17 March 2016

What Does Clairsentience Feel Like?

Clairsentience means 'Clear Feeling'. It is the psychic or mediumistic ability to feel and it manifests in two ways:

1 – Feeling emotions.
2 – Feeling sensations.

Clairsentient emotions and sensations can be gained;

1 – via mediumistic communication with discarnate entities within the spirit world
2 – psychically from entities incarnate as human.
3 – Psychically from objects or places (for example using psychometry).

Feeling Clairsentient Emotions

A spiritual medium might make contact with the deceased relative of a client. At some point during the communication the medium begins to feel an overwhelming sense of love toward the client. This is a cue for the medium to convey to the client how much the relative loves them. The medium will feel this sense of love for the client as if it were their own emotion; a feeling that seems irrational, coming from nowhere.

This is how you can tell clairsentient emotions apart from you own emotions;

1. Emotions seem spontaneous with no cause.
2. Emotions occur relating to people, things or circumstance that you would not usually emote over in the same way.
3. Emotions may seem illogically strong or feel different to usual.

When practising mediumship (communicating with discarnate souls for the highest good), it can sometimes feel like your body has been 'taken-over', even going so far as to say 'hijacked', by another being that is causing you to feel emotions that are not your own.

The emotions that you are feeling, feel like your own emotions, but you must try to tell the subtle difference between them actually being your own or being 'synthesized' emotions – as per the three ways to tell above.

'Synthesized' is a good way to describe it. The emotions seem not to originate from the self, as they are illogical, unusual or spontaneous; therefore they are being synthesized by another.

Clairsentience can also be referred to as being 'empathic'. However, this is picking up the feelings (and not sensations) of other people, and not so much of discarnate entities. 

A useful way to differentiate between emotions of your own and those that you are picking up from others is to go to the countryside, beach or other secluded place where you are unlikely to experience the 'psychic noise' of other people's thoughts. During this alone time, you can really get to know your own mind without interference. This then helps you to differentiate clairsentient communication from your own feelings, when it happens.

Feeling Clairsentient Physical Sensations

Clairsentience also refers to the feeling of physical sensations. A spiritual medium communicating with the relative of a client might suddenly experience a pain in the chest. This may signify to the medium that the relative passed away due to a heart attack. They would then validate this information with the client. The medium might feel the vague but real sense of an impact to the head and at the same time experience a sense of knowing (claircognizance) that the impact was caused during a car accident. The medium would then validate this information. The physical sensations are experienced by the medium as if it were happening to them.

This illustrates how clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing) are often used together to illustrate a clearer picture of the information being conveyed. Clairsentience is one of the four 'clairs', and as well as the two mentioned, there is also clairvoyance and clairaudience. These are your inner senses used for receiving communication and for experiencing other realities; such as receiving premonitions or performing remote viewing. Clairsentience is the 'I feel like...' of the 'clairs'.

When someone has an ailment, such as a sore knee, your corresponding body part can start to hurt too. If your knee is tingling or aching, then you are experience clairsentience in sympathy with the other person! Observe how this feels and the circumstances around this occurrence so that you can notice the subtle difference between this synthesized pain and real pain.

How To Develop Clairsentience

To develop clairsentience, you can work on empathic skills and on psychometry:

1. Watch this video on How to Become Empathic for more information on becoming empathic. In essence, we spend time focusing on regular empathy (what it's like to be someone else, to be in their shoes). In this way we stimulate the inner sense of being empathic.
2. Read this article on psychometry. That's picking up information from objects or places. Usually claircognizance is used for this, however clairsentience also frequently occurs.

Over time you will learn to trust your inner senses and know how they feel compared to your own emotions and sensations. Pay attention and notice the subtle differences. We are all one; humans, animals, objects, the earth, discarnate souls and more. Everything consists of energy and is interconnected; this makes psychic work very possible.

You may find clairsentience easy, but if not, don't worry, you can try one or more of the other 'clairs'. Everyone finds one or more of them easier than others. There are plenty of skills for you to develop on your journey to discovering your true self and true abilities. Just remember to use them in love and light.

How to Develop Clairsentience, How to Be Clairsentient, How it Works! | Nicky Sutton 
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