6 December 2015

What is Past Life Regression? Full Explanation. Identify Karma & Heal Trauma

Past life regression
Past life regression is where an individual visits a past life therapist and undergoes hypnosis in order to explore their past lives. Why might someone want to have past life regression? There are number of reasons. They might feel that someone they have met feels very familiar to them, they suspect that they are perhaps soul mates and want to know if they really are. They meet a new friend that feels extremely familiar, it's like they have known them forever. Maybe they have known them forever. A past life therapist can help with this, they can perform regression and search for the life or lives where a certain person is present, and you can potentially find out who you and they were, and roles you played.

Another reason that a person might want past life regression is that they have had a vivid dream of perhaps their death or an era gone by. It was so vivid that they're compelled to have past life regression just to see if it was a real event.

You may have sudden recall of a past life event. You can have a memory of an event that you know is not a memory from your current lifetime. Sometimes young children remember past lives before they are subject to the conditioning of this reality. As an adult you may have a past life memory pop into your mind and you wonder, 'where did that come from?'. It could be bleed-through from other past existences because they are, in fact, all occurring at once. The memory or flashback can be extremely vivid. A past life regression session allows you look back and potentially find out if it links to a previous life.

Further reasons for past life regression include psychological issues and imbalances. Sometimes people have a past life therapy session because of issues they're experiencing now, in their current lifetime, and they want to dig out memories that they can't consciously remember. These memories are stored in the subconscious. Through examination, understanding and acceptance, emotional healing can be attempted. Past life regression and therapy can help you to look back and find memories that you've forgotten, that are causing you symptoms today.

Perhaps the most important reason that someone might require past life regression is to remove the soul from negative karmic cycles. Please see my article on reincarnation for more on that. Your soul can become trapped in a karmic cycle, having to reincarnate again and again on Earth in similar incarnations, because you are not observing the lessons that you came to each life to learn; for example, changing a behaviour or response. Taking opportunities and actions, and developing your knowledge and personality can also help release your soul from karmic cycles. Instances could be, treating someone a certain way or using power correctly, and so on. Past life regression can show you where you've picked up negative karma in previous lifetimes, a number of sessions are required to attempt this however.

Have you ever met someone who seems obsessed with a certain period within history or era of time? They might dress up in such attire, own a memorabilia shop or be a collector of old items. They may have more than a passing interest in a certain country or geographical area. Can you guess why this might be? It's very possible that this person, or you if you are thinking of yourself, have strong energetic and emotional connections with a certain era or place on Earth.

Past Life Regression Process
Past life regression is not a complicated or difficult process; it's a very enjoyable one. So what happens? The therapist takes the client into hypnosis using relaxation techniques. They are not hypnotized as in, they can't remember what's going on or that they are under the influence or control of the therapist; it's not that way at all. They are not going to fall asleep and wake up having forgotten everything. In fact, the client's senses and awareness are heightened. The purpose of the relaxation techniques are to put the conscious mind aside to a degree and gain access to the subconscious mind. This is where a vast array of memories are stored; right back to your birth and beyond - to your past lives. You likely had millions of those.

The therapist asks the client to sit or lay down and close their eyes. Relaxation techniques are used to relax every muscle in the body; this induces the alpha state within the brain and then the theta state. Please see my article on brainwaves for more information on that. Once the brain is in the alpha or theta state, the subconscious can come through. The conscious mind starts to release some of it's control.

Visualization and imagination are key to this process. The therapist takes the client, after closing their eyes, into say, a garden. They will be able to relax in that visualized garden, look around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There will then be a deepening technique used as well as relaxation. This could be walking down some steps. The therapist counts down from 10 to 1, going deeper into a deeper layer of the garden. From there they will visualize a long path lined with doors. Each door has a past life behind it. There are other themes used such as an elevator (lift), where the client steps inside and feels the sensation of the elevator descending. They are going down into their subconscious mind, deeper and deeper. When they stop and the doors open, the enter a previous lifetime. The subconscious knows what to do. The subconscious mind cannot lie.

More and more people are experiencing lives from other existences, other planets if you will. These souls are said to be coming here to raise the vibration of this planet, and for the learning and experience that a life here on earth brings.

There are many other themes to use to frame the visualization to initiate past life regression. Methods always tend to involve counting down, lights dimming; usually something going downward in motion, like going down some steps, down in an elevator, down an escalator even, walking down a hill, floating away on a magic carpet, floating down to take you deeper into the subconscious mind.

Once you are through the doors, or have floated away to your past life destination, you can explore the past life with the help of the therapist. The therapist's guidance is very important because the subconscious mind is very suggestive. Programming negative ideas into the subconscious mind must be avoided; the subconscious mind is almost like a child, it simply accepts any ideas you give it. This powerful and strong child can manifest all sorts for you, therefore any negative suggestion, or doing a silly things like forgetting to close the door afterward, can let things seep out into your present lifetime.

Sometimes a client will present with some form of, for example, anxiety and they can't pinpoint it's origin. They have searched their present life through hypnotherapy and can't find the source of the anxiety. Sometimes the source can be a repressed memory or emotion from a previous life, or unresolved issues that have not been balanced and understood. This repression can cause emotional leakage; it can trigger anxiety, fear and all sorts in your current life. So upon request you can ask the subconscious mind to take you to the correct life to help resolve this trauma.

You have been directed to the correct life, you've gone in and your searching around. You come across the traumatic event that happened to you, whatever it may be. In order to fix the the problem, the issue that's coming up in your daily life now, the event must be brought to the attention of the conscious mind, understood and accepted by the wiser 'you' of today. Forgiveness too is key for healing. Suggestions can also be placed in the subconscious mind to bring about beneficial change, for example, to 'let go of this event because it is resolved now, you are free of it's effects in your present life'.

Every child that's born is born different. It's not just programming from birth that makes you who you are. Every human may have had millions of past lives and this all impresses onto your subconscious mind, onto your soul - and you're born with all this programming already there. You are the sum total of all your experiences. So with all this, comes trauma which needs digging out, evaluating, understanding, accepting and forgiving if required, and you can be happier in your current daily life as a result. You're then free to go about learning the lessons you need to learn in this life, in order to fulfill karma, to spiritually progress and to move forward in the universe.

A common technique performed during past life therapy is 'soul retrieval' due to 'soul fragmentation'. This is described as being retrieval of a part of your soul that has split away due to a traumatic event that's happened during a previous lifetime. A traumatic event that's so bad and so traumatic that a part of your consciousness is left in that physical location. It's trauma that just wasn't dealt with by the conscious mind during that lifetime. The conscious mind perhaps couldn't understand it, was bewildered by it, it could have been a terrible occurrence resulting in the total yet temporary shut down of the conscious mind. Soul fragmentation can occur especially when death comes quickly, something very nasty happens suddenly, someone has been hurt, or murdered. Death wasn't expected, it wasn't balanced or addressed properly. It all happens too quickly and this results in the issues and trauma being carried forward. This is where soul retrieval needs to be performed. The therapist and the client search for the 'soul fragment' and attempt to reunite it with the whole. Again understanding and acceptance of the event is necessary, bringing it into balance.

Lastly, we need to know that hypnosis happens in our everyday lives all the time, hypnosis is basically a very relaxed state where we are suggestible; the subconscious mind is able to come through with little filtering and reasoning from the conscious mind. We end up a little bit hypnotized when we are watching the TV because we are in a very relaxed state, hence the media feed us lots of advertising (and propaganda) targeted at our impressionable subconscious minds at this point. Over and over again through repetition, emotion, and imagery, the subconscious mind is programmed.

Past life regression is easily performed by a trained past life therapist who has the special techniques, wording, scripts and expertise to take a client into hypnosis and explore past lives. It does take training; an expert to help you get to the right place, ensuring that any trauma being brought up is properly dealt with. So I'd recommend a past life regression session to anyone so long as they are using a trained and registered past life regression therapist.

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What is Past Life Regression? Full Explanation. Identify Karma & Heal Trauma 
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