, all at once, as time is a perception of our making. This is a big topic to be explored in another article; however as we observe our thoughts in terms of decision making, we know that they are instrumental in choosing the path that we follow in this existence and therefore shaping the timeline for this version of you. Conscious thought and decision making results in the exclusion of other probable realities manifesting in our time-line of existence, relegating them to other timelines regardless of how improbable they may be.

Other Ways That Thought Influences Your Reality

In discarnate realms of existence you may assume whatever appearance you please according to your thoughts. A thought can take you anywhere you want to go simply by thinking of that place (as space itself is an illusion). A thought will take you to any time you wish to go to (as time is an illusion). Thinking of someone will allow you know everything about them all at once. So we see that thought manifests reality far more readily in discarnate layers of existence.


As we exist within an energetic reality, a soup of coded energy, we realize that thoughts too are energy – they are information that is coded into the program of reality. The more energy or emotion you put into a thought, the more intensity it has. Great strength and intensity of thought can manifest thought-forms. Covered in my next article, 'thought forms' are energetic objects or entities that manifest due to such intense thought. We share space with these thought-forms and we create them regularly.

For example, reliving a past traumatic event over and over again can create an energetic copy of yourself at said time-space, endowed with that part of your consciousness relating to the traumatic event. It relives the event in alternative planes of existence sometimes visible in our earthly reality. The more frequently or intensely you recall this traumatic event, the more vivid and lasting the thought-form you create. You can even manifest a type of 'ghost' in that time and space where the event occurred.


Your perceptions color the way you see the world. As mentioned, you decode the unified field within your consciousness to create the thought of reality. Know that your perceptions have a huge bearing on how you perceive this reality. Perceptions colour your thoughts, and these thoughts create perceptions – in a cyclical pattern. If you examine how you perceive aspects of your life you can consciously choose to perceive them differently, therefore experiencing your reality in a new and better way.


Thought is the key to understanding intuitive abilities. Psychic and telepathic activity revolves around thought, as does mediumistic spirit contact. All communication, whether it be between incarnate or discarnate entities, involves thought. Thought is everything. We regularly ignore the thoughts shared with others that produce those little coincidences, feelings of empathy or great rapport (or the reverse). Pay attention to thoughts that seem to arise form nowhere - your subconscious may have placed them in your conscious mind, or you could have picked them up from others or from spirit. Please see my articles on visualization, and visualization plus intention which are also thought related, and read about the impact that these can have on your reality.

Other entities, both human or discarnate, can send you healing and positive energy through thought. Simply thinking about a person with strong intent to wish them love and healing can improve the state of their physical and mental well-being (raising their vibration). Sharing love via thought is as easy as handing someone a gift - even easier than that, and it doesn't cost a thing.
In a karmic sense, your thoughts in this lifetime will help to mould and shape your future existences. For example, if in this lifetime you are not learning or experiencing what it's like to let go of your inhibitions because you have blocks due to an obsession with say, safety, then your thoughts regarding safety are potentially preventing you from learning the lessons of this lifetime. You may need to repeat incarnations until these lessons are observed.

In Conclusion

Imagine what our thoughts could do if we only realized it. If we collectively think hard on a new reality that is beneficial for everyone, our efforts will be magnified though the doubling effect. Our thoughts are stronger when there are many of us focusing on the same idea. Idea is thought and we can make those thoughts real if we focus together in positive directions.

Thought: The Power of Thought in Forming Your Reality. You Are a Thought
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