19 May 2016

Fear (Earth's Disease). Effect of Media Induced Fear on Life & Spiritual Progression

Effect of Media Induced Fear on Life
Fear spreads like a disease. The polar opposite to love, fear keeps us in a negative vibration. Fear is cultivated within the mainstream media.

Why would other civilizations ever contact us when the earthly disease of fear is so prevalent? They won't. We must let go of fear to spiritually progress.

The Earth has a mass consciousness. We are all 'plugged into' this unified web of consciousness. If a certain level of fear is present within our subconscious minds, we are much more easily controlled. For example, the fear of scarcity, that's going without what we need for survival. We will work hard for the system to make sure we have all that we need to survive and more.

If we are fearful of terrorists, disease and all manner of other crises, then we will cry out for our fears to be alleviated - for the system to protect us. We therefore give up control of our lives.

If we are in fear, we are not experiencing love. Love for everyone and everything - yes it is possible. We are not spiritually progressing to the higher stages of existence when living in fear, higher stages of consciousness that we are destined to reach. There are those who feed from our mass fear.

Imagine you are a bully in the playground. You gain satisfaction, joy, power and control by bullying a smaller child. You gain pleasure from the fear you create. Now scale up. Those at the top of our pyramidal structure are the same. They draw satisfaction and joy from their control of the masses. They gain happinesses from a population subjugated by fear.

Please watch this video for the full low-down on  Media Induced Fear on Life & Spiritual Progression

Fear (Earth's Disease). Effect of Media Induced Fear on Life & Spiritual Progression
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