7 March 2016

How to Make a Big Decision in Life Using Visualization

How to make a big decision
I will give you a step by step process on how to make a big decision using meditation and visualization. But first...

What is Future Choice Meditation For?

When a decision is very difficult to make, perhaps impossible, with many pros and cons.

You could be feeling indecisive due to the importance of this decision.

When the burden of the decision is causing you anxiety

What Do You Want to Know?

Your big decision could revolve around staying in your current job or taking a new one, whether to end a relationship or not, wondering if taking a course will improve your future prospects or if you need a change of career, or perhaps you're considering having a child or more children. Whatever it is, Future Choice Mediation can help the choice to become clear, allowing your own intuition to shine through where it was previously blocked.

Why Use Future Choice Meditation?

Future Choice Mediation is used to really experience all your options. The choices play out as visualized experiences allowing your intuition to come through and guide you. In my experience of guiding clients through Future Choice Meditation, the best choice usually becomes abundantly clear. Each of the potential outcomes within the decision are observed using the inner senses and the accompanying emotions are felt. Whether the outcomes of the decision are real futures or not, Future Choice Meditation fully illustrates how you really feel about each of the choices, and allows you to make a balanced and intuitive decision.

The Future Choice Meditation Process – Helping You To Make a Big Decision

  1. Lay or sit down and meditate for approximately 15 minutes (to lower your brainwaves).
  2. Visualize a path stretching away ahead of you. Walk down this path.
  3. Visualize reaching a fork in the road, a T-junction. Each way represents a choice in your decision and each way is sign-posted. What do the signs read? For example, 'try for a baby' and 'do not try for a baby'.
  4. Explore one of these paths, one of the options. As you go, take in everythingyou see and be present with your emotions. Let the experience flow into your mind and don't try to judge or filter any of it. For example, observing the 'try for a baby' reality, you might see your baby, what you are doing, what your family is doing, being at home, the child growing up and more. Now, head back down the path toward the junction.
  5. Explore the other path. Observe the sights, sounds, sensations and feelings once more. Allow life to play-out around you. For example, the 'do not try for a baby' option; you may see yourself working, gaining a promotion, traveling overseas, starting a hobby, getting a cat and so on. Now, head back down the path to the junction.
  6. Return the way you came now, along the original path and observe a comfortable chair by the side. Settle down into the chair and relax. Think about each of the options you explored; how did you really feel about each? Which choice seems preferable now?
  7. When you are finished, open your eyes.

Addressing your big decision in a logical way such as this, encourages the subconscious mind to express itself, allowing the choices to become clearer. Your intuition is freely felt in the meditative/hypnotic state, bringing you closer to your true wants and needs, and the path you intuitively feel is right.

Why not book Nicky Sutton to take you through this process of Future Choice Meditation step by step, to remove any blockers, and to help you gain perspective.

See the accompanying video:
Powerful Tool to Help You Make DECISIONS. Future Choice Meditation Revealing Possible Outcomes.