2 February 2016

Psychometry, Reading the Energetic Signatures of Objects.

So what is psychometry? Psychometry is reading the energetic signature of objects through touch. Any object can absorb energy from a previous owner or people in its vicinity, over time. If you tune into these residual energies, they can form a link to previous owners and you can gain a sense of them. Images can form in your mind, feelings begin to erupt within you, and you begin to know things. Psychometry can be used to make spirit contact; linking with the former owners of objects.

What are objects? Well, that's obvious, it's a cup, a table, a piece of jewelry, a pencil, a lamp, a stone, anything! But the thing is, an object is not really an object is it? It's all just an illusion and we know this from quantum mechanics. Everything is made of energy, namely light. On the tiniest unimaginably small scale everything is made up of atoms and space, and atoms comprise of particles of energy. It's all just an illusion for our senses. So when you're sensing the energies of an object, you're tapping into something that is pure energy anyway. You're reading the energetic signature of a piece of energy. You read energy all the time, you decode our world from the endless sea of coded intelligent energy in which your consciousness resides (the 'unified field').

When we perform psychometry, we are reading the energetic imprints on and within objects, left there by someone else who has owned it or been near it. Psychometry is a multidimensional sense, it is not like using your sight to look at a photograph; the imprint is dynamic, it transcends space and time because space and time are illusions. You can read the energetic signature of an object and it will mentally lead you to the place or time where it was - similar to an energetic string or tether through space and time, it's a dynamic record.

Denser objects tend to hold energy more easily, for example, you might keep a piece of quartz in order to store some happy emotions for later. Substances with a crystalline structure, for example, water crystal or metal (good conductors) will absorb energy and store it for you to read. If it's a piece of clothing which isn't a good conductor, it wont store energy as easily and yet it will still do so in smaller amounts which tend to give a fainter reading. Therefore to practice psychometry, use metal objects, perhaps a piece of jewelery that the person owned.

Objects can link to previous owners, places, or even circumstances and events. Any circumstance in which the owner would find themselves can potentially be experienced by you. For example, if your auntie (passed over) had a favorite pair of earrings, you could hold the earrings and try to read the energies from them. You may feel more than just her personality, you might also see, in your mind's eye, a party she once attended while wearing those earrings. She placed her energetic signature onto them by wearing them in the past, therefore you can connect to her and potentially her memories too.

Objects can be connected to places; if there was a statue in the middle of a square and now you touch a piece of it in some other place, you may be able to sense the residual energies of all the people who passed through the square and feel the atmosphere of the place. The general vibration of the location can be stored in that object. Psychometry can also connect us to circumstances, for example, an object from a very unhappy home, say a vase; if people were arguing near to the vase, it could hold very negative energies. If you were to try to read those energies you might feel very negative emotionally.

What Does Psychometry Feel Like?
Images may flash within your mind's eye (please watch this video on clairvoyance for more information) and these may be images of the previous owner, or events that occurred in their life. You might pick up on feelings or emotions, a feeling of the person who previously owned the object. These are not your own feelings, they are feelings that simply occur within you as if from nowhere (please see this video on clairsentience). You may also have a sense of 'knowing' about the person or historic circumstances surrounding the object (please see this video on claircogizance for more information).

Information you receive can be a little confusing at first but try to relax and let it flow into you. If you were in a city and you touched a brick wall in the city, you may inadvertently read the energies of all the people who have passed by and touched the wall at once; like sensing a soup of energies. So take it slowly because there could be a lot of information to take in. You could sense all energies associated with that object throughout its existence.

Psychometry Exercise
- Ask a friend to bring a belonging, for example, a piece of jewelry, something metal will be easiest at first.
- Hold the object in your hand, close your eyes and meditate on it for a while.
- Once you are relaxed (in the alpha state), empty your mind and try to let images and feelings flow, be aware of the object and nothing else. 
- Do this for about 5 minutes and see what you come up with.
- When you are done, let your friends know the images and feelings you received and see if any of it makes sense to them. Maybe you will come out with something that they didn't know you know about them.

Psychometry is most frequently used by trained mediums when trying to initiate spirit contact. A medium holds the object and tries to make contact with loved ones passed over, for a client. Here's a story for you. A medium that I used to know, lets call her Melinda; the very first time she even discovered she had mediumistic abilities was through psychometry. There was a new lady at the office and they were talking about the phenomenon of psychometry, so she asked to have a go. She held an object given to her by this lady. She didn't know the lady very well at all, and as she read from the object, images began forming in her mind's eye. She saw a disabled man in a wheelchair and a wedding with a woman wearing a red dress. Melinda told the lady what she saw and the lady replied that she was indeed recently married, that her husband uses a wheelchair and that she wore a red dress to her wedding. Now Melinda didn't know any of that. From that point on, she began mediumistic training and became a good medium.

So, be aware of the phenomenon of psychometry when you are touching objects both old and new, because they can hold energies and reveal things to you that you didn't think you knew. Also, know that people are a mass of energy, extremely focused intelligent energy. In an empathic or psychic fashion, you can easily read people simply by touching them, you can feel their emotions more strongly. So learn to trust your intuitive senses brought on by psychometry, touch is a powerful thing.

How Does Psychometry Work? + An Exercise. Reading The Energetic Signatures of Objects | Nicky Sutton 
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