4 May 2016

The Mirroring Effect, Your Reality Mirrors Your Core Inner Beliefs

The mirroring effect
The Mirroring Effect describes how your inner (or core) beliefs tend to manifest the reality that you perceive, and this occurs in a cyclical fashion.

Both your perceptions of reality and The Law of Attraction come into this. The world around you will mirror your perceptions because that is how you see the world so this is what you'll get. Plus those core beliefs are reflected in your reality because The Law of Attraction will bring you those lessons you require for personal evolution, based on those very beliefs and the resulting vibration you are holding.

So imagine you perceive that people in general are kind. You already perceive them to be kind so right here is a bias in your perceptions. People you encounter will therefore, by default in your perceptions, be kind. They will need to prove otherwise for you to perceive them as unkind. If now you generally perceive all people as being unkind. You will go about your day expecting people to be unkind to you, and they will indeed always seem that way by default until they prove themselves otherwise. Do you see? Your perceptions are coloring your experience of the world?

The other point of view, is that your reality manifests according to your core inner beliefs. These beliefs contribute to your thoughts, attitudes and expectations. The universe is one being, and therefore knows your every thought and desire. It wants to give you what you are thinking and feeling. It wants to manifest for you what you need for learning and experience, and this attracts according to the vibration you are holding (positive, negative or somewhere in between) as well as your thoughts and beliefs. If you believe that you are successful, this will be mirrored back to you as success in your life. If you feel love you will get love. If you are happy, you will attract positive circumstances and events.

The universe or creation is one 'being'. It wants to experience itself. We live in an energetic reality proven by science. All is energy, all one. You are 'one' with creation and all things. Creation experiences itself through you. Hence the law of attraction is in place.

Please watch this video for a full explanation.

The Mirroring Effect, Your Reality Mirrors Your Core Inner Beliefs | Nicky Sutton