3 October 2015

The Subconscious Mind: Your Master Manifester Within and How to Use It

Your subconscious mind, everybody has one, it's your big strong slave, it's the master manifester. It can produce anything for you so long as you program it correctly, in positivity. Meditation, visualization and emotion can help. Program it with emotion and it works much better. I firmly believe that the subconscious mind is the soul or the bridge to the soul, and that's why it has such power in manifesting.

Each of us has a subconscious mind and no doubt you've heard of that before, but perhaps not pondered what the subconscious mind is and what it can do. There's a lot that you do subconsciously without thinking about it; you learn these things from a very young age and they get transferred to your subconscious mind. For example, walking; at first when you start to walk as a child, you get better and better, then the task is relegated to your subconscious mind. You no longer have to think about walking, you just do it. The same is true of swimming, driving, breathing and so on.
We have preprogrammed activities that we do for example, a baby has the ability to suck, breath and maintain body temperature automatically. The subconscious mind regulates all of these things, regulating all functions in your body without you having to think about it. As another example, if you were to get pregnant, you don't think about growing the child in your womb, you don't think about producing milk in your breasts, it just happens, your body simply does it. They are functions of the subconscious mind and you're programmed with lots of these functions.

The subconscious mind however can do far more than that, more than these things we take for granted. Think of yourself as having two levels. Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the working everyday you. It does only one function at a time, it's what your thinking about right now, it's the decision maker. It's the 'you' in the driving seat. The subconscious mind however is the deeper you, the you that doesn't consciously think, it's like the big slave to your conscious mind. You give it commands and it acts them out. If you give the subconscious mind commands with repetition and emotion, it's more likely to accept those commands and let them play out. Your subconscious mind is like a big slave that does whatever your conscious mind tells it to do, yet it's highly capable and does things effortlessly. Your subconscious mind does things for you with complete ease.

The reverse effort effect, to tell of an example, is where your conscious mind is full of fear - what your conscious mind is telling your subconscious to do is to fear something instead of doing the task that you want to do. Let's say you want to do a speech in front of lots of people. If your conscious mind is full of fear, because it can only do one thing at a time, the fear overrides everything else and your subconscious mind being the big strong slave says 'OK , let's be in fear'. It takes over your body and your body responds with physical responses that become the focus of everything.

Relax, let go and trust in your subconscious mind (which is infinitely intelligent) and you can to do the speech without any problems. The way to do that is to let go and know that any conscious negative emotion or conscious worries are simply going to hamper you. It's reverse effort, you put a lot of effort into worrying and fearing, and the more you do that the more your mind goes blank because the subconscious is receiving instructions to 'worry', instead of instructions to go ahead and talk.

You need your subconscious mind in order to do these things successfully because this is where memories and talent are stored. You can say to yourself before doing such a task, that 'I am going to let you take the wheel'. Let your conscious mind step aside and your subconscious will do a wonderful job effortlessly. Your subconscious mind knows what to do. For example, when you're driving a car, you'll suddenly realise that after about 20 minutes of driving you can't remember any of the journey - that's because the subconscious mind took the wheel. In that case, your conscious mind was thinking of other things but your subconscious mind is always there, it's always awake, it never sleeps - it's even awake while your conscious mind is sleeping.

So ask your conscious mind to step aside, you relax and with no effort at all, your subconscious mind will simply do it. The example that's often given is when you're with someone and a person you know is coming toward you. You know you're going to have to introduce them by the time they reach you. Your mind becomes fearful and worries about needing to remember their name in time so that you can introduce them - the fear in the conscious mind overrides what your subconscious does naturally. So the more you worry and fear the chance of forgetting their name, the more you forget it! The subconscious is being told to worry and fear instead of being allowed to naturally and effortlessly recall the name. Instead if you stop, relax and just let the subconscious mind come through, Hey Presto! you remember their name. So be mindful of allowing the subconscious mind to come through when required, instead of hampering it.

In this day and age we worry and stress a lot; this is counter-productive because these things being processed by the conscious mind are impressing into the subconscious mind. So if you're worrying and stressing, all of this is imprinted into your big strong slave of a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then mirrors this back and it becomes a program, or a habit. What is put into the subconscious mind manifests. Worrying about a big project at work, worrying it's not going to go well or that you're not going to get it done - all of this sends messages to your subconscious mind which will find ways to make sure that you fail. If you keep confidence and send positive messages to your subconscious mind and say 'I am going to do well at this, I am going to do well at this', the subconscious mind will take those positive instructions and make sure that it manifests for you.

Always remember that the subconscious mind works in the present tense. Always give it instructions in the present tense, there is no future or past for the subconscious mind. There is another problem however; when you're trying to program your subconscious mind to get it to produce what ever you want, if there's trauma held in the subconscious then this may conflict with your aims. You need to try to override these programs that have been put into the subconscious through some past event. So for example, if you had parents that said you're good for nothing and you won't amount to anything then these messages are likely imprinted upon your subconscious. Your subconscious kept hearing it and being the big strong slave (it's Self Fulfilling Prophesy) you will act and behave in a way to make sure that you amount to nothing, that you are no good for anything and that you will not be a success. So you must try to identify these root causes.

Regression or deep meditation can help. You can go back to those events where those things were said to you. You can try to talk to that past you and tell them that it wasn't actually the case. That it wasn't fair and to let those negative programs go. Tell that subconscious child in you, the one that received those negative messages, to trust the new you, to trust the modern day you to take the wheel.

Dig out those subconscious messages that were put there from a young age. Identify them, understand them and put them right. Once these personality fragments have been identified and dealt with in a kind and loving way, they can then pass trust onto the new you of today. Therefore the new you of today can program the subconscious mind with brand new messages that override the old ones. Positive messages that the subconscious needs. Overwrite those old programs with new ones to help you to program your subconscious mind.

Use Desire, Expectation and Confidence. So for example you want to get slimmer, your desire is to get slimmer; make sure you think about it with strong emotional desire and expect you're going to get slimmer. Fully expect that it is going to happen. Same with anything else, the same with success or whatever, fully expect that it's going to happen. Expect it with confidence. Imagine yourself succeeding or becoming slimmer, feel confident about that, really imagine it happening. You've got to visualize (please refer to my articles on visualization), visualize the event happening.

Now, another important thing about the subconscious mind is that it has no eyes, your conscious mind is the seer, it sees everything that is going on and therefore makes decisions and gives messages to the subconscious mind about the world. The subconscious mind has no eyes, it only sees what your conscious mind gives it. So it sees through imagination, your conscious mind has the will to do things, it sees, decides and has the freewill. The subconscious mind is the imagination. It can't tell the difference between something real that has happened and something that is imagined. That's why visualization and imagination are so important - because your subconscious mind can't tell the difference.

If an event occurs in your life, something negative, it makes an impression on your subconscious which in turn makes you feel negative on an ongoing basis. The subconscious has received the program 'feel bad' and runs the program. Instead, to increase your mood you can imagine good things happening to you which will then impress on your subconscious and make you feel better. Through imagination and visualization you can imagine anything you want and the subconscious will do it's best to make sure that it occurs.

You can imagine, that's visualize strongly, meeting the love of your life. You really imagine meeting them. With those three letters again, D. E. C.; with desire, expectation and confidence, you visualize and imagine meeting them. Now your subconscious mind can't tell between something that's real or imagined, so it will make sure that it manifests that for you because that must be, as per the law of attraction, what you need.

So remember, your subconscious mind, everybody has one, it's your big strong slave, it's the master manifester. It will sort anything out for you as long as you program it correctly, in positivity. Meditation, visualization and emotion can help. Program it with emotion and it works much better. I firmly believe that the subconscious mind is the soul or the bridge to the soul, and that's why it has such power in manifesting. So communicate with your soul and reprogram your subconscious for a better life and to manifest better things for yourself. Get want you want and to feel better. The subconscious mind is the bigger, stronger you, and the conscious mind is the shallower ego on the top, which makes the decisions. - You can tell the subconscious mind, your master manifester, what to do.

The SUBCONSCIOUS Mind: Your Master Manifester Within and How to Use It
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