26 January 2016

Are Animals More Spiritually Advanced Than Humans? More Civilized Perhaps?

Many people think that animals are more advanced then humans. Why do they think this? I have received messages and comments from readers and viewers stating that because they share a deep connection with their pet and because animals tend to love unconditionally, not causing harm unless hungry, threatened or frightened; that animals are spiritually more advanced than humans – more civilized, considerate and compassionate if you will.

Overall, animals are not as advanced as humans but in many ways they seem to be - but I need to explain. I must say, this does not mean that any entity is of lesser importance than another, animals are important too. Animals have souls, but you knew that already. We help animals spiritually advance and in many cases, their souls incarnate as pets of ours. This occurs so that we can help them to understand individuality, the idea of you and me, this human feeds me, I am I. It's about understanding individuality and self awareness, the primary lessons of the second stage of existence, of the orange chakra. Animals, through many incarnations begin to realize self consciousness and self awareness. A fly for example, of the lower second density existence, is not conscious of itself to the same degree as, a horse for example - which is very conscious of itself.

However, animals help us to advance. A human belongs to the third stage of existence corresponding with the yellow chakra. A human is a soul that is projecting a human body into this earthly reality, it has reached a level of awareness of itself and it's surroundings to have made the leap from the second stage of existence to the third. In this third stage existence we seek polarization; we already possess self awareness and are conscious of our own existence. Now we seek polarization toward 'service to self' type behaviors or 'service to others' type behavior. We also struggle with issues to do with the ego which is contributory to the distorting toward positive or negative. Animals are not as advanced as humans because they have not progressed to this third stage of existence corresponding with the yellow chakra, however they may seem more advanced in many ways because they are not faced with the third density level problems that are presented to us.

Your horse might be very loving and sweet, and helps you to feel peace and love, it seems kind hearted (unlike many humans!). But the horse has not encountered the yellow ray, third stage of existence issues that we must contend with. A soul can have it's first human incarnation after incarnating as various animals in previous lifetimes and therefore be wonderfully innocent, pure, kind and naive as a result - it then has to contend with human problems that animals usually don't encounter; such as working for a living, learning language for communication, gender choices, social climbing, economics, looking good (!), social acceptability, politics, science, education (or lack of it) and so on. The animal soul incarnates as a human for the first time and risks a turbulent lifetime while it acclimatizes to a new way of existing. Earth seems largely crazy, barbaric, confusing and overwhelming to comparatively young and naive human level souls.

It seems like animals are emotionally and perhaps intellectually advanced compared to humans, However, they are merely perfecting being second density entities, perfecting self awareness. Without intensive third density catalyst for experience, animals are freer to express love and joy (perhaps in the form of playfulness). The animal masters self awareness and awareness of others, but following this, graduates to the next stage of existence. Humans are working toward the fourth, a density that we can't see, smell, taste, touch or hear, however, we exist alongside red, orange and yellow. The green, the fourth density, a different frequency of matter, cannot be experienced until we get there.

Animals often have better intentions than humans making them seem more advanced, for example, living in harmony with the environment. If you regressed to an animal existence, you'd live harmoniously too; ecosystems balance this way (humans defy ecosystems). Animals do not have the intelligence or for the most part, the apposable thumbs, to allow them to create technology and thriving civilizations with cohesive organizational structures and so on. Plus, animals don't have the worries and obligations that we do. Hence, they may seem to have life figured out – and yes they do, a far simpler life.

Animals do help us to progress, they remind us of the simpler existence we once knew. They ground us in positive emotions and help us to feel calm and loved. Animals naturally exist at a positive vibration - unless constantly under threat or mistreated, for example, animal agriculture; animals are treated atrociously and suffer horrible deaths. When an animal is treated well, they'll provide, love, comfort and happiness to the human caring for them. We can sense the purity, basic thoughts and emotions that radiate from these simple entities; beings mastering their own stage of existence. We can all learn from each other; the animals learn self awareness and inclusion from us, and we learn from them what it was like to have a simpler existence and to ground ourselves in a purer, happier present moment.

Are Animals More Spiritually Advanced than Humans?? Animal Souls Progressing to Human | Nicky Sutton 
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