7 January 2016

What is a Soul Group? Why Do We Need Them?

What Are Soul Groups and Why Do We Need Them
Spirit guides are individuals who exist spirit side for the purpose of helping us in our present lifetime. To give us a little whisper in the ear, a little bit of advice, to keep us on the right track, sticking to our life plan. Soul groups however are souls, not necessarily there guide you, but to exist with, for the purpose of learning and experiencing, enhanced by the interactivity and dynamics of a group setting, gaining experiential catalyst from other members.

A soul group would be a group of souls that have a special bond similar to a group of friends. They incarnate together, again and again for the purpose of learning and experience together, rather than alone.

You may have built up karmic attachments with many of the individuals within this group. There may be 10 or 20 or more in the group, or there could be fewer than perhaps five. You may have wronged each other in one lifetime, so you need to incarnate again and again until the associated karma is worked out, or until you do the right thing by each other. You could choose to incarnate together again and again just for the experience of playing out different roles. As examples; your 'soul mate' could be your partner in one life, your mom in another life or a child in another. Within the soul group, each of you play different roles, perhaps within one family. There's instances of whole groups of souls incarnating within the same roles again and again just to see what it is like; incarnating in the same family again and again.

Members of a soul group can play roles outside of the family, such as friends or acquaintances, or someone who disrupts a family or group of friends. There are all kinds of roles that souls can play interchangeably with each other.

Members of soul groups can come and go. There are no hard and fast rules, it's like having a group of friends. Some come and some go and that's just the way it is. The overriding purpose of the soul group is to incarnate in this reality again and again, in order to figure out what everything is like and to experience all circumstances and events together dynamically, as a group. Instead of experiencing existences as an individual, why not experience them with others?

Soul groups make 'soul contracts' together. People that you know in your life play certain roles for you and you play roles for them, and all this is likely prearranged. This is where the soul contract comes in.

Special contracts are made with certain individuals to do things like; be your father, be your daughter, meet at a certain time, achieve certain things, hurt each other, love each other, die together or be born together. The possibilities really are infinite. Soul contracts are not like physical paper contracts that you sign, it's probably more of a verbal agreement (even though there is no speech spirit side! How about a telepathic agreement?). An agreement where you arrange to do or achieve certain things in your next life or the next sequence of lives. You could agree with one of your soul group that they might kill you or that they might marry you. Once the objective is complete and your life ends, you can return 'spirit side' and examine the experiences, draw conclusions from them, learn, reconcile and heal. You look back and see the effect that you had on each other; their impact on you and your impact on them.

Another point about soul groups is that the members may all have originated from the same place. There are many souls incarnating here on Earth from other existences; they have heard the call. The Earth needs assistance because the emotional and energetic vibration of the population must raise in line with that of the planet. So, there may be a soul group that has come from a distant location in the universe in order to learn and experience what this earthly experience is like and to aid the planet as a whole. They may not have wanted to make the journey alone. Earth is a barbaric planet compared to many other areas of existence. There are infinitely more Utopian and harmonious ways of life elsewhere.

Members of a soul group have firm and deep rooted connections. They are quite dependent on each other. After soul contracts have been made; what if one of them fails and messes up? What if one of them, who wasn't supposed to, becomes very depressed and commits suicide? What if one of them, who wasn't supposed to, is hit by a bus? Take the example of the suicide. Once that individual is 'spirit side' a lot of guilt may be experienced because as well as messing up their own life plan, they could have interfered with other companion's life plans too. Their contracts will go unfulfilled unless amended.

You meet someone and you feel like you've met them before. A good way to find out if you have known them in a previous lifetime is to have past life regression. They could be a member of your soul group. Click here for online past life regression with Nicky Sutton.

You might ask yourself why you incarnated into this bad situation or this horrible, disadvantaged or violent place (depending on your circumstances). If you're here with a soul group, you might wonder, why did we incarnate here together in this terrible existence?' All this is for the purpose of learning and experience. You've incarnated together in this existence to find out what it's like to live this way. On a soul's level this is a good experience, to help you with your spiritual progression.

There is also the problem of 'entrapment'; being trapped in negative karmic cycles, and sometimes this can be associated with your soul group. A big problem with this earthly existence is that many souls are trapped in a third density existence, unable to progress to the fourth, the level of consciousness, love, awareness and understanding needed to progress eludes them. People are not paying attention to the lessons being attracted. As a soul group, if you're collectively attracting lessons involving bad occurrences and you're not paying attention to the lessons being presented collectively, then you'll need to repeat lessons again until you do. They may repeat again and again in this lifetime or again in following lifetimes. You accumulate karma as a group; if the group isn't resolving a recurring problem, you can choose to reincarnate again and again as a group to work it out.

Karma can involve certain individuals within in a group. For example, if you have wronged another individual, you may both incarnate over and over, experiencing them wronging you until you fully understand what it's like to be on the receiving end. You could incarnate with an individual who you barely tolerate lifetime after lifetime, but as part of your soul group, you remain together to work out the issues that you have.

You are together with the people in your life for a reason. You may feel that certain people are part of your soul group and others are not. You may reject certain people in your life or members of the family that you don't want to be around, they could still however, be members of your soul group; there can be negative members too. You wont all be great friends. The negative ones are there for a reason; to learn and experience from you and you to learn and experience from them. It's quite likely that just by the fact that they are in your life, especially long term, they are part of your soul group.

Remember that the members of your soul group in a lifetime can come and go, take the example of a female who has lots of different partners, She has one boyfriend and then another and another; these individuals they come and go. There may be contracts with them, even though they don't stay with her for the entire lifetime. She may feel like she has known each one forever, but still they come and go.

Validate and care for those you love in this precious lifetime, because although they are likely part of your soul group and you will see them again, once they pass over your heart will miss them.

What are Soul Groups? Why Do We Need them? Lifetime Roles and Accumulating Karma! | Nicky Sutton 
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