23 February 2016

What's The Difference Between the Soul and Higher Self? The Multidimensional Soul

the difference between the soul and higher self
You, if you didn't already guess it, are multidimensional. Take the higher self, what is it? The higher self could be described as you in the unimaginably distant future, your 'over-soul', the sum total of you in another space and time.

Picture this. The higher self is a multidimensional being that has the ability to project it's consciousness (souls if you will) into many other realities for the purpose of learning and experience. By other realities I mean various planets, in various times, multiple densities of existence, levels of progression, lives between lives, entities existing within astral planes and other types of planes, plus all manner of existences that our minds are currently unable to fathom. Each of these fragments of higher self consciousness is an individual personality, endowed with freewill, incarnating over and over on it's journey of progression within creation.

Now looking at it from the point of view of the soul incarnating over and over; it is itself a unit of consciousness wearing many different masks and having many different egos as it travels through incarnations. It may choose to avoid physical lives altogether for a while and exist as pure consciousness within a sea of other consciousnesses all experiencing each others' emotions – that's just an example.

Anyway, this soul progresses and progresses and eventually reaches a level of existence comparable to the higher self, at which point, it too learns the ability to project it's consciousness forth into other existences, as other souls creating new personalities incarnating over and over. Then the soul that has spent aeons incarnating and experiencing then, therefore, is becoming itself, a new version of itself. This is where, as you may have heard before, the soul reintegrates with the higher self.

Time is not relative in various parts of creation, so infinite versions of you can exist simultaneously. This helps us to understand the concept of oneness, that we are all one; if you take a step up from the various higher selves that exist, you experience creation itself. This is the destination for all entities reintegration with creation, no longer an individual portion of conscousness. The higher self, itself, progresses to become one with creation once more, while all of it's projected consciousnesses/souls/personalities continue to progress, becoming itself once again and projecting further consciousnesses out into creation in a cyclical fashion.

There are multiple higher selves, yet we are all one. Other people you meet may be more closely related to you than you might think. You may come across a split incarnation of yourself (two incarnations of the same soul) or having two separate souls; share a higher self with them.

To clarify, the soul is an individualized portion of consciousness, projected by the higher self consciousness. This soul projects individualized portions of its consciousness into realities such as Earth (reincarnating). The projection of all consciousnesses radiates downward in pyramidal fashion.

Given that time is not relative within metaphysical realities, incarnations can overlap. You can make contact with other incarnations of your soul, no matter to what earthly time period they belong. Through meditation, you can tune into these incarnations of self and gain a sense of their personalities, biases and skills. Fragments of their wisdom seep into your consciousness from time to time anyway, especially when you require some knowledge that they possess. Your soul links all of your incarnations together. You can also explore your other incarnations through past life regression.

Your higher self was once as you are now, and as your higher self, you will become. Know that you are part of a wonderful web of consciousness, all interconnected. Since the formation of your soul as a focal point of consciousness moving from the first to second densities, your higher self has been the overarching wisdom, protection and all important energy that sustained you from the start. You are infinite, one with your higher self and one with creation.

The Multidimensional Nature of The Soul | Nicky Sutton 
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