10 August 2015

Twin Flames: Are There Two of You Here At The Same Time?

The universe is stranger than we can presently imagine. Twin flames are said to be each one half of a soul, split into two. Conversely, a soul mate is a separate soul with which you have great attachment or connection over many lifetimes. Twin flames however, supposedly share an even greater connection; being two parts of the same entity.

Twin flames are in fact, two incarnations of a soul occurring at one time. It is not the splitting of a soul into two parts.

In the case of twin flames, they feel an irresistible urge to share companionship and love within a lifetime. Terms such as 'split incarnation' or 'parallel lives' can be given to two or more incarnations of a soul that occur within the same time frame without being aware of each other, or if they are aware of each other, then they are not predisposed to share a strong bond of companionship or love.

Previous relationships with soul mates may not feel as deep and connected as with a twin flame. A soul mate can feel like the absolute match for you but a twin flame you really feel 'one' with. There is a reason for that; you are 'one'.

Given the multidimensional nature of the soul and that time is really an illusion, imagine if you will, that all your incarnations are occurring simultaneously. If time is an illusion and we only perceive it running in a line because we are perceiving it from within, then we can see that each of our lifetimes exists all in an instant, all at once. Our soul does go through many incarnations and during each of these you develop sightly different personalities. You are born with certain personality biases because of other incarnations, but you develop all over again because of the stimulus you receive during this new lifetime. You develop, for the most part, a new personality each lifetime; with new preferences, biases, beliefs, wants, needs, aspirations and so on, due to the unique stimulus you are receiving.

The totality of your personalities and existences contributes to your multidimensional, dynamic higher self (or over-soul), which can be perceived in our terms using time; as yourself, far in the future. The higher self is the totality of you and all of the you's that have, do, and ever will exist (all at the same time).

Your higher self is far more intelligent than you are now, with a multidimensional mind, able to process the learning and experience of many lifetimes all at once, be all of those personalities simultaneously and experience them once more when ever it chooses in an instant. The higher self is the sum of all of your lifetimes, personalities and more, in it's great wisdom and intelligence.

Therefore it's easy to see, that for the purpose of learning and experience, that the higher self (or over-soul) may choose to send out two personality consciousnesses into earthly existences simultaneously.

Twin flames are simply two incarnations of your soul occurring at one time. It is not the splitting of a soul into two parts.

Traditionally, twin flames are seen as being male and female lovers with a very special, irresistible, magnetic connection. Given that there are infinite possibilities for learning and experience within creation, the higher self can be creative with its incarnations.

There have been many instances of past life regression or mediumistic contact which have suggested how a twin flame of a person has been a partner, child, sibling or parent in a previous life. There are many such relationships, for example, between mother and son where the two share a very special, inseparable bond and are highly involved in each other's earthly lives. Therefore twin flames don't need to be in an actual relationship - family members or very close friends can also be a second incarnation generated by your soul, with which you share an extremely strong bond of love and companionship.

The twin flame aspect can really express it's power and potential however when partners in a relationship are involved. Furthermore, although twin flames are traditionally seen as male and female partners; incarnations are also made within the same sex, being a catalyst for same sex relationships.

Twin Flames and Gender

As within my article 'the dynamic gender of the soul' I explain how there is male and female within all of us to a varying degree. It is said that each twin flame will possess either the male (animus) or the female (anima) orientation to a greater degree than the other. This allows the over soul to experience the duality of gender with the self. The resulting outcomes are obviously of great interest, in fact the experience of the duality with the self could frequently be the main motivator for the twin flame occurrence.

When same sex relationships occur among twin flames it is very possible that one partner may feel that they possess a soul of the opposite gender to their human sex.

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul mates are souls that we have a very strong connection with. We meet up with these entities lifetime after lifetime, instead of being our companions for only one or two lifetimes. These souls may be part of our soul group with which we travel through time and space. Just like twin flames, they could be a friend in earthly life, or a sibling, parent, or child. You may have a soul-mate who is not incarnate with you during this lifetime and you may recognise them when you pass over to the other side yourself.

So the difference between soul mates and twin flames is that a soul mate in not manifested by your higher self (or over soul), not part of your overriding higher consciousness, not another incarnation of yourself.

But Wait...We Are All One

Here comes a good point. If we are each a point of consciousness belonging to the infinite consciousness of creation, all 'one' within it – how can it be that a twin flame is part of us and the soul mate is another separate entity. Well, ultimately, the soul mate or any another other soul is part of us too.

Creation contains nearly an infinite number of consciousnesses in differing forms and levels of progression. Due to the multidimensional nature of the universe and that linear time is merely an illusion that we experience; there can be many more of 'you' at one time than just one you!

Hence, creation can be thought of as dividing, into many entities at differing levels of progression, residing in different areas of creation (different densities or frequencies of existence, dimensions, time lines and so on). Hence you could think of your higher self and other higher selves each as being one unit of creation, and your current incarnation or self as being a unit of your higher self. Ultimately if you go back up the tree you get to the entity at the top which is creation itself.

The Twin Flame Relationship

Twin flames, and indeed soul mates, may meet under synchronous conditions. It's likely that before birth, you incorporated your meeting into your life plan, hence it seems that you met on purpose. This could well be the case, and the circumstances can seem like an incredible coincidence. This can provide confirmation that you were destined to meet.

Twin flames within a relationship don't necessarily have a smooth ride, in fact soul mates often experience more harmonious relationships. Twin flames both have the same fundamental personality traits that bled through from previous incarnations. So if you have two people prone to speaking the unhinged truth, being disagreeable at times, or some other slightly negative personality trait, then these two people can clash; producing negative outcomes. Twin flames such as these need to learn to help each other by learning from the self, at the same time. They can cooperate to improve situations; therefore communicative is key.

Twin flames, both being incarnations of the same soul have a lot in common. They may want to work toward the same causes, follow the same interests, create similar works and socialize with the same people.

Your twin flame is unlikely to be present during every incarnation that you have. As mentioned, the soul incarnates twice within the same time frame on earth for the purpose of learning and experience, therefore for other experiences to be had, there must be lifetimes without. You may live an entire lifetime without your twin flame present. You might meet someone in your dreams, feel like you know them very well, and share love with them – this could be a twin flame entity visiting you in your dream to wish you well.

If there are important learning aims for a lifetime, two incarnations of the same entity (twin flames) existing together can often achieve them more effectively. Plus the over soul learns from this experience too.

During this exciting time of global awakening, as we make the transition to a new higher state of consciousness and higher frequency of existence; there may be many instances of twin flames incarnate on earth, here to experience or even accelerate this transition.

So if you feel like you've found your twin flame then you are very lucky. Know that you can experience and achieve much together, because you are literally 'one' and your energies can harmonize beautifully.