15 March 2016

How To Develop Clairaudience

How to develop clairaudience
Clairaudience means 'clear hearing'. It is the ability to hear sounds and voices originating form outside our earthly reality. This could be speech or any other sounds depending on circumstances. Clairaudience is really easy to learn, you just need to know what it feels like to perform. As with all psychic and mediumistic skills, it's subtle work and your success can be easily overlooked!

'Speech' is only used by discarnate entities when communicating with your conscious incarnate self, otherwise speech (physically talking) does not occur within non-physical existences.

Psychic communication is generally classed as picking up information from incarnate entities, for example, humans. Mediumistic communication is usually classed as communication with spirits on the other side and spirit guides.

Clairaudience is one of the 'clairs'; that's clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. Each is a tool in your toolbox that you may find easier to perform than others. All are methods of psychic and mediumistic communication, and not just that, they are your inner senses allowing you to experience other realities outside of this earthly one.

You can hear sounds as well as voices using clairaudience, for example, when performing astral projection you may pick up sounds in the mind such as ocean waves crashing against a beach that you are virtually visiting. Now however, we will examine clairaudient speech.

All Sound Is In The Mind

You perceive all sound within the mind. Sounds are waves of pressure, vibrations of air, that the ears receive and turn into electrical signals for the brain to perceive. All sound therefore occurs in the brain. We turn those vibrations into electrical signals and decode them into sounds in a preprogrammed way. When we receive clairaudient messages, these are received directly into the mind, bypassing the ears.

What Does Clairaudience Sound like?

You may think that you hear clairaudient sounds as clear as you hear audible sound. Sometimes yes, but mostly no. This is what it is like:

Use your inner monologue, you know, the voice in your head, the one you use to think in speech. You think concepts through quickly in your mind, but you also speak them in your mind – this is your inner monologue. Say in your mind to yourself; 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'. There you have it, that's what clairaudience sounds like. This was your inner voice, other voices you hear will sound different, like other people's voices!

When you hear a voice, it often has the effect of 'phasing' in and out. You may only hear one or two words at first, and they might start quietly, then quickly get louder before fading out. There may also be quick bursts of sound.

When To Use Clairaudience

A spiritual medium will often use clairaudience to pick up names. You may observe them take a few tries at names that sound alike, for example; Jane, Lorraine and Elaine. This is because clairaudient sounds can be faint, quick or seem like they are phasing in and out.

Clairaudience can be used to augment communication when using other psychic senses. For example, I might receive information from my higher guide using claircognizance (as sense of knowing) at the same time as 'hearing' certain words. This helps to clarify some of the concepts coming through.


Please read my article on protection in order to protect yourself from any unwanted communication from entities that happen to be passing by. If you are planning on communicating with spirit guides or the higher self, this will prevent any negative entities getting a look in. Generally though, if you exist at a relatively high vibration, you'll never experience a problem.

Remember that if you receive communication that seems negative or strange, then command the entity in the name of love or creation to leave. Remain positive with positive intentions, and you will be fine.

How to Perform Clairaudience

Meditation is always the first step in practising a psychic ability. We must quiet and calm the mind so that we can listen to clairaudient communication. We are better able to recognize communication coming to us externally if our own inner monologue is silent.

Meditation raises our vibration. Entities in other layers of creation are of a higher vibration and they must lower their vibration to meet ours. If yours is already high, then the process will be a lot easier.

Your surroundings must be quiet, free from interruptions. Meditate for about 15 minutes in order to enter a trance-like state. You will know this when you feel very relaxed. Start to listen out, not with your ears but for inner monologue-like sounds in the mind, that are unlike your own voice. You may have already started to receive and notice them when meditating.

When you are finished, write down the voice, voices or sounds that you heard, as well as what was said. Sometimes it's hard to make out words and sentences at all and this is normal.

Another good time to experience clairaudience is as you drift off to sleep. While falling asleep, your brainwave patterns lower right down to the theta state. This is a very relaxed and open state to be in. The conscious mind is almost sleeping, allowing you to experience your subconscious mind to full effect – if you can stay awake that is!

I frequently hear voices at this time; this I believe to be spirits who have passed over, trying to make contact. Else I am tuning into some other reality such as the mass consciousness and psychically picking up on others' thoughts.

If you receive unwanted clairaudient messages and want them to stop, simply assert this wish and it will stop. You are always in control of your own self, your being-ness and energies. Any further intrusion would be an infringement upon your freewill - which of course is a law of this universe.

Don't Be Afraid When Performing Clairaudience

It can be a little creepy hearing voices in your mind, especially if it's a shout that awakens you suddenly! Please remember that just as you would not be afraid of passing another person in the street, don't be afraid of other souls making contact with you. Using proper protection and solid intention about who you wish to communicate with and why (such as contacting a loved one), you shouldn't ever have any trouble. You are a soul entity too, a focal point of consciousness within the infinite being known as creation. You are the same as them and they are the same as you.

Enjoy using clairaudience. If it's not for you, then try-out the other 'clairs', but always practice these special skills, which are naturally yours, in love and light.

How to Develop Clairaudience, How to Be Clairaudient, How it Works! | Nicky Sutton 
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