18 October 2015

Indigo Adults! Are You A Grown Indigo Child? What Are You Doing Here?

Indigo adults
An 'Indigo Child' in short, is a relatively advanced soul incarnate here for a higher purpose. An 'indigo adult' is the indigo child all grown up. There's a massive influx of indigo children at this time, but they have been coming ever since WW2. An influx of souls from the fourth, fifth or sixth densities, coming from other planetary existences, other layers of existence, not necessarily physical. They have heard the call and they are coming here to incarnate on Earth, to raise the vibration and help. The best way to intervene and to save the planet is from within, through incarnation. These children are maturing and searching for their purpose; these indigo adults are ready to do what they came here to do.

These evolved beings with positive intentions are here to outnumber those trapped in negative karmic cycles, counteracting their negative energy, to raise the vibration. They are contributing positive energy to the mass consciousness.

I had a message from a young man who believes he is an indigo child and now an indigo adult. I get mail about this all the time. This young man said he can't stand the way the world is. He can't stand how there's corruption in politics and all over the world. He can't bear the bad things that are happening all over the world. He is a popular young man, was popular at school, but could never quite fit in with the norms of the popular kids, although they wanted him to join their groups. He didn't want to conform to that, he thought it was transient and a little bit pointless.

Believing himself to be empathic, he can feel the emotions of others. Indigo children have a lot of spiritual abilities switched on. In other layers of existence, even on other physical planets, the main way of communicating is not by our long winded, series of vibrations in the throat creating sound, creating speech - communication is performed telepathically. Much is conveyed via emotional telepathic communication, so entities are more free and loving.

Indigos are coming from these other existences with these abilities switched on because they have already progressed to higher stages of existence. They are very aware and wise, and have free-flowing open chakras. Being empathic is natural, as is being intuitive, telepathic, psychic and mediumistic. They're able to perform feats such as psychometry, telekinesis, levitation and more. This young man also said he'd had some experience with spirits; again indigo adults can be very perceptive of discarnate entities. Even if not visually, their energies can be felt nearby.

As a child, he had an imaginary friend, up until about the age of six or seven. If you are an advanced soul incarnate here, your spirit guides or soul group may have come from your home vibration to watch over you. This imaginary friend could have been a friendly entity from home, here to help him make the transition into this existence, to help make it less traumatic. He could have an important job to do here on Earth and these guides could have been there to help induct him into this reality.

His other pastimes included all manner of sports, yoga, surfing, music production and more. He meditates and contemplates but still can't find his purpose or come to terms with why he feels as he does.

I said the following things to him...

It sounds like you're searching. You said you did a lot of travel, it seems like your searching and searching. Your doing these pastimes and you don't get that ultimate fulfilment out of those things. Plus you don't like what's going on in the world and you find it disgusting and terrible, and I'm the same. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I tune into those negative vibrations of the mass consciousness - I can't even look at the news sometimes. I can't deal with what's going on in the world because it's so negative - and from where I'm from (if you know what I mean) these things don't happen. So, where you're from, these things probably don't happen, so they bewilder you. You look at the things that are going on in the world, the negativity, the atrocities, the war, the abuse, the violence, and you can't fathom it because it's absolutely foreign to you. Again, the imaginary friend, that entity, whatever it was as a child, was to help to induct you into this barbaric illusion. Sometimes beautiful sometimes barbaric illusion. We can find the beauty in our lives. I suggest you find the beauty, like you have been while travelling.

So it sounds like what you've been doing is looking for an inward purpose, you've been exploring yourself and exploring the world. The sports and pass-times are part of that. However, you've not reflected outward onto other individuals. We are all one. There's different things that I can suggest and you can explore these avenues and research them to help find your purpose.

It's very likely you're here for a higher purpose being an indigo adult. Many of the advanced beings that come here, their purpose is just to exist. To raise the planetary vibration naturally, by being here, radiating their own positive vibration. It sounds to me like you're searching for something and if you're searching for something it's likely to attract to you - because what you really need will attract to you. You feel like it's coming right?

You've been doing the sports and pass-times to feel better and for something to do, but look outwardly now to help other people, you can do this as a pass-time. You said you've got quite a good job. You are going to have spare time. So maybe try this; helping others.

Now you can look at some charities, you could volunteer. Those who don't have money or time for volunteering; I know someone recently who started volunteering recently and it lead to a full time job within a month. That can happen. Volunteering doesn't mean you have to give money though. Give your time to help. Another thing you can do to help to improve the world, because your worried about the state of the world and it troubles you, is some activism - such as environmental or political activism, reporting or investigation. Working toward making a better system for all of us. I know we are locked into this system but if we don't have a voice, if we don't protest to get things changed then nothing will ever change. You could try teaching. That's the path I chose, spiritual teaching as you can see. That's what I chose to help raise the vibration because people who are going through a spiritual awakening and don't know what to do, they need to know there's someone here who has gone through it and has a bit of guidance to give.

You could go for some kind of teaching, counselling, helping people in some way, teaching kids, or even teaching them sports. That is very worthwhile as you're helping children to have a happy outlet for their energy. We all need to expend energy because repressed energy causes disruption to your physical vehicle.

So we've looked at activism, teaching, helping others; another is being creative. You might find your purpose in a creative place. You said you do music production. Sometimes it's hard to be successful in music production, or in art, writing or other creative endeavours because many other people are doing it too. However, it doesn't mean it's something you can't do. Even if you raise the vibration of one other person with a beautiful piece of music, in a way, your job is done. You helped that person have a wonderful experience, a beautiful experience. Be creative because indigo adults have a lot ofcreativity, it is free flowing within them. You need to expend that.

Lastly, don't repress your negative energy about all of this because as I said, this causes physical disruption within you. So get online and search for that charity, search for that activist organisation, environmental organisation, political one, look for that course on teaching, the charity you can help and with. Maybe try a counselling course or search for that creative group you can meet up with.

As well as focusing inward, doing meditation, travelling and finding yourself - doing things that are more about finding the self. Now look outward to creating something for people, helping people, teaching people, changing the world, looking outward and more outward. Helping to change the world, helping to affect people, helping to raise people's vibration. So now that you're doing inward exploration keep it going, and you've been searching balance - but maybe the balance is there outward toward making a difference to the world, making a difference to people. For your satisfaction and growth. That's just an idea. I feel that why we are here.

If you feel that strongly then maybe start to search for that thing. Otherwise, those indigo adults who don't feel so strongly, just being here and raising the vibration is going to help.

Calling Indigo Adults! Are You A Grown Indigo Child? What Are You Doing Here? | Nicky Sutton 
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