27 December 2015

Repressions Within The Subconscious Mind and Their Impact on Your Life

Repressions within the subconscious
Do you suffer from anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, sadness or anything else? I'd like to share a method with you to help correct that.

Horrible things happen to us all at some point in our lives. When we are young, things can happen that we don't consciously deal with properly. As children we lack the tools to process these events and circumstances, there is no conscious adult reasoning. Children and young adults, being largely helpless and at the mercy of others, lack the power to escape negative situations or gain support.

You may have experienced loss, physical or emotional neglect (mild or severe), shaming, abuse, abandonment and more, to a small or great degree, from birth up until recent years, as a one-off event or series of events.

Traumatic memories and emotions are placed into the subconscious mind as programs. These programs feed us emotional responses, information and feelings daily, into our adult lives, all as a result of repressed trauma from younger years. As an adult, you may experience anxiety or fear in certain situations and not know why. Consciously you're not afraid but you have a sense of fear bubbling up to the surface all the time; this is a symptom. Underlying fear, shame, anxiety, guilt, even depression, are symptoms of repression.

Repressions are traumatic events whether one-off or ongoing, that have happened to you in the past. These reside with in your subconscious mind as memories and trapped emotions, even if they are consciously forgotten, they bubble up and create symptoms in your daily life.

A repression causes a symptom.

Oftentimes, we might go to the doctor and report that we feel depressed or anxious. The doctor might prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy or drugs or something similar to help train your mind out of it. Trouble is, these methods don't reach down to the very root causes of the repression, to the trauma. Instead, self exploration is required to a great degree. Hypnosis is effective in these situations.

We are not talking about stage hypnosis or anything like that, hypnotherapy utilizes relaxation techniques to achieve a state where the conscious mind can step aside, leaving the subconscious mind wide open for exploration. The original root cause, the trauma, that thing causing the symptoms in your everyday life, can be found and healed.

As examples, you might feel ashamed when speaking in front of groups of people. You don't know why this is, and never be able to get to the bottom of it. Perhaps as a child you were ridiculed by your parents in front of a group of their friends and made to feel useless, embarrassed and shameful. These feelings are kept in your subconscious as programs, remaining with you until adulthood. A personality fragment can be created. Therefore, when you then talk in front of a group of people today, that shamed child (personality fragment) actually takes-over the you of today, the real you, and you end up feeling like that shamed child again.

Another example is having problems with intimacy or affection. This could be the result of a family member, say a beloved sister passing away, or wonderful friend from childhood going away. The shock and the grief of the loss was never fully understood and accepted. If you fast-forward to adult life, symptoms begin to emerge to do with not wanting to get close to people. Subconsciously you feel that they are going to go away and leave you or abandon you. That's a program running in your subconscious.

Another one is guilt, for example, at the age of (it doesn't have to be particularly young, it can be into early adulthood, especially if events happen repeatedly) say twenty, you never visited your grandmother. She passes away. This results in feelings of terrible guilt about not seeing her enough. A program begins to run in the subconscious mind of guilt of neglecting others. As a result, you make an excessive amount of effort in your life today with others, being very subservient and always rushing around making sure everyone else is happy and satisfied.

Fear is another example. As a child you witness a house burning in flames. The people inside were screaming and running out. An event like this could cause an irrational fear of fire or fear for personal safety in general. As a result you obsess about safety. That's a program to do with fear running in your subconscious that wasn't correctly analyzed and consciously filtered; causing obsessive compulsive behaviors in adult life.

Phobias can also form that way, for example if you were scared of a barking dog as a child, or as a young adult a neighbor's dog was always barking at you, maybe it bit you. Those events really drove the phobia home, resulting in a fear of dogs. It placed a program in your subconscious mind for your own protection; that 'dogs are dangerous'.

Here's an example of a phobia forming for you. When I was about 4 years old, I remember this clearly, I went into my sister's bedroom (who is 15 years older than me). She jumped up and was shouting and screaming about something on the wall and pointing to it. I looked and it, and saw it was a large spider. I observed the spider and thought; 'Well, that's only spider, but why is my sister reacting this way toward a spider? Gosh it must be dangerous!'. I recall consciously deciding to scream at the spider, even though the spider didn't bother me. I pointed, screamed and started crying. Ever since then I've been afraid of spiders.

I have been working on the phobia of spiders and other other subconscious repressions that have causes symptoms in my daily life. I'm pleased to say I am virtually free of them all. In the next article I will explain a hypnotherapytechnique that reaches the root cause of repression and heals it. It can be done to the self, quickly and easily.