26 April 2016

What Is Claircognizance And How Is It Done?

Claircognizance means 'clear knowing'. It is the inner sense of just knowing. Claircognizance is usually used for communication, that's psychic or mediumistic communication. A clear sense of knowing can also occur during a premonition or strong intuition. Lets explore what claircognizance feels like and how to develop this sense.

Claircognizance is one of the four 'clairs', you can find the other three explained here: clairvoyance (inner vision), clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (feeling).

These 'clairs' are methods of communication, either psychic (communicating with souls incarnate, for example, human) or mediumistic (communication with entities discarnate, for example, loved ones passed over).

Claircognizance can sometimes be confused with clairsentience. Here's an example to illustrate this. Once, when I was relaying spirit communication to someone, I gained the feeling (clairsentience) that I was patrolling the streets and that I was wearing a uniform. At the very same time, I knew (claircognizance) that I was a policeman. It was a sense of distinct knowing. Often mediumistic communication comes through as the experiencing being the deceased person in their former life, and this was one such example.

What Does Claircognizance Feel Like?

I knew I was a policeman, it was like I was a policeman. Therefore claircognizance feels like;

- You just know something to be the case.

- This knowing may not correspond with your normal personality or circumstances, it can seem foreign to you.

- A sense of just knowing something will come out of nowhere. You didn't have a trail of thought leading to it, it simply popped into your mind.

- It is something you didn't already know, or that you weren't sure about.

- When you ask a question of spirit guides, you just know the answer.

Claircognizance, as with all the 'clairs' can be very subtle and mistaken for your own thoughts and ideas. However, by using the points above, over time, you can get to know when claircognizance is occurring.

Claircognizance is very useful when performing mediumship. A medium will constantly draw on a sense of knowing; this is often easier to decipher than a lot of clairvoyant images. A combination of each of the 'clairs' is usually used during mediumship for more efficient and effective communication.

Who Is Communicating With You?

When claircognizance occurs as a result of communication, you can suspect it is originating from any of the following sources, depending on your intentions. You can receive communication from:

- Spirit guides

- Your soul group

- The higher self (effectively downloading wisdom).

- Spirits passed over (loved ones or other people's loved ones).

- Earthbound spirits (use protection to prevent this).

- Other incarnate people (usually unknowingly, however you can read them psychically or communicate with each other telepathically with training).

- Animals.

When Claircognizance Is Not Communication

Claircognizance is generally the term used for gaining a sense of knowing via communication from an incarnate or discarnate entity, the higher self, spirit guides and so on. But claircognizance, being a 'paranormal' sense of knowing, also comes about under other circumstances. For example, you might have a terrible sense of knowing that a negative event is going to happen. This would be classed as a premonition. Premonitions are received in various ways; visually (for example, like a flashback, but of the future), via feelings (for example a sense of dread), a sense of knowing (knowing that an event will occur and it does), or in dreams.

In addition, less vivid or emotionally charged than a premonition, your intuition can present as a sense of knowing about something.

You may even experience a sense of knowing as a form of remembering. If you have, for example, worked as a car mechanic in a previous lifetime, these skills and knowledge may bleed through and you could find yourself knowing a lot more about car mechanics than you thought!

The Akashic Records is the great mass bank of information, an eternal and infinite record of everything that has, is, or ever will occur. It is interwoven with the very fabric of our energetic reality. It is everywhere. You can therefore, pick up information from these records via claircognizance. During meditation, set the intention to tune in to the records and ask questions. Wait for the claircognizant knowing to pop into your mind and then delve deeper and deeper.

When you are in the presence of a friend or workmate for long periods of time, you find yourselves finishing each other's sentences. This is telepathy, occurring unknowingly of course. However, claircognizance is at work because you just know what the other person is about to say!

How to Practice Claircognizance

Meditation is key. It helps to develop all the 'clairs'. Frequent meditation quiets and calms the mind, restoring it to it's natural balanced state. In this way we're better able to filter out stimulus that's not received via claircognizance. We can better discern our own thoughts and ideas from those that seem to come from nowhere, as if popped into your mind by some external force.

Meditation can be used to listen to creation. Over time we become wiser and wiser, and have more and more realizations. After a year or so of meditation, look back on yourself a year ago and contemplate the difference in your level of consciousness, knowledge and intelligence. I think you'll be surprised. Much of the knowing you have received arrived via claircognizance.

Try keeping a journal of your claircognizant communication or intuitions. This way you can keep track of information coming through and identify any patterns that emerge. You can better understand when it's your own thoughts and ideas, and when the knowing seems to originate from external sources.

Remember that claircognizance is subtle, so work on observing the 'What Does Claircognizance Feel Like?' section above, and over time, get to know when claircognizance is occurring.

As with the other 'clairs', claircognizance in another inner sense for your tool box. Everyone is different and many find that claircognizance is not their primary sense. They prefer another of the 'clairs'. In this case, claircognizance is used in conjunction with the other senses for a richer, deeper experience and to gain insight and wisdom to help you to progress. Please use this sense in love and understanding.

How to Develop Claircognizance, How to Be Claircognizant, How it Works! | Nicky Sutton
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