29 October 2015

What is Spiritual Awakening? How do I deal with Spiritual Awakening?

What is spiritual awakening?
What is spiritual awakening? How do I deal with spiritual awakening? Listen to Nicky Sutton and guest Christopher J. Smith of channel Silent Truth discussing spiritual awakening. We look at the implications for the individual, how life changes and ways to cope with it, plus a good few other topics such as monogamy, meditation and the illuminati!

There are two videos, each of approximately one hour. The first is on Chris's channel Silent Truth and the second is on Nicky's channel Spiritual-Awakening.net. We hope you enjoy!

Spiritual Awakening Part 1 - What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is Spiritual Awakening - Nicky Sutton & Christopher J Smith + Levels of Awakening +Illuminati
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Spiritual Awakening Part 2 - How to Deal with Spiritual Awakening

How to Deal with Spiritual Awakening | Christopher J. Smith & Nicky Sutton + Monogamy + NoFap?! 
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