19 January 2016

Why Does God/Creation/Source Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Creation is both positive and negative. Certain religions would have us expect that God is loving, merciful and kind, yet you should obey him and do as you're told or you'll go to hell. We then feel angry at God when bad things happen because we think, 'Why would God do that to me?' Bad things do happen and they happen to good people.

God, creation, source or whatever you want to call it, is the all encompassing entity that is us. An infinite entity, pure consciousness, everywhere and everything. We are part of it and it's part of us. Each of us is a focal point of consciousness within this immense overarching being. Therefore, we are all one. This infinite and intelligent being exists to experience all that there is and to experience itself which is all that there is.

We are each endowed with freewill and the ability to perform positive or negative acts, or some degree between. Positivity and negativity exist so that creation, through us and every other focal point of consciousness, can learn and experience all that there is. If creation was entirely positive and good then there would be valuable catalyst missing. There would be much that couldn't be explored. So when you ask, 'Why would creation or God allow this to happen?' It's not that it's being allowed to happen, it simply is happening, everything is happening for the purpose of learning and experience for the benefit of creation.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me? 

It's very likely that if terrible things are happening in your life, you have actually chosen much of it for yourself before your incarnation, for spiritual catalyst. In terms of populations, why would negative things happen to a whole population, say, a country? Individuals choose to incarnate into those populations for the catalyst it provides, perhaps hunger or poverty, or if it's a wealthy nation, to experience what it is like to have a good job, or to live above the breadline. It's all experience for the benefit of creation and for the benefit of our individual soul progression.

Why Would This Happen to Earth? Why Are There People Destroying The Earth? 

In terms of creation, anything goes. Pretty much anything can happen for the overall benefit of creation. So try not to think of creation as being an angelic entity, pure and good, because it is the entire spectrum of positive and negative. Fundamentally the energy of creation is love and love is the bottom line, but the experience of creation contains the entire spectrum of polarity. As individuals or as groups (soul groups) we can choose to polarize toward positive or negative. We are creation and those of us who are positively polarized work toward living positive lives and creating a better environment for ourselves collectively. Conversely, there are those who are happy to destroy the planet but they too are part of creation. In a way, there is a part of this infinite consciousness watching these scenarios play-out to see what happens. Therefore in terms of creation letting negativity happen on earth, it's simply two sides, or rather infinite parts of itself, role playing both positive and negative (good and 'evil') roles.

Creation is not letting bad things happen to Earth and its inhabitants, because there are positively polarized beings attempting to inject love and compassion into the situation. The parts of creation trying to help the situation is creation intervening. For example, it is said that many souls are incarnating on Earth raise the vibration, to raise the level of love and understanding in this earthly illusion. As all of these entities are part of creation - this is creation working to help the situation.

Why Would God, Creation or Source Allow Innocent Souls To Be Harmed? 

Taking an earthly perspective, as an entity incarnate here, it can seem hopeless. We learn of war, casualties of war, paedophiles, abuse, disease, poverty, environmental destruction, the suffering of animals and a lot more - why do innocent souls have to suffer? As I have said in previous articles, souls do incarnate in these various situations in order to gain from the learning and experience it brings, in order to experience everything that is possible to experience, all for the benefit of the infinite intelligence of creation of which we are part.

When a soul incarnates into a terrible situation, it's unfortunately for the soul's overall benefit to learn and experience what happens in those situations and to be able to understand, digest and accept these experiences. It seems awful to imply that we would choose terrible things to happen to us; but on a soul's level we do. As a new born baby entering a barbaric world and an unhappy existence, it's not fair. The new personality has no idea of the choice that its soul has made, however it must experience terrible and traumatic things. So why would creation allow horrible things to happen to good souls? Well those souls are creation, it's allowing it to happen to itself.

Individuals who hold views or perform acts such as racism, sexism, hatred, corruption, destroying nature, harming animals, harming children and more, are either spiritually underdeveloped, traumatized or intentionally negatively polarized. A negatively polarized being will perceive what they are doing as positive, because they are serving the self. For example, they'd perceive deforesting miles of land as a positive act because of the profit they are making. They do not empathize with the Earth, ecosystems or those who wish to protect them. So from the point of view of a negatively polarized person, they are doing a good thing, good for the self.

When you are born into this illusion you go through the forgetting process; your mind is wiped. No baby is born bad. Having had negative incarnations, we all gain a fresh chance. Clearly, as a new personality, it's not the child's fault if they grow up in an environment of extreme negativity with parents that fight, hit each other, neglect, don't feed and leave the child alone for hours; any being will harbour negativity under these circumstances. All they know is negative behaviour. So why does God or creation allow this to happen? Because creation is that child going through those things, learning and experiencing what it is like to be that child and to grow up and exhibit the resulting positive or negative behaviours depending on the individual. Creation is also the soul belonging to that child that chose the incarnation.

To sum it up, while we are at this third density level of existence, negativity will occur, that's the nature of this reality, the nature of this experience. As we progress to higher levels of existence and progress spiritually, we will exist in 'places' where this does not occur. Appreciate your lifetime here however, because although you have to be in and amongst it, human lifetimes provide valuable catalyst. In addition, chin up, because you can raise the vibration by living in positivity and love. We can do that together, serve others and try to make our experience more positive.

Why Is God (Creation/Source) Allowing Bad Things to Happen? Why is there Suffering? | Nicky Sutton 
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