12 January 2016

How Chakras Correspond To Our Level of Existence for Spiritual Progression

You have 7 main chakras running up the center of your spine. The red root chakra at the base of the spine, the orange splenic chakra, the yellow solar plexus chakra, the green heart chakra, the blue throat chakra, the indigo third eye chakra and the violet crown chakra. They go by different names but that's what I'm calling them today.

We live in an energetic illusion; quantum physics tells us this. If you look inside an atom it's made up of particles of energy, namely light. If you shine white light through a prism it separates out into seven colors. Surprise, surprise, if everything is made out of energy, namely light; our bodies too consist of light. If metaphorically speaking, you were to shine us through a prism, we'd each separate out into seven colors. So it makes sense that we have these seven chakras running up the center of our body; that's us separated into 7 different bodies.

Now, you can work on balancing your chakras. Please see my article on 'How to Unblock Your ChakrasYourself', I definitely recommend reading this. I wont go into that information in this article, but it is to do with balancing of the self and working on each and every chakra. In addition, we learn that each chakra corresponds to a different level of existence. Therefore, when you are balancing out the different aspects of personality corresponding to each chakra, you're meeting the learning aims and objectives of each stage of existence.

The earth spent millions of years in the red root chakra existence, and then the orange and then it moved into yellow. There are beings here on this planet that are of the yellow ray existence. Humans have moved into this stage. Not belittling animals at all. Animals however, reside within the second stage of existence. As intelligent, loving and wonderful as most animals are, they haven't reached the point that we have; they don't have all the problems we have, to do with society, ego, polarization between positive and negative and more.

Let's go through the chakras in turn to explain how they correspond with each level of existence. The red chakra corresponds with the chemical body, chemical elements that make up a human body or any body for that matter, before it is formed. So that's minerals, metals and anything inanimate, not having individual consciousness or awareness, not seeking, searching or moving. Even an atom has consciousness because atoms/energy/space make up all that there is, and the energy of creation itself is intelligent. We progressed through this stage being comprised of these elements, physically. To us today, the red ray existence corresponds with healthy body, animalistic behaviors, emotional outbursts and other basic animalistic reactions and responses. An entity may emerge from the red ray existence fro the first time and begin the reincarnational cycle, this happens when it becomes an individual entity and therefore then enters the orange ray existence. please see my article 'When is a Soul Born?'

Humans (within the yellow ray existence) very often still need to master red ray lessons - this isn't surprising; even though your soul has progressed beyond the red ray existence, you are born forgetting everything. Many people still must look back and work on these things. Emotional outbursts are a symptom - helping yourself to come to terms with excess of emotion or too little emotion. We must undertake work on the self (again see my article 'How to Unblock Your Chakras Yourself' to help with this).

Moving onto the orange ray existence, that of the animal kingdom – this is quite broad. Some animals are basically searching and seeking for the purpose of existence and then there are animals that are highly aware. The purpose of orange ray existence is to gain self awareness and consciousness. Once this is mastered, the soul moves onto the yellow ray existence. As a human entity within the yellow stage of existence, we must look back once again and examine the self – especially self acceptance and understanding of the self in relation to others. A soul at animal level will eventually figure out that 'I am an individual', 'I have consciousness', 'I am self aware', 'I am me' and 'they are they'. It's about realizing, even though we are all 'one', the concept of individuality. Even at our yellow ray stage of existence, many people have trouble with this and they need to look back and figure out; 'who am I? ' and become more aware of the self, take care of the self, be aware of others and their behavior, their affect on me and my affect on them.

The yellow ray existence corresponds to the ego, excessive ego, control, manipulation and power or too little of it. Or being controlled, being dominated, being ridiculed; but allowing yourself to be like that, being too meek or being dominated. You need to find your own balance in between control and manipulation of others or being controlled and manipulated yourself. The ego is pondered, exploration of the true and false self, love for the self and love for others and to what degree.

We are also seeking polarization in the yellow ray third stage of existence. This is described as service to self or service to others orientation, attitudes and behaviors - and to what degree we are each of these. If we empathize with others, do we help and support them? Are we all about me, me, me? Trying to convince everyone to love the self? Or do we give without expectation of return? We find our balance between these two extremes. The more 'service to others' orientated you are, the quicker you will move to the fourth density of existence.

Earth is at the yellow ray vibration and it is moving into the fourth. The fourth is already inhabitable. The chakras correspond with our level of experience, which corresponds with mother earth at this time. Our population of yellow ray beings (humans) must evolve and live in the green ray vibration, of the heart chakra, to move to fourth density Earth (if that is where you choose to reside). We coexist here on Earth with red and orange but the fourth is different, it splits. It exists at a frequency of matter that we cannot perceive (without practice).

At our yellow ray level of existence we are seeking polarization as I said - positive or negative. The earth is moving into fourth density positive. So those individuals who are primarily 'service to others' rather than 'service to self' will progress with the planet. Once you pass over (die), if you're ready for the transition, you'll move into Earth's fourth layer of existence - that of love, unity and understanding. If you are a highly 'negatively polarized' being, your soul will migrate to some other negatively polarized fourth density planet or plane of existence. If you are somewhere in the middle of positive and negative, your soul will move to some other third density existence for continued incarnations, experience, growth and polarization.

To move to the fourth density of existence, corresponding with the green 'heart' chakra, we must really start to accept ideas of love and understanding, unity and oneness. This is why oneness is a very, very important topic. The realization that we are all one. When you look at another person you are looking at yourself. What you do to others you are doing to yourself because they are you. It's the concept of the universe being an overall, overriding 'one' being, us all being part of it. Therefore, the next stage of existence is socially cohesive and utopian - dreamy thoughts many would say, but it's how it's supposed to be (on the positive path).

Earthly life does not necessarily need to be this way, bordering on negative, under a controlling and manipulative system, yet it is. When you move to the next stage of existence, you can start to concentrate on other things like love, unity and wisdom, instead of having to worry about all the barbaric business that goes on in this yellow ray existence. It is all happening however, for our learning and experience and the majority of us do choose to be here.

Beyond yellow, moving into the blue is the chakra of communication. This is another layer of existence. For many souls, it may not be at Earth at any level. There is no need for a physical body, or to eat, or to reproduce. Many 'norms' that we expect in our current existence are absolutely not a factor (as with the green ray existence!). The blue chakra is in-pouring as well as out-pouring. It's not merely about talking. It is not 'I'm good at talking, bla bla bla' - we must think about listening too. It's being a good listener and understanding. The blue (throat) chakra is balanced when we communicate freely but not excessively. Listening to a great degree while feeling confident that we too are being listened to. It's blending everything you've learned so far, about animalistic behavior, emotions, individuality, self awareness, consciousness, balancing the ego, polarization, and then moving into the love and understanding and unity – moving forward again into balancing our communication, teaching and learning, listening and talking and so on.

Onward into the indigo existence, that of wisdom; we're really blending wisdom, love and unity - becoming wise about everything in the universe. A light body here, part of a positive social group where there is little division between entities, living and moving together as one. Realities are manifested at will, travel is via thought. Anything is possible (as with the blue!).

Then moving into the totality of the seventh. The totality of self, all is in balance. Into the eighth, that is when you we merge back with creation. You are one with creation once more.

In our yellow ray existence (solar plexus chakra) we can work on the other chakras even though we haven't yet reached those stages of existence. Our yellow ray body is activated and the others remain with latent potential for full activation – to take us into those realms of existence after many many more lifetimes. We must still work on all chakras although we only inhabit the yellow ray body at this time.

Now can you see, that the chakra concept intertwines absolutely everything? Your consciousness exists within an energetic illusion of light. If you separate a light body out through a prism into seven colors and there are your chakra colors. Chakras are to be unblocked and free-flowing for spiritual progression - not overly flowing but balanced. We all balance differently. You can work on balancing all of them.

Know that chakras correspond to different sages of existence. You are currently at the yellow ray existence with an activated yellow ray body, but for many the potential for green is opening and when this happens, when the green starts to come alive, wonderful abilities will be exhibited by many more people than today. If you are reading this and you are curious about your chakras, you might have a sense that there is something that you need to work toward as well.

How Chakras Correspond to Our Level of Existence / Dimension / Density; for Ascension | Nicky Sutton 
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