16 November 2015

The Incarnation Process: How Does Incarnation Work?

the incarnation process
When you finish a life, you go to the astral plane, an alternate dimension, a different frequency of existence. Out there in our energetic reality; not necessarily upward, we always think of 'heavens' as being upward, it's an alternate dimension. It's here, it's everywhere, space isn't relative – we share space with other existences at differing frequencies of matter. Your astral body, or default body, is released to the astral plane for a period of rest, rejuvenation and reflection, to look back at your life, to relive parts and examine the effect of what you have done to yourself and to others. You also examine your karma.

Next, depending on the level of progression of your soul, you'll meet with what is termed a 'council' or 'judgement board' or other beings that help you to decide upon your next incarnation. They are not actually there to judge but to assist in decision making based on what you need, not what you want. You choose your parents, where on the planet you'll be born, your demographic, economic status and events that are going to happen in your life. Your life isn't written but there are certain things that must attract to you during the lifetime. These events, circumstances or people will keep attempting to attract to you until you pay attention and successfully learn the lessons that they bring.

Before you return, there is the forgetting process, also known as the etheric barrier or mind wiping. You can't come back to Earth remembering all that you have relearned on the other side. After your previous lifetime, when you reach the other side, gradually all your memories of previous lives are consciously returned to you. These need to be suppressed again before you come back. In addition to these memories that are returned to you, are all kinds of facts and information about the universe. Coming back with this information could adversely affect your new lifetime.

Some beings don't necessarily want to return to earth and this creates a longing to return to the place where their soul came from. Information regarding this needs to be wiped (actually suppressed) to prevent suicide or anything awful like that. The forgetting process also masks the life plan so that the individual is not consciously aware of the learning and experience objectives they have set for themselves; otherwise life would not be a challenge. They would constantly know what is coming.

In addition, between lives, information is returned to you on facts such as thought-form manifestation, creating realities with your mind and other spiritual abilities. Now, this information needs to also be wiped during the forgetting process otherwise the individual would incarnate in this reality with all kinds of god-like abilities. They'd be able to manifest realities at will on Earth.

A further reason for wiping of the memory is that recall of previous lives could cause the individual to search for their previous family or home. They may also possess earthly skills to do with an occupation they once had. The individual needs to have a new and unique experience so all memories of previous lifetimes must be suppressed until the end of that lifetime. They can be accessed again through techniques such as past life therapy.

You incarnate into your new body. It can happen while your mother is pregnant; some souls love the experience, some are absolutely addicted to earthly life and enjoy incarnating here again and again and can't wait to get in. Their soul group might already be here. Their earthly mother might be a close soul group companion, motivating them to incarnate straight into the foetus in the womb. Others are more tentative, for example, souls from other areas of existence. Souls from far away, other planets, other parts of the universe; they are coming here to help raise the vibration of the planet. Please refer to my video on 'why aliens don't make public contact'. 

Some souls don't like to incarnate at the foetal stage and wont lend full consciousness to the baby right away, instead choosing to wait a while. Have you noticed that some newborn babies have that sort of dead-eyed look? Some babies more than others. Some don't have it, but some will have that dead-eyed look for maybe a week or so. I've had two children and I've experienced it with one of them. One day you'll look at your baby and think 'oh you're in there now'. You look at the eyes and you can see there's a soul behind them. The soul has joined. The soul can be partly there and partly existing on the other side for a few weeks. This is a natural part of existence anyway, your physical body is a projection of your soul and consciousness flickers on and off and ranges in intensity. Think about how, during some parts of the day, you are very alert and aware and others you can barely concentrate – your consciousness is more or less focused within your physical body. While you're sleeping your consciousness is away. When this occurs, you're in an alternate dimension, the soul has a multidimensional nature, it's in many places at once.

Can you incarnate at any point in history and how would that work? Time is just an illusion, everything has happened but it's still changeable. The soul, time and space are all multidimensional. It's beyond our human comprehension. Perceive time as a book. It's all happened there in the book, everything that has, is or will happen is in this book. If you flick through the pages you can experience it in a sequence, in an order, but you've still got the whole book and you can put it down on the table; the story is whole and complete.

You can incarnate in different places in history; in the future and now, it's all happening simultaneously. If you quiet the mind and meditate you can access these other lives; how ever many there are, millions or billions of lives. Lives that are closest to you in 'time' or energetically aligned to your current vibration are easier to access. Through meditation, you can tune into these other lives, or it can happen spontaneously. For example, you're suddenly given a task to do; you need to produce a wonderful meal for a dinner party and you're a really bad cook - all of a sudden you find you can cook and it comes really naturally. What happened? Through emotion, focusing on the task at hand and being of an appropriate vibrational frequency to tune in effectively, your subconscious mind calls upon another past life and you suddenly have the information and skills of a chef from fifty years ago.

There are many more examples of this. If you go to war feeling fearful, your subconscious mind can tune into another lifetime of a great warrior, for example, a samurai, and suddenly you're brave with super sharp fighting skills. As everything has happened at once, even though we experience it in a linear sequential order, we do have access to other lives. We only need listen to them.

The Incarnation Process: How Does Incarnation Work? | Nicky Sutton 
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