31 October 2015

Why Do We Reincarnate? What's the Point of Reincarnation?

Why do we reincarnate?
Reincarnation can be described as a cycle; we really do go round and round. We are born into new lives, a different life each time, again and again. In each lifetime you could have a completely different life, in one you could be poor, another rich. In one life you could be African, another Chinese. You could be male or female in alternating lives, or have a sequence of male lives and a sequence of female lives. All this to know what it is all like. This is the idea, to learn, understand and experience what everything is like. Well, you can't experience what everything is like but a representation of what everything is like.

You could experience a life of suffering and sadness and then experience a life of mainly happiness and joy in order to see what that is like. So you've seen what both sides of the coin are like. This occurs in many different ways so that you experience happiness and sadness, inclusion and separation, being rich and poor and so on. Lots of different opposites and the degree of in-between; you experience what it's like to be a degree of each of those as well.

Your soul is ancient, you've been incarnating for aeons in earthly time. You probably can't even conceive how many lifetimes you've had. Whether they were here or elsewhere. Given that reincarnation is a cycle, karma is involved. Karma shouldn't be viewed as a punishment; if you do bad things to someone, bad things will not necessarily happen to you in your next life - although that is true, that's part of the experience. If in one life you were born into negative circumstances which caused you to be very negative, unhappy, unkind and mean, and you were in turn very cruel and abusive to other people; then in your next life you might choose for those same things to happen to you.

Except it's not a punishment, it's your own choice. This is what your soul actually wants; it wants to experience everything. It wants to experience being the abuser and it wants to experience being abused. That sounds horrible and nasty true, but it's not your fault when you're incarnate into a lifetime on the receiving end of something as disgusting and vile as abuse, but from a soul's point of view, it wants the learning process. So karma is not a punishment, it's learning both sides of the coin, learning different aspects of everything. Karma is not a reward either. If you're particularly kind in one lifetime it doesn't mean you'll ascend to heaven and sit on a fluffy cloud or be rewarded with many lovely lifetimes. You can choose many lovely lifetimes to see what that's like but it's not a reward for you. There's no punishment and reward like heaven and hell.

Reincarnation is a cycle, an ever onward journey of learning and experience, and the physical illusion of earth is one way to learn and experience. There are many different kinds of existence; some not physical. Physicality is just one aspect of the universe for learning and experience. You learn and experience the physical lifetime over and over again until you're an expert and you know every facet of what it's like. Then you can go to some other existence for example, where as a soul you can exist as pure sound. You could exist as a plant. You could exist as an animal that has different kinds of senses, perhaps telepathic senses have developed because there is no sight or touch. Or you could exist in a thought-form reality where everything is manifested by you and others. Perhaps manifested by a population.

We can become trapped in karmic cycles through reincarnation. This happens if we're not paying attention to the lessons being set down. So you live a lifetime, you've set lessons for yourself or perhaps your spirit guides have, or those who oversee your incarnation (for those less advance souls there are those more advanced who oversee others incarnations until they are at a point where they can oversee their own). There's usually what is called a 'council' who help you to prepare your life plan. Many souls become trapped in karmic cycles where, due to the law of attraction or life plan; incidents, events and people attract to them but they do not pay attention and draw logical conclusions!

So if an event happens to you that for example, causes terrible grief; you might have set a lesson for yourself that involves turning terrible grief into a positive outcome. You follow your intuition to fulfil your life plan. So, for example, you suffer the loss of a partner or a child, maybe you've set for yourself the learning aim to be able to turn that grief into positive energy. You feel drawn to setting up a charity that will benefit many people in memory of your loved-one.

Missing these opportunities and not learning the lessons set down might result in having to repeat incarnations until you do pay attention or take the appropriate paths. Spirit guides help and guide you but they can't if you're very absorbed in this illusion. Absorbed in materialism, media, frivolity, social climbing, being better than others, power, manipulation and control. 

In addition, you can have karma that's attached to other beings. You might incarnate again and again with a certain soul - it might be your daughter in one life, or father in another life, friend in another or lover in another. But if there's something there, some sort of conflict, something you haven't worked out, some sort of wrong doing you've done to each other and you keep doing it again and again in different lifetimes; then you could be trapped in a karmic cycle ending up incarnating here again and again with that other soul. You're not moving forward in your learning and progression, not moving forward in the universe to ultimately progress to higher stages of existence through love and understanding, wisdom and unity, and oneness of all things.

You end up stuck in the earthly reincarnational cycle. Another word for this is 'entrapment', your soul is trapped here. Your trapped in quite a low vibrational frequency, trapped in negative energy, that's negative emotions. You need to pay attention to what's going on, the lessons and synchronicities, the law of attraction and how it's working for you. You can raise your vibration; see the article 'How to Raise Your Vibration'. A way to release yourself from entrapment, incarnating again and again on earth at the same level of progression, having the same lessons presented to you; is to attempt to raise your vibration and get out of the hold of the negative energy.

Another thing about reincarnation is the fact that everything is one, creation is one, god if you will. It is an immense, endless, continuous, ever evolving, conscious being and we are each tiny points of consciousness within this immense being. Tiny focal points of energy that go about our daily lives, reincarnating and reincarnating again in order to experience what all kinds of existences are like for the benefit of the overall, overriding, oneness of creation. What we learn and experience, we contribute to the mass consciousness, to creation. It knows everything we know because we are it. That's the purpose of reincarnation; to learn and experience, to contribute to the whole of creation. Life's a journey, your lifetime a gift, so you must make the most of it.

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