7 September 2015

Why ALIENS Don't Make Public Contact. Former Extraterrestrials Incarnating as Human

Why ALIENS Don't Make Public Contact.
Reasons for you, from various channellings and regressions, why aliens don't make public contact with Earth (this article is based on a transcript of the video below).

1. The Panic Factor
They don't make contact with Earth because it would cause mass panic and they don't want that, we're not ready for it. The powers that be, feed us information through movies and programs, for example Star Trek: The Prime Directive, that's actually true. The powers that be obviously know that aliens exist, they have made contact before, but aliens don't want to outwardly do that because it would cause mass panic and cause a very negative vibration. They do not want more of that, it's part of what they are trying to get rid of - which I'll go into in a minute.

2. An Excuse for 'The Illuminati' To Implement A Global Control System 
Reason number two why aliens don't want to make public contact is because it would unite us against a common foe. The illuminati or whatever you want to call them, the ones that control us, they try to keep us in a very negative vibration. We're obviously controlled through mass media, with a general constant level of fear. The threat of war, the threat of disease, pedophiles, things like that. These are all very real but we have it shoved down our throats. As well as, this they keep us in a sedentary state; we have to work very hard, we come home and are sedentary and very susceptible to the programming given by mass media. So if an alien race were to visit, it would definitely cause the powers that be that control us, to unite us against that new common foe. Whether the aliens that visit are positive or negative we would be united against a common foe rather than fighting against each other.

The military industrial complex and those who make a lot of money from wars like to keep us fighting against each other, keeping wars going on. The aliens do not want us uniting against them because it would give those unseen that control us the upper hand to unite us completely against that common foe. To bring in that 'new world order', you know that thing that you hear about.

3. We Must Experience Isolation
Another reason is; that a main point of an existence on Earth is to undergo the forgetting process at birth. When you're born you forget everything. There are a lot of other civilizations that don't have that, in fact they mostly don't have that. You're born and you have a remembering of your past lives and the nature of the universe and everything that goes on. You go and you have that lifetime and you complete the objectives that you want to fulfill within that lifetime. But the main feature of an earthly life is that you can't remember anything. So, aliens don't want to interfere with that. Nobody does. Because the purpose of a lifetime here is that the souls come in, they are born and they have quite a unique experience here in this, can be barbaric planet, can be extremely beautiful planet. We believe that we are alone and separate, but if they made themselves known we wouldn't believe we are alone and separate any more would we?

4. The Law of Freewill
Another point is that there is law in this universe called freewill. It's not to be infringed upon. We infringe upon our own freewill a whole lot of the time and that can create a negatively polarized individual who will not spiritually progress to the higher stages of existence. They won't go into that fourth density reality that the Earth is moving into. So aliens whether they are good or bad; infringing on freewill is bad. It depolarizes them, the same thing happens to them, they can't progress.

5. Quarantine
Throughout that galaxy and throughout the universe there are various councils and this has been shown through many channellings and regressions. There our councils throughout the universe that oversee different areas of the universe. When spirits are finished an incarnation, where ever they may be, they go in front of a council and explain what they have learned and decide where they want to go next. There's a council in our solar system apparently, looking after Earth and overseeing it. There is an armor of light around our planet, light of a frequency that cannot be seen. This stops negatively polarized beings from getting through. The more they try however, by chance, they do occasionally get through; so that's why some negatively polarized entities and aliens do occasionally reach us. They come and experiment and do things to people, only a proportional few however. This armor of light around our planet creates a quarantine so that we can't be infringed upon. There's that prime directive - there is a prime directive in effect and it stops aliens from coming here because there's been a lot of hard work done here.

Eons ago this planet was seeded and life has progressed form cellular form up into the apes, and we are a great percentage of ape ourselves. Also the ape was chosen to blend with extraterrestrial DNA, several different kinds, to form a being - humans - which makes an excellent vehicle for souls to incarnate into this reality.

So there's a lot at stake here, they don't want to mess that up. A lot of work has been done. They don't want us to either destroy ourselves and this is a big point. After World War 2 when those atomic bombs were dropped, that send out a loud message into the universe, that we are not using our technology for what we should be and that we are using it for negative reasons. A lot of work has been done here on Earth and they don't want the civilization to have to be re-seeded and start again. It's a good place to be and a lot of souls clamber over the chance to incarnate here. So they sent out a call into the universe requesting volunteers to come.

6. Incarnating Instead of Visiting
Now if you can't land and you can't tell the population that they are going to blow themselves up and kill themselves, what do you do? You infiltrate within, how do you do that? You incarnate within. And that's what we've been doing. You might be one and you don't even realize it. Many past life regressions now, instead of recalling past lives on earth they recall past lives on other planets and times in between. They were on ships, various ships, and they don't have human bodies. A lot of past lives now, a lot of them have never had an earthly life. You may have never had an earthly life before. So the call went out across the universe and they have come.

Ever since the atomic bombs were dropped they have been coming. The first wave started coming after that time, now about age 60 or 70 and they came first to be pioneers and lighten the vibration. The second wave that have come, now in their late 20s, 30s and 40s, and they are here to do a bit more work. They can accomplish that work just by being here, by lightening the vibration by their very presence. Like the type of person who steps into a room and everyone notices they have come in. Not by being particularly good looking or anything but by having a certain aura, a certain being-ness. Subconsciously they give out a high vibration of love to others and they help others without them even knowing it, without the recipient even realizing. A lot of this second wave and I call myself a seconder waver, are not keen on being around lots of other people sometimes because those people can hold a negative vibration. Subconsciously they can't understand it and they want to seek those of a lighter vibration or they stay home. But just by being here they are helping but it's important they go out among other people to try and do what they are here to do. You might not realize your purpose in life, but your purpose in life might just be being here.

Some become teachers and some try to help, so they try to go to places and help those in poverty, those who are starving. Things that are happening in the world that shouldn't be. They go and try to help.

The third wave that are coming, they are teenagers, early twenties now and younger of course. Those who may not necessarily be geniuses or anything like that, there is just something about them. You know that they are misaligned with this vibration, that it's not a vibrational match for them. They are the ones who are going to change things. We've lead the way of lightening the vibration, it was hardest for those who came first. The first wave, it was hardest for them, that's why there were a lot of suicides. You can read about this especially in Dolores Cannon's books. A past life regressionist, unfortunately she has passed on now. Plus, other channellings too explain it particularly well. When you have a past life regression, it's not necessarily an earthly one. So you can speak to the subconscious and get other information about the universe in a past life regression.

They have been incarnating within to try to raise the vibration of the planet because the planet is moving into the fourth density of existence. The planet is moving into a higher vibration and the inhabitants here are causing it to lag behind. That's why there have been quite a lot of earthquakes and other natural disasters because Earth is really suffering. It's trying to move into the next density of existence and the inhabitants are lagging behind. Hence to stop us destroying ourselves and to raise the vibration so that we go along with the planet as it moves into a higher stage of existence, that of love and understanding by the way, they incarnate within.

Okay that's the spiritual connection between aliens and us, because as a soul you needn't incarnate solely within a human vehicle, you can incarnate as an alien, an extraterrestrial, or as a light body - depending on your level of progression. If you're a sixth density being, you are a light body and you're just here for a while - imagine the vibrational mismatch. If you feel weird, that's probably why.

Okay so reasons why aliens don't make contact, just as a summary: It will cause panic on Earth and lots of negative vibration, lots of fear. They don't want that, that's what we're trying to get away from. We are trying to move toward love and unity and understanding. Also the powers that be who take care of the planet for us against our will: public contact would enable them to unite the planetary population against a common foe and bring in a global system of control. Even if they were positive beings that came.

Also that the point of this experience is to undergo the forgetting process, that's one major point of this reality; is that we understand what it's like to feel separate and alone in the universe. We can't get rid of that because it's an experience that many entities want to go through. Also freewill in the universe, you can't infringe on freewill, if you do, your not progressing anywhere.

And...they are here. Incarnating among us, and they don't even know it. Very advanced beings, many very advanced beings are here now - and many are waking up and doing the work they are supposed to do. But the great awakening that's happening now, it needs to gather more pace, because the Earth is changing in vibration quicker than we are.

So when I've been saying right at the end of every video that we're raising the mass vibration together, I say that for a reason, because that's what we need to do. We need to raise the mass vibration together. And unify. So I'll leave it there.